Boy charged after classroom commotion

An 11-year-old Fremont boy landed criminal charges Monday after he swore at his teachers and ransacked his classroom at North Point Educational Service Center on Columbus Avenue.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 4, 2014


The school’s resource officer, an Erie County deputy, arrived in the classroom at about noon and found it in complete disarray, according to a deputy’s report. School staff had already moved the boy to an intervention room.

The teacher told deputies the boy threw classroom chairs, flipped desks and stomped on three remote controls, valued at $75 total. The boy also swore at staff members during the commotion, calling the teacher’s aide a “fat (expletive)” in front of other students.

While deputies examined the damage, the boy allegedly demanded, “What the (expletive) are you looking at?”

The boy then punched the classroom door. Deputies arrested the child for criminal damaging, disorderly conduct and delinquent juvenile. They took him to the county detention center, then called his grandmother because his mother was not available.



O.K. First off "Criminal Charges". Secondly, consider why he was at North Point to begin with. This is not a story. I do not want to start a big thread here on kids being disciplined at home. The child needs a medical evaluation if this happened or has a medical condition, especially since the location was disclosed. Kids at North Point are special needs...meaning some cannot always control what they are doing. Notice "Intervention room"; HIPPA rights! Read them..

Kottage Kat

HIPPA is for medical information, having read the article I see no violation.. you gave out more info that could be misconstrued as medical info. Until I saw your comment has no clue what North Point was.


Just because you dont know what North point is , a lot of the community does and obviously this child does have an issue, maybe mental or behavioral, possibly for many reasons out of his control. I have seen many kids cuss out teachers and slam a door or flip a desk, I don't think this child should be incarcerated or have his obvious mental and behavior issues plastered in the news

Simple Enough II

Well he is from Fremont, which is in Sandusky county and therefore becomes fair game for the HMFIC of the register.

William Jeffers...

I just have to say teachers that choose to work at these types of schools are real heroes!!

yea right

after this the mom can now sue the school..after all why is this kid there for?? thats just like 30 cops surrounding a naked man that makes a "gun" out of his hand and the 30 a$$hole cops shoot and kill the naked man..

Everyone is fam...

No matter why he was there, he was obviously losing control and was a danger to himself, students and the teacher. Why would the mother be able to sue? Just because someone has mental issues does not nullify the law. They may take mental problems into consideration but that does not mean they are free to do what they want (or can't control).His name was not mentioned, nothing about this article is violating anyone's privacy. The only ones that would even remotely have the ground to sue would be anyone injured during his tirade.

yea right

ever hear of straight jackets.. sedatives..ect.. did you even read the story or even read what i wrote about the naked man?? yes he may have been a danger but there are steps to take..and a felony charge is not one of i say SUE the sob's including the cop who overstepped his bounderies..

teach them a lesson in manners

Everyone is fam...

Pull your panties out of the pucker. Yes, I've heard of straight jackets and sedatives and it seems they may benefit you. Serial killers are mentally disturbed. Should they not be punished or held accountable? I'm not saying he should have a felony. I'm saying that action needed to be taken and if that included extra help from the PD then so be it. Someone would whine no matter what action was chosen. Sue happy. Seems these days people just beg for a reason even when there isn't one.

Darwin's choice

Good "job" by the resource cop. Seems that the charges were filed after the teachers had the young boy under control. Charges???? Bet that will teach the boy!


It must be in the water……


I think we forget he's 11.. but if he is at north point mentaly how old is he? He may have a medical issue where he can't help it. I don't think he should harm ppl..but being charged ar 11 due to a possible medical condition is a lil extreme!

Everyone is fam...

Yes, it's a very sad situation. I have young boys myself and it's heartbreaking that such a young life has these struggles. But, with all the shootings and violence in schools and innocent lives lost we cannot afford not to take these situations very seriously. One wonders if the young ones that have finally snapped and taken lives showed signs early on and if taken more seriously could have prevented such tragedies. I understand that perhaps many think law enforcement is taking this to the extreme, but none of them want to walk into a situation where this young man down the road took lives and this incident was just the prelude.

yea right

wow you really live a sheltered life ..wake up..ppl can have medical and mental problems at all ages..and yes 11 yrs old is too young for a felony charge.. and it is up to the parents and teachers to determine if there is a problem..and then seek professional help..

alot of the problems lay with the parents anyway..lack of displine..

Everyone is fam...

Where in the world are you misunderstanding that I'm not saying the child should get a felony? The point is sometimes teachers and parents can't control a child and the police need to step in before something horrible happens. Short of getting out a coloring book and crayons to draw you a picture, I'm not sure how to be clearer.


So an 11 year old boy with mental/health behavioral issues ransacks a class room and swears at a teacher and is arrested on felony charges by a law enforcement officer; but a an adult male law enforcement officer spanks a 5 year old boy's buttocks until they bleed, head butts the boy's mother for questioning his actions with the 5 year old boy; masturbates in front of 12 year old boy while watching un-described pornography in the interest of "teaching" him to masturbate; and flees another law enforcement officer seeking to question him about the actions with the two boys and mother at high speeds, and nobody finds probable cause to arrest him for any crime whatsoever?

What is the matter with area Law Enforcement that they are so quick to over charge the weakest among us (children, mentally ill, and women) but do everything they can to protect alleged serious crimes by their fellow law enforcement officers?


This kid is probably on some crazy ADHD drug that he does not want to be on or take anymore. It's difficult to make sure the kid takes the medicine and when they stop this is what can happen. Keep feeding these psycho drugs to your kids at a young age and expect to see more of this. Drugs were not needed to control behavioral issues when I grew up.

Simple Enough II

You may have something there. I am very concerned about the side effects of psychotropic drugs.


I was a special needs teacher for 20 years working with children with behavioral issues. Many of you posting about this have no clue what you are talking about. These children can be seriously disturbed and dangerous. It sounds like in about 10 years our tax dollars may just be supporting this kid in jail!


That may very well be true but you being a teacher for special needs children should know that by treating these children like criminals because they can't control everything they do is just wrong. This child is 11, there is still hope for him with the proper amount of love, support, and behavior control techniques I am sure it could only benefit him and society as a whole. I am not saying he shouldn't be held accountable but for crying out loud he is 11 years old people, he needs help not criminal charges!


Ritalin it's easier than parenting.