Athens County sheriff indicted

Faces corruption, theft charges; DeWine wants him removed from office
Feb 4, 2014


A special Athens County grand jury indicted Athens County Sheriff Patrick Kelly on 25 counts Friday, including 13 counts of theft in office, according to a news article in the Athens Messenger.

Sheriff Kelly is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Athens County Common Pleas Court. He has denied he committed any illegal acts.

"The indictment charges that the criminal conduct Kelly undertook spans his entire tenure of holding the public office of Athens County sheriff,"  a document signed by Assistant Attorney General James Roberts states. "By taking campaign donations, Kelly began using his position for his own personal gain before even assuming office."

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I am pleased that the AG is prosecuting this allegedly corrupt sheriff but question why the office did not display similar zeal in the case of former Ottawa County sheriff Bob Bratton.

It's not too late for the AG to also prosecute Bratton on state charges even though the Feds have obtained a conviction. More importantly the AG's office could review the many alleged abuses of the Sheriff's office in Ottawa County under Bratton's term and put an end once and for all to his continuing to seek employment with government agencies to line his pocket and pad his pension.

Dinghy Gal

They can put him in the same cel with EX sheriff Bratton from Ottawa County

Julie R.

Is it my imagination or are these corrupt public officials starting to drop like flies?