Black History Month has many offerings

“You can’t forget your history, and you can’t forget your black history. There are a lot of things the black population has gained over the last 100 years”
Andy Ouriel
Feb 3, 2014


Area activists want to ensure community members remember the accomplishments, through sacrifices and struggles, countless blacks made to help achieve equality and progress.

So school administrators, church leaders and others scheduled several Black History Month events occurring through the next four weeks.

All events are free to attend and aim to both educate and entertain attendees, said Jim Jackson, president of the NAACP’s chapter in Sandusky.

“When you forget your history, it’s doomed to repeat itself,” Jackson said. “You can’t forget your history, and you can’t forget your black history. There are a lot of things the black population has gained over the last 100 years”

List of local Black History Month events

• Different times today through Thursday: West African drumming and stilt dancing programs in various schools, including Hancock Elementary (Sandusky), Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies, formerly Jackson Junior High (Sandusky), Shawnee Elementary (Huron), Edison Elementary (Milan), South Central Elementary (Greenwich) and League Elementary (Norwalk). Call Firelands Symphony Orchestra at 419-621-4800 for more information.

• All school day Friday: Black Expo featuring historically black colleges at Sandusky High School auxiliary gym.

• 1 p.m. Feb. 13: Gospel choir at Mills Elementary School (Sandusky).

• 9:30 a.m. to noon Feb. 15: Youth prayer breakfast for black history, Agape Love Ministries, International, 4013 Columbus Ave., Perkins Township.

• During school day Feb. 18: Gospel choir at Venice Heights Elementary School (Sandusky).

• During school day, Feb. 21: Gospel choir at Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies, formerly Jackson Junior High (Sandusky).

• 3:30 p.m. Feb. 23: Black youth history program at Cornerstone Baptist Church, 2515 Columbus Ave, Sandusky.

• 4 p.m. Feb. 23: Black youth history presentation program at New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Shelby Street, Sandusky.

• 8:30 a.m. Feb. 25: Black history assembly at Sandusky High School auditorium.

• 1 p.m. Feb. 27: Black History fair at Venice Heights Elementary School (Sandusky).

• 1:30 p.m. Feb. 28: Gospel choir at Meadowlawn Intermediate School gym (Perkins).

• 2:30 p.m. Feb. 28: Black History Month assemble at Perkins High School.

• During school day Feb. 28: Black History Month assembly at Briar Middle School.

• All month: Students at Mills Elementary School (Sandusky) to incorporate Black History Month into their reading and history curriculums. Students will also pay homage to black culture by creating “unwritten love letters” and discussing the Civil Rights Movement’s significance. In the school’s lobby, there will be “Henry’s Freedom Box,” which students can sit inside. Based on a true story, a slave mailed himself to the north — while inside the box — so he could become free.

• All month: Students at Osborne Elementary (Sandusky) will read books about black history.

• All month: Students at Ontario Elementary (Sandusky) will incorporate black history through reading, exercise and music. Each grade will also be assigned a specific project on black history.

• All month: Teachers of individual classes at Furry Elementary (Perkins) will present lessons about black history.

• 6 p.m. March 1: Annual Pageant and Community Celebration at Perkins High School auditorium, sponsored by the Perkins High School Confederation for the Betterment of Black Students.

Don’t see your event? Let us know what when and where your Black History Month is by sending an email to  or by calling 419-609-5857.



I forget, when is White History month? And when did history become black history or white history or yellow history or what have you? It is history, plain and simple.

Matt Westerhold

March through January, each year, is white history months. 

Darwin's choice

Really Matt? And during that entire time, no black history? Huh! I guess everyones been missing that....


Wow I expected a little better Matt, most ridiculous comment to date from you.


Re: "March through January, each year, is (sic) white history months."

Nope. Kinda cliche don't you think?

"List of commemorative months":


@ Matt
Thank you!


thank you for what? Making an ignorant statement?

Dr. Information

@matt. You have to be the most ignorant person on here.


Thank you for pointing out the obvious to the three stooges!


Re: "the three stooges"

Why do you hate Jews?


WTH are you talking about? Nevermind!


Re: "WTH are you talking about?"

What ethnicity were the Three Stooges derpy? Duh.


LOL! The three stooges were characters/actors. Who cares what ethnicity they were? They were WHITE guys. You don't have to be white to be a Jew do you?


Re: "Who cares what ethnicity they were?"

Again: Why do you hate Jews?


When I went to school in the 50's we studied two histories American History and World History. History at that time consisted of the events that actually happened not like today it seems history now is edited so that it is politically correct.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

This was a disappointing comment.


8ballinthesidepocket says : " I forget, when is White History month?"

Maybe it will come after congress forms a white caucus well I do not think they can as that would be racist.

mimi's word

I would like to see maybe not white history but a emphasis on individual ethnicities...Italian, Irish, Indian, Native American etc. Maybe if we can learn to appreciate our differences we can see how we are the same. But in response to the idea of no white history I loved this line from Braveheart…”History was written by those who hanged heroes” It is all in what story you believe.


The true racists are those who would choose to separate "black" history from "white" history. Does being black and making history somehow make you greater (or lesser) than being white and making history? I agree that those who contribute great things and which impact our collective future — positively or negatively — should be remembered. But those accomplishments stand on their own. Bad people aren't bad because they're black. Some of the worst men in history have been white or Asian! But contributions to science, politics, or peace haven't been made because of skin color, either.

Nobody deserves to be either proud or ashamed of their skin color. It is what it is, and none of us had any say in it. The same is true of history. Race makes no difference when it comes to the best or the worst in humanity.


This has nothing to do with racism. Teaching someone about their history is not racist.


Will the gospel choirs be singing gospel hymns in a public school ??

Personally I do feel it is OK but was just curious as there are many persons that I feel would object


When is Native American History month?


November. It's been that way since 1990. Black History Month has officially been recognized by the US government since 1976. The more you know...


March 17 national Irish cracker day


Crackers forever


This month has got to be the biggest race card pulled I know of. Want racial equality? Then quit emphasizing black or white. We're all humans here. Color has nothing to do with it. It's people who believe the world owes them something because of their ancestors' troubles. Ridiculous. This is exactly why racism still exists and will always exist.


Snap out of it Haters. This is about teaching Blacks, especially young Blacks about their history. That's all. It would serve some of you well to learn a few things. Black History is not just about slavery, civil rights or racism. Black men and black women contributed greatly to society but were not always recognized for it. This is about empowerment. Some of you just want to forget or ignore history. Why? No one can deny that Blacks have a very different history than Whites or any other ethnicity and I see nothing wrong with learning about one's history. You can't change history but you can learn from it! Try it!

The Big Dog's back

History ranks right down at the bottom along with science on the right wingnuts list.


Heres some Black history you won't find here.

The REPUBLICANS gave the blacks the right to vote while the Democrats did their best to stop it
The DEMOCRATS started the KKK
The Republicans started the NRA to train blacks how to defend themselves against the Democrats who were killing people at midnight runs and hanging them
Several Democrats were KKK members in Congress even up till mid 2000's
The REPUBLICANS started the United Negro College Fund to help advance the black community.
The REPUBLICANS started the NAACP but once again, the Democrats lied and hijacked the information highway and the majority believe that it was the democrats who have been friends of the blacks

I could go on, but you don't want the truth, you would rather keep the blacks down with bribes such as cell phones, relief, etc.

Take this test if you have the guts to face the truth!

The Good Doctor

Someone posts this EVERY year. As part of the Southern Strategy, Dixiecrats (Strom Thurmond) switched parties and became Republicans. In 2014, Republicans are NOT supportive of African-Americans.


Okay, I'll bite: Please cite your evidence that Republicans aren't supportive of African-Americans.

The Big Dog's back

Evidence is that you can count on 1 hand how many African-Americans belong to the Repub party.


1. Not asking you.

2. The answer you give could ALSO be interpreted as African-Americans vote the party of free Obama phones and welfare hand-outs. (Which, as a matter of ACTUAL history, was Lyndon Johnson's -- a Democrat, by the way -- goal in the 1960's, one which has been achieved to an extent I suspect even HE couldn't have imagined.)


Re: "Evidence is that you can count on 1 hand how many African-Americans belong to the Repub party."

This is another reason I have problems with "party" identity. The left wing nuts seem to think that people "belong" to a "party". I think that people have, or should have basic principals, and don't submit to any political "party". They have what they want for policies and back those. Left wing nuts, as shown by the above statement, believe that the party is the master and should be in charge of all things. Thanks for being an example, again piddle puppy, sometimes you tell us just how you "think" or more accurately believe. You are "owned" by a "party". Maybe someday you will be able to think and come up with a position on your own and maybe even learn to think instead of follow.

It is better to not "belong" to any political "party". Is it racist that piddle puppy thinks that African- Americans "belong" to the democrats?... ironic way of thinking on an article about black history month. Speaks volumes about how he "thinks".

The Big Dog's back

pooh, so now after bush you right wingnuts don't belong to a party. Yeah, right. Someone who is wet behind the ears might believe that. "Yep, I don't belong to the Repub party, both partys are the same, blah, bablah, bablah, but when you vote it might as well be Repub or CONservative or right wingnut or tea party, anything but Dem."


So you belong to the dims and can't think for yourself. That explains a lot about the left wingnuts. I have voted for more dims than repubes in the last 10 years. Not for president, as I haven't voted for any mainstream candidate for quite awhile. I refuse to vote against a candidate instead of for a candidate, neither have had a candidate worth voting for in quite awhile.There are few repubes running for local offices I think are worth voting for. For State offices it is probably more repubes, and for US congress I have voted for both "parties. But I can see that how you think you belong to a political party and are told who to vote for, and like a good "party" member vote as instructed, no thinking necessary, just blind obedience needed for left wingnuts. Life is easier when you just do as you are told. Such is the life of a left wingnut eh piddle puppy?

The Big Dog's back

Yeah, and I have voted for more Repubs than Dems for the last 10 years. Not for President. You voted against Marcy. You voted against Obama. You voted against Sherrod Brown. But yep, you're right, you don't vote against candidates. Local offices are a different story.


Re: "You voted against Obama."

Hardly, I didn't vote against anyone for President. I refuse to vote against a presidential candidate, no matter how pi$$ poor they are. I came close to voting against obama last time but didn't think the race was close enough to not vote for who I thought was best, not to vote for the less bad of two pi$$ poor candidates Why would I vote for the loser Brown? He was a loser when he was voted into office and proved it during his time in office. Marcy has been nothing but a seat warmer for all her time in Congress. She has been there 30 years and has never been close to being a comimittee chairman. Even the dim wingnuts in Congress don't think much of her. After 30 years she never even headed a sub-committee. She is your touchstone of who is a good dim candidate? Typical seat holder, an underachiever who has always been in a safe district. That is why I can see you are so good at taking directives on who to vote for and back. A typical left wingnut, following instructions on who to vote for and what to parrot.


@ Big D.A. Dog: You'd better learn to count, the number is growing. They realize that all the free crap that the Dems and liberals give the minorities are a form of slavery, commercial slavery. You are old school and it makes me ashamed to see this perpetuated by ignorant people.


Re: "Southern Strategy,"

Continue the fallacy and 'feel good' Yankee nonsense that there was never nor is there now any racism in the north.


What is your point? This is not about politics and Blacks do not owe the Republicans or the Democrats anything. The Republicans GAVE Blacks the right to vote? Who gave whites the right to vote?

The Big Dog's back

Yesterday's CONfederates are today's CONservatives.

Really are you ...

Russian history. Drink more Vodka.

Mexican history. Drink more Tequila.

German history. Drink more Yagermeister.

American history. Drink more Jim Beam, no sold to another country. Wait drink Budweiser, no they sold out to another country also. From the posts on here, sounds like we are stuck with Kool Aid.

The Big Dog's back

Confederate History Month is a month annually designated by six state governments in the Southern United States for the purpose of recognizing and honoring the history of the Confederate States of America. April has traditionally been chosen, as Confederate Memorial Day falls during that month in many of these states.

Now there's your white racist history month. Satisfied?


Re: "Confederate History Month"

Know your history derpy.

Few Federal soldiers were fighting to free the slaves.

Darwin's choice

Oh king of cut and paste, when do you stop celebrating stupid day?

You have it every day!

Did you get you license yet dog?


Wanna learn about black history take your butts back to Africa!


That's African culture not Black history stupid!


Re: "That's African culture not Black history,"

True. They shouldn’t be compared.

The Africans I've met found American blacks spoiled, ignorant and arrogant.


Black History Month is here to stay just like the Jewish holiday that no one questions like Yom Kippur, Cinco De Mayo the Mexican celebration or St. Patrick's Day which is Irish. Some of you are making comments about it but your the same hiljacks that say black need to get better. It's the smallest month of the year and it's about their awareness of their pass for a better future. The rest of the year belongs to the status que. The rest of us.


Plenty of hate posted here. Look at the heart not the colour.

The Big Dog's back

Kinda hard to look at right wingnuts hearts since they were born without one.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Statements like this are as brainless as saying any kind of racial slur, invoking a stereotype, etc. in the spirit of being mean and petty. So congrats, you may as well have said:

The Big Dog's Back: "Kinda hard to look at Asian's eyes since they were born with them squinty."

How about this?

The Big Dog's Back: "Kinda hard to see blacks swimming in the Olympics since they were born without the ability."

The Big Dog's Back: "Kinda hard to see a Mexican as productive since they were born lazy."

If you weren't a Republican plant to try and disgrace the Democratic party I'd feel bad for them to have you as their loudest voice in this online community. Maybe I should join the Democratic party if only to get them on the right path and let them know about you. Sorry, James Bond, your cover is blown.

Darwin's choice

^^THIS^^ !!


From my "brutus smith" AKA Dog archives:

"Actually a bunch (of) Stone Age right wingnuts wrote the Old Testament."

- brutus smith, Sept. 10, 2010

Anti-Semitism anyone?


"No need to call names and insult.”

- brutus smith, Nov. 8, 2010

Ironic eh?


Re: "Sorry, James Bond, your cover is blown."

Good call!

From my bs aka Dog archives:

“I am a Federal Agent working out of Langley Virginia, assigned to watch right wingnuts posing as Libertarians. Also I Fact check far right wingnut bloggers."

- brutus smith, Oct. 30, 2010

The Big Dog's back

sappy, those thoughts never ran thru my head. The racist in you is creeping out. Your true self is showing. At least with me you know what you're getting. I don't try to hide behind a facade.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Do you even know what racism is?

Regardless of your opinion, I have nothing to prove about myself to you. If you want to see who I am you can come to my store any day you want and see. You can watch my participation at city council. Maybe you'll see me at a local business directing not just my money but the money of others to it. Or perhaps my chair-level involvement in the International Student Union at Ohio University means nothing to you.

Normally I'd say something like, "How DARE you accuse me of a word of which I don't even think you know the definition. Shame on you, you petty and ignorant person. This is one of the lowest things you have ever said and what's more I don't think you actually care."

But as I was thinking that and I was reflecting back on all our conversations I wondered, "CAN you care about it?" As in do you have the ability? No, seriously. I can't help but wonder with the above points...Big Dog, are you on the autism spectrum?

I ask that seriously! Several of my customers are and they have taught me a lot about communications, interests, and lifestyles. They have also taught me about the different ways people do/n't understand aspects of life. If you have a special need but are having trouble learning then I will change the way I communicate with you because I would really like to. I don't banter with you just to waste my time. I honestly want to reach you and help teach you about the value and beauty of an individual human being.

You (or anyone reading this with an autistic friend/family member) shouldn't be embarrassed about it. It happens and is more common than many people think. In fact there are many high-functioning individuals with various forms of autism such as Asperger's Syndrome. I have zero problems communicating with you, Big Dog, through the channels that reach you best in order to make my points. Because your points, up to this point, have been mostly pointless and I want the Democratic Party to stop being dragged down further than it has already sunk.

But I don't think you can help it so I can't really be upset with you nor hold it against you. Help me help you.

The Big Dog's back

I see thru your b s and your answer is to insult me? By the way,where did you come up with those stereotypes? That seems to be a trait of yours when someone calls you on your b s.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Insult you? Were that my intention I wouldn't kid around with something like autism. I'd actually use obvious insulting tactics to do so so such as biting my thumb at you or crying "Would the fountain of your mind were clear again, that I might water an ass at it.". If I was really sassy: Thou jarring clapper-clawed codpiece!

But nothing I can say or do can make any kind of point with you. I have tried emotion. I have tried anecdotes. I have tried facts. I have illustrated vast landscapes of vivid examples. I have cited sources and bought into your challenges, consistently providing ample opportunities to try and make a connection. But none of it works, as if you are closed off to anything that exists outside your world. Hence, my question because that, at its root, is what the condition encompasses. Here I have gone out of my way to try and make a connection but it is rejected at every turn.

What am I to do? Was there a factor of which I wasn't aware? Hence, my question. Your object of fascination is your party card and everything you say is good for the goose never for the gander. To you, heartless conservatives != an Irish seven course meal being a potato and a six-pack. Therein lies the trouble, mine friend.

As to where I came up with those stereotypes? Disregarding you calling me out on source material, I will leave that to be a pleasant mystery in hopes that you may research the origins of such hurtful concepts as what you espouse. If I were to recommend sources, I'd suggest: school playgrounds, commercial kitchens, senior homes, behind closed doors in governmental buildings, at homes across the country, or when in a pinch...the Internet. Of course I probably just made all those up and got lucky comparing your actual insults to others.

I, for one, don't like being called heartless by someone who hardly knows me or my heart. How now my sweet creature of bombast?

The Big Dog's back

So, you admit you're a right wing Repub. OK with me. Just don't pretend like you're in the middle. That's all I ask.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

If I belong to a "wing", it is probably "right". Being a Republican, though? No, I reject that as I reject several tenants of their platform hence why you never see me waving a red flag with an elephant on it. Your request that I not come across as "middle" is reasonable enough, honestly, but I think that you will find if there is any word that describes me it would be that. But, as I don't profess any kind of adjective (letting others take from me what they want) I can promise you that I will never pretend to be anything I am not.

If you want to know where I fall:
Economic Left/Right: .75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4./82

If you want to see where Obama and Romney fell (along with the other non-two-party candidates) for this last election. You may be surprised:

My dot with the coordinates above would be on the chart above one dot to the right of center and about five down. Where do you fall on the chart? I ask out of pure curiosity. It's not a trap or "gotcha".


I agreed with the opinion following the chart in your 2nd link. Especially the first line.

"This is a US election that defies logic and brings the nation closer towards a one-party state masquerading as a two-party state."

My numbers were Economic Left/Right .038
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian -1.54

Probably because I think gov't has a place, but it should be stronger STATE and local authority and much less federal authority, much like it was when the country first started out. I want the folks with the authority to live among the people they serve. Not in DC where the folks can't get their hands around the throat of those who make pi$$ poor laws the folks have to live under while those who made the laws exempt themselves. The closer the lawmakers are to the people the better. It is not good for them to live apart from those they serve.

You don't really expect piddle puppy to show his results or make a statement that he didn't get from some left wingnut blog or talking point do you? he is not capable to write something on his own. He belongs to a party and doesn't have permission to think on his own without their guidance, at least, or their putting words in his mouth at most. He is happy being a puppet to a political party.


Oh my, look at this. A BLACK REPUBLICAN who tells Black History factually.

The Big Dog's back

allen west is just plain cuckoo, no matter what color he is.


Re: "allen west is just plain cuckoo,"

How so?


Does Sandusky High School still have the group, the "United Black Students"? And the "Afro Ball?"

Ned Mandingo

Lets not forget to mention other notable aspects of black history. All the great inventions by black people or made famous by black people.
fried chicken
kool aid
menthol cigarets
malt liquor
aftermarket rims
barbacue sauce
and EBT cards.

brahrider's picture

Wow! If white folks had taught the truth instead of distorting history, there would be no need for a Black History Month. You folks kill me with this crap. I had a caucasion female ask me the same question back in the early 90's while in the military. I told her the same thing Matt said....EVERY other month of the year! Damn....You act like we want to go out and kick your dog. I only want to know of the positive contributions that people of color made to the WORLD. Not just the US. Notice I said the world...we are talking, Africans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Brazilians...etc. History is written by the winners and everyone else is hanged!

brahrider's picture

@Ned...why don't you just put your sheet on, and walk down Perkins Ave? That way we would all know who you were......THIS is why black folks say there is still racism in the world. Ned could be a hiring manager somewhere, and not hire you because you are black...Good thing I have a career, and NOT a job or I might have to talk with you one day. :)

Ned Mandingo

Brahrider, are you that insecure that you always have to mention your economic forgot to mention your a veteran also, No one cares. My post is a quote from a famous black comedians act. I would expect that someone of your great intelligence and status in life would recognize that.

brahrider's picture

@Ned...Are you tracking? Some of us are proud to have, and continue to serve. You should thank me, and every other veteran who served honorably and then sit down in the corner and shut up. Next..I really don't care who said it. Obviously HE said it in a comedic vein and the way you meant it was a not so subtle attempt at racism. (BTW...the way...loved the Dice Man) Do you really want to take it there with me? Small thing to a giant. "Every brotha ain't a brotha cause a black hand squeezed on Malcolm X the man/the shooting of Huey Newton, cause the hand of N***A pulled the trigger."

As far as being insecure, most of your comments show that you are insecure and paralyzed with fear, because you have been brainwashed by the Ted Nugents of the world. No more time to waste on you...I am busy defending your freedom of speech. Love you Brother!

Ned Mandingo

You should take your own advice and shut up. You are making yourself look foolish.Do you think you are the only one to serve. Most people are too mature to brag about it. What was your mos? I bet you were a pogey. How are you defending my freedom of speech? Chasing a imaginary enemy or guarding the poppy fields?