Firefighters battling two Perkins Twp. blazes

Firefighters are currently fighting flames at a Shady Lane home and a hotel on U.S. 250 near Ohio 2.
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 11, 2014


Multiple departments have been called in for mutual aid.

Check tomorrow's Register for more details. 



Stay safe!!!!!!


there was a fire at that hotel about 5 years ago right around this time of year too. Maybe it was a little later in the year but I remember it was close to the time that my family and I had to stay there due to some construction being done to our house and both doors were going to be completely blocked off for the week and we would have either had to stay in the house and not leave for any reason or go to a hotel, so we chose the hotel. It was also during that week that the temps got so low that it set off the fire alarm in the middle of the night scaring all of us, especially the kids, because we had no idea what was going on.