Damschroder withdraws as House candidate

Veteran GOP politician made clerical error on petition, exploring whether he can run as write-in
Tom Jackson
Feb 13, 2014


State Rep. Rex Damschroder, R-Fremont, who had been expected to easily win re-election to his House District 88 seat in Sandusky County, is considering his legal options after withdrawing his candidacy for the seat.

Damschroder said Thursday he withdrew after discovering that he made a clerical error in his declaration of candidacy. He was supposed to sign it eight times but only signed in seven times.

He said Republican Party lawyers in Columbus are exploring whether he can run as a write-in candidate. Damschroder's withdrawal means there are currently no declared candidates for the seat.

"All I can do is wait until the legal beagles come along," said Damschroder, 63, who said he expects to hear from the lawyers within a few days. "My career is at stake here."

The deadline for filing as a write-in candidate is 4 p.m. Feb. 24, said Lisa Hartley, director of the Sandusky County Board of Elections. 




Peninsula Pundit

"My career is at stake here."
That comment alone is cause for voting him out of office.
When he's worried more about 'his career' than the citizens of Ohio, it's time for him to leave.
Since it will now be a write-in contest, someone should step up to the plate and run against him.


I think you took that comment wrong. He is trying to do the right thing and I don't see that he cares more about his career than the citizens of Ohio. I know he is not that kind of person. He is trying to do what's best for everyone.


Even though I am a Democrat, Mr. Damschroder helped out a family member years ago. He definitely is for the people he serves.


My wife is an acquaintance of one of families who lost 2 family members in the recent tragic air crash, in which Mr. Damschroder's father, the pilot, also died. I believe that the issue is still - five years and many thousands of $ of attorney fees later - being settled in court. At this point, it doesn't appear that the Damschroder family is interested in helping those people out, and are more interested in protecting the Damschroder estate.

John Harville

One of the families is Judge Barbara Ansed who is running for re-election. She wasn't on the plane with her family in the 2008 crash because she was campaigning at the 'fly-in' event.
Rex denied his father was impaired and unfit until independent investigators confirmed he was.
The Ansted family did not join the other victims in the initial lawsuit.

Dr. Information

another ignorant statement from you daily trash spewer coaster.


How ridiculous is this statement "He was supposed to sign it eight times, but only signed in seven times."

How about 1 signature at the bottom?

Man of the Republic

He had 8 separate petitions, and if he circulated all 8 of them, he has to sign all 8 of them. Welcome to election law in a swing state.

John Harville

He has to sign on each petition swearing he actually collected the signature. Or else anyone collecting petitions for him must sign the verifiction.

He has to have a different petition for each county in which he is running - which is only two - but a voter can only sign a petition for county of residence.


Does anyone know about his father's estate/lawsuit?


I'm wondering the same thing.

John Harville

Latest reports say the suits (Lions Club countersued) are still pending during discussions.

John Harville

Rex! This is NOT your first time at the dance. You know how it works. And if not, whoever is handling your campaign should know.
If you can't do something as simple as sign petitions (even school board members understand the process) why should we believe you are qualified to be our representative?

Josh31's picture


Dr. Information

Boy John, if you bleeding liberals showed one ounce of frustration (as you so proudly displayed here over a missed signature) towards Obamacare and the problems its still plaguing this country with, we might actually believe you liberals actually care about this country. The party of intolerance = Democrats.

John Harville

DR. How unfortunate you have to resort to namecalling and use an entirely urelated story for yet another tired and overworn attack on "bleeding liberals" and the AHCA.

You use 'liberal' like a dirty word.

But if you want to tie health care to the Damschroder argument, why don't you ask who paid for this multiple-bypass surgery just after he took office. It's one of two ways: the taxpayers OR his wife's STRS pension insurance (also partially subsidized by taxpayers.

Since she retired BEFORE his 2010 election, it's likely she included him on her UNION-NEGOTIATED pension plan.
OR.. he took advantage of the HEALTH CARE provided by Ohio taxpayers as part of his position as a representative.
The bottom line is Damschroder - and the chairs of the Sandusky and Seneca county Republican parties screwed up because they were sure he would be unopposed.


Taking all the political party crap and hype out of it... Damschroder will be a write in candidate, running against other write-in candidates sine the dems didn't put up a candidate to run against him, if I understand what this line from the article means

"Damschroder's withdrawal means there are currently no declared candidates for the seat."

I wonder who would/will spend the money to get their name out there? Most people who vote in his district at least know his name and might remember to write his name in. Or is this just for the primary? The article really doesn't address that. Just curious as to if there is no democrat running for this office and would have his name on the November ballot or if this is just for the primary. If it is just for the primary or if no democrat is even running it doesn't mean much in the real world outside of left wingnuts, who cares?

John Harville

The 'political crap' can't be taken out of it.
It will possibly be even crappier if Damschroder can't be a write-in. Somebody else will be the GOP write-in, then resign so the Party can fill the vacancy with - yup! - Rex Damschroder.

This is only a Primary issue. A Dem can apply by Feb 24 to be a write-in for the Primary. ANY elector can file a protest against a write-in candidate by February 28.

By May 25, any qualified elector can submit a petition to run as an INDEPENDENT in November. This sometimes happens when a candidate loses in the primary then comes back as an Independent - or can't afford to go through a primary race.

No one expects right wingnuts to bother to find out about the law - makes it so much more difficult to namecall.

John Harville

If the State says Damschroder can't run as a write-in, he still could run as a write-in IF another Repub files as a write-in, THEN the Sandusky and Seneca county parties can APPOINT Rex as the November candidate.
Hmmmmm. This isn't 'wingnut'.... it's just politics.


Yes the political crap can be taken out of it. If I cared I would have looked up the election regulations, but I wasn't interested enough, since I don't live in his district, so I asked. It isn't politics, it is election laws.