Ice looking good for winter festival

Arctic doesn't sound so bad when you put the word festival behind it.
Luke Wark
Jan 30, 2014


Mike Krebs and Tim Schwanger of Save Our Shoreline Parks make a hockey rink in the Sadler Sailing Basin at the Sandusky Sailing Club on Wednesday afternoon in preparation for this weekend’s Arctic Ice Festival sponsored by the Sandusky Maritime Museum.

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The Bizness

Glad to see Mr. Schwanger working with a private club to make use of the ice. I wonder why they didn't use the ice that is by the Sandusky Bay Pavilion though?

T. A. Schwanger


Easy answer. The Sadler Sailing Basin is also the site of the Sandusky Fire Department Ice Rescue Demonstration during the Festival--no need to spread the events across different venues.

Also, the Sadler Sailing Basin offers an easy ice access ramp--getting to the ice at the Pavilion requires a significant drop down from shore.

The Sandusky Sailing Club, Inc. also leaves the gates open for public access during the winter--probably the only private club/entity along Sandusky Bay that does.

Thank you for the question and interest.


Other clubs just build ADA compliant walkways around their marinas.
Better be careful, Tim, your revolutionary comrades might not understand you being in league with all those evil robber barons.