Jobless rates a mixed bag locally

Ottawa and Huron counties saw jumps in unemployment in December, while Sandusky and Erie counties saw their job situations improve.
Melissa Topey
Jan 29, 2014


Ottawa County ranked third in Ohio for the highest unemployment rate, at 11.5 percent. Monroe County (14.6 percent) and Pike County (11.7 percent) held the No. 1 and 2 spots, respectively.

“No one wants to be in the Top 3 in that category,” Ottawa County commissioner JoEllen Regal said.

Even so, Ottawa County is enduring its normal seasonal unemployment adjustment, Regal said. She expects the numbers to improve as the summer approaches, with restaurants, hotels and other tourist businesses reopening and hiring seasonal workers.

Huron County ranked sixth in the state, with an unemployment rate of 10.8 percent — up from November, and also up from December 2012.

Construction slowed down and Janesville Acoustics started to let some employees go in December, both of which are suspected factors in Huron County’s condition, Huron County commissioner Joe Hintz said.

“We stick out there like a bruise on a forehead,” Hintz said, referencing neighboring Erie and Lorain counties, which typically have much lower unemployment rates.

Erie County saw unemployment rates of 7.4 percent, down from the month prior and up slightly from the same month last year.

Lorain County’s unemployment rate was 7.2 percent, up modestly from November and the same as December 2012.

Sandusky County’s unemployment rate in December, down from November, ranked 48th among Ohio’s 88 counties.



Didn't the fraud and chief last night say 8 million jobs were created and things are looking up? Maybe he meant 8 million jobs were created in china!!


The only fraud I see, with regards to jobs, is Kasich. Unemployment in America has dropped more than 4% since Obama took office. In Ohio, however, the picture is quite different: since Kasich has taken office, unemployment in Ohio has actually risen higher, and his Jobs Ohio program is being investigated for improprieties.

Furthermore, the GOP-led House has scuttled every job creation initiative Obama has presented. Any goals they might have to actually help Americans are always trumped by their #1 goal: to fight against anything Obama proposes.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Obama has advocating keeping jobs in America, and has pushed for tax breaks for companies who choose to keep jobs in America and those who choose to bring jobs back to America. Interestingly, the opposing party has opposed those efforts.

Rbenn's comments do not resemble anything close to what is actually happening in America. His "reality" only exists in that alternate universe the rest of us call Fox News.

Darwin's choice

Your daily blowies for the failure in the white house are disgusting! Last nights failure was a spectacle! Bidens antics were absolutely comical, and then here you are today trying to sell us again on how this failure is good! You're pathetic, and what's actually happening in America is morons like you are still trumpeting the failure as being good. Jobs here in Ohio are going fast, Ford in Avon will be losing 1,000 in the next few months, due to obama's failures, and thats reality!

Go peddle your obama crap somewhere else, no one is buying it anymore.
The smile on your face when obama tells you to bend over and take it shows your "reality" !!
Worst president in history.

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swiss cheese kat

Well said. Like. Toaster likes to spin the facts.


Fact check already disputes his math on unemployment and job creation. Another glass of kool aid toaster? Sorry but your boy king is a failure

Dr. Information

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swiss cheese kat


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Darwin's choice

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Unemployment in America has dropped more than 4% since obama took office is a lie.
More persons that have not been successful in finding a job exhausting their unemployment benefits and have since dropped out of the job market thus are not counted would cause the unemployment percent to drop.

Also if the economy is improving why a record number of persons on food stamps. There are also persons that have been unemployed exhausted their benefits and now we also support a record number of persons drawing disability social security.