LETTER: Wake up to angry Obama

I pray that more people are waking up to the president of the United States. Americans are losing their jobs and lifestyle. However,
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010

I pray that more people are waking up to the president of the United States. Americans are losing their jobs and lifestyle. However, our president is content to travel the world, have parties at the taxpayers' expense and continue to campaign. He also is wonderful at blaming everyone else for his continued failure. This person was elected to be president of the United States. As president, he has been placed in a position that requires leadership. Leaders accept responsibility and losers loathe responsibility

With total control of Congress, he has failed to accomplish anything. The only thing consistent with him is his continuous blaming of George Bush. President Bush was not perfect. However, he did not continually place blame on President Clinton. I know of no past presidents (Democrat or Republican) who blamed the previous administration.

Americans need to stop watching reality television and wake up to the reality of their life under this individual. He is an angry man. All you need is to start paying attention to the look on his face when he does not get his way.

Dan Carroll



brutus smith

Duhast, good thing we have an intelligent, educated person in the W.H, instead of someone like goofus.


More revisionist history? Still blaming Scooter Libby for outing Valerie Plame when it was Richard Armitage.


Dude, I couldn't be president, With one ex wife and two trophy ex wives,and lived with two other women, nothing good could come out of that. I would make Clinton look like a choirboy. The price I pay for being so good looking and charming.


Duhast, if I were president, GM and Chrysler would just about now be coming out of bankruptcy court, restructured and ready for business. My cabinet would be like Eisenhower's with 87% from the private sector not like Obama's 4%. I would surround myself with individuals that know how to create and operate businesses rather than career politicians and lawyers.


Hmmmm Duhast good question. If I were president, there would certainly be no hesitation of the private sector on expansion. There would be no looming national health care,card check, or cap and trade or any other socialistic Obama agenda. The climate would be alot more private sector friendly and less union and public sector friendly. I would cut corporate taxes from 35% to 15%. I would cut out capital gains tax for one year then roll it back in at 10%. I'd take small steps and step back rather than saddle future generations with a huge national debt. This is just a meager start.


Yea, I hate when president's lie to me (WMD's). It's like you can't believe anything they say (secret prisons). I always expect (Scooter Libby) my elected official to be honest and forthwith.


What Republican obstruction? Democrat have super majority in both houses. Maybe american people obstruction. Some people have short term and long term memory loss. Bush unemployment at 4.7% when democrat take over house in 2007.Me no yankee fan who you talk about. You so funny. Good democrat no own car, green richshaw.



The only person in Congress I can think of that would genuinely cut spending in a meaningful way is Ron Paul. The other 430+? Yeah, well, that's part of the point here...


To all bloggers, I'm sorry about ranting. However when the president of the United States has the arrogance and audacity to lie to me and the american public, I get irate.

Chung Lee

Chung Lee is amazed by the chicken littles who think that 8 years of Bush destruction can be fixed by Obama in 1 year with Republican obstruction. Of course the unemployment went up because the economy was in a nosedive. Objects in motion stay in motion until acted upon. When Chung Lee take out the rickshaw and go to stop the rickshaw it doesn't stop immediately.....nor does Chung Lee Toyota.

Chung Lee would also make an analogy. Yankees down 8 to 5 to the Indians and the Yankess bring in Rivera in the 7th. If the Yankes lose the game 8 to 7 should the fans blame Rivera for not winning and criticize him for losing the game? Apparently, if you a Republican you do!


The stimulus spending was not supposed to reverse the economy, only slow it’s decline until it could turn around on it’s own.

Goofus, let’s say you were the newly elected president. What would you have done instead? What would have happened with no bailouts or stimulus spending? Hmmm?? I’d like to heat alternate suggestions. Would you have just cut taxes? What would you have done differently?


All approved by the democratic congress. The democrats are good at it, I never had sexual relations with that women, my stimulus created 2 million jobs. you knew that AIG is the insurer of the pension benefit guaranty board didn't you. Bush never said his bailouts, approved by democratic congress, was a job creation bill. Joe Biden in an interview said the government is dysfunctional. With a super majority in both the senate and house,wouldn't you think that either their agenda of Obama is dysfunctional. Even Evan Bayh said not one job was created by the stimulus.


You forget to mention Bush’s stimulus spending. How soon we forget…

Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008: Bush created TARP at a cost of $700 billion.

September 16, 2008: $85 Billion AIG bailout.

Oct. 24th 2008: Additional $37.8 Billion granted to AID for a total of $122.8 Billion.

December 2007: Bush sent out $170 Billion in “stimulus” rebate checks.


If the stimulus worked how come 2million jobs created still equates 10% unemployment. BIG LIE, even Hitler in Mein Kampf gave lessons on how to use the BIG LIE.


If the stimulus is working, where's the debt reduction? Why are the chinese dumping american bonds.


Brutus, New York Times, give me a break. They also propose the "big lie".

brutus smith

Economic Scene
Judging Stimulus by Job Data Reveals Success


digger nick

A year ago, President Obama and Democrats in Washington pushed through their massive $787 billion stimulus package. They claimed this stimulus bill was the silver bullet to fix the economy and bring back jobs. They claimed the best way to end the recession was to go on an unprecedented spending spree.

They were wrong.
$787 billion later, the unemployment rate is two points HIGHER than it was just a year ago. Even Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer acknowledged the stimulus' failure by stating that Democrats "over-promised" the bill's effectiveness. And many Democrats, most recently Senator Evan Bayh (IN), are choosing to retire instead of face increasing voter backlash over their votes for failed fiscal policies.

Unfortunately, it's not just Washington Democrats that will have to pay the price for these missteps, but generations to come will be footing the bill for this fiscal recklessness.

Foreign countires are taking less and less interest in our T-Bills, Our currency continiues to weaken and gold is near an all time high in fear of this fiscal debacle.

But I guess there are still a few kool aid drinkers who will say it's all Bush's fault along with the earthquake in Hati LOL


What you are proposing is known as supply side economics. It’s been tried before and failed. The only way it cold possibly work is if spending was proportionally reduced as well. Know anybody in congress willing to do that?? Anyway, this school of thought has never been proved to work. Proponents often cite examples of Bush tax cuts, but other economists disagree and can site other factors leading to an increased economy.

brutus smith

samadams, give us an example where lowering taxes reduced the debt.



The best way to "raise" taxes is to lower them. Lower taxes mean more jobs, more discretionary income, more expansion, and, as a result, more NET tax income. If taxes are lowered concurrent with stopping the government from spending money on all of the crap it's not supposed to be responsible for, we'd have a surplus even WITH two wars.


Oops wrong blog...


We created god before he created us…


When you are heavily in debt, you increase your revenue and reduce your spending. There is no other way around it. Raise taxes, gut and revise entitlement programs, and reduce federal spending (including defense). While they are gutting Medicare, they can open it up to anyone that wants to pay to be in it. It should obviously be self sustaining. There is no magic bullet, only total systemic changes that need to be implemented.


Hey it worked for Glen Beck! He got a sponsorship for a cash for gold and then went on his show fear mongering and telling his viewers to put all of their money in gold.

6079 Smith W

Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President says U.S. in potentially huge fiscal trouble:

‘U.S. fiscal policy is on an "unsustainable course" and the government must adjust its tax and spending programs or risk a crisis, Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Thomas Hoenig said Tuesday.

"It is that simple. If pre-emptive corrective action is not taken regarding the fiscal outlook, then the United States risks precipitating its own next crisis," said Hoenig.’


6079 Smith W

Off topic, but potentially enlightening for our lib bloggers:

George Soros '...speaking last month at the World Economic Forum in Davos, called gold the “ultimate asset bubble” and said the price could tumble,'

Then, it was just reported this morning that:

'Billionaire George Soros’ Soros Fund Management LLC more than doubled its holding in the biggest gold exchange-traded fund (GLD) in the fourth quarter.'

So Soros talked down the commodity and then bought it?

Opportunists come in all political stripes don't they?


Thanks George. I own (GLD)!

6079 Smith W

duhast wrote on Feb 16, 2010 1:00 PM:

" Neither party wants to take the steps to fix the budget.

During the 1990s, the Repubs suggested a Constitutional balanced budget amendment. I’d like to see that perhaps dusted off and debated.

There are essentially three ways out of the federal debt:

1. Raise taxes
2. Borrow internally from the country.
3. Inflation.

Most countries take the third way out. They print their way out, resulting in massive inflation and a cheapening of the value of the currency.

Higher prices for all goods and a lower standard of living typically are the outcomes.

If inflation worked, Zimbabwe would have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Also, watch how it works in Venezuela.

A bi-partisan commission is a delaying tactic and a political smokescreen. It’s meant only to give the appearance of action.

6079 Smith W

kURT wrote on Feb 17, 2010 3:15 AM:

‘gene -ZERO........You said you didn't vote.
Then you can't complain.’

The U.S., unlike some countries does not have compulsorily voting requirements.

As an American, he’s free not to vote and also to complain if he so chooses. What business is it of yours how he acts or doesn’t act?


gene -ZERO........You said you didn't vote.
Then you can't complain.