Gov: Ohio should allow more school calamity days

State lawmakers introduce bill allowing four more weather-related days off
Associated Press
Jan 27, 2014


Several Ohio lawmakers have proposed letting school districts take up to four additional weather-related days off this year, following a call from the governor.

Republican state Reps. Tony Burkley and Brian Hill introduced the measure on Monday. GOP Gov. John Kasich had earlier Monday urged adding some extra calamity days on a one-time basis because of this year's unusually severe weather.

Kasich said many schools have exhausted their five allowable days off for snow or bad weather, or soon will. That means districts will have to extend the school year, which he says would "wreak havoc" on school budgets and schedules.

His call came as the second deep freeze this month was forecast. Temperatures in some areas of Ohio were heading into double digits below zero Monday night.




As long as we the tax payers do not have to pay the educators not to teach our children. Take the pay away from the teachers who do not have to work.

No Wake

Replace "do not have to" with "cannot" in your argument and see if you still agree with yourself.

From the Grave



Beeks: If you think their pay should be docked due to snow days, are you willing to pay them for the extra hours they put in, for which they aren't compensated? My wife is a teacher, and puts in roughly 15-20 extra hours per week over and above her contracted duties, and she is certainly not unique in that respect.

Wondering if you would agree to work 15-20 hours extra each week for $0 extra pay?

Darwin's choice

Will it go on their permanent record for going beyond "allowable" missed days?

Incredibly stupid!


And the problem with extending the school year is what?

Dwight K.

My gosh can't they just make up the days

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I read somewhere, I think the Sandusky Register, that starting next year they were going to go by hours, instead of days.
Was I dreaming?


No, I have seen it also. They are changing the format to hours not days.

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Thank you. Glad I'm not going completely crazy with this cabin fever.


The teachers are already complaining about people commenting on here. They sit on facebook and say how busy they are on their calamity days grading and doing extra work. Hahahaha


Fedup: That's not the case in my house. My wife is a teacher, and her district is canceled today. She is spending the day grading papers and working on her class for her Masters Degree. She pays the tuition out of pocket, of course, although the State of Ohio requires that teachers continually take additional classes towards additional degrees.

Only in America are teachers denigrated. In other countries, they are held in high esteem.


Kasich needs those children to work in his salt mines in May HA HA HA!!!


Holy crap, the teachers have to put up with punk a$$ kids at school. Then the parents ( I assume) are on here bashing the teachers! If it's such a glamorous job, why didn't ya'll become teachers? To me, it just makes sense to give them a couple of extra days. But I guess the entitled people of Sandusky need something to BlTCH about huh? This whole comment section makes us all look like window lickers, thanks.


I believe that they should make up the days in June. Teachers for the majority are crybabies. But it is their chosen career. I know of one that teaches K and made $67,000 in 2012. Probably more last year. I get so tired of hearing how hard she has to work for such a small amount. Maybe ahw needa to pick another career. I'll ppst the website here for the salaries when I get home.

Azure Ray

I'm sure that this teacher never complained about how little she made - she may have complained about her job being difficult because, well, it probably is! That seems like a fair salary for what teachers have to put up with nowadays for 9 months. If you don't like teachers and don't respect them, then homeschool your kid. Why would you put your growing child daily in the care of people that you clearly don't respect.

From the Grave

How about if you don't post the website...


Go to this site you can check what all state teachers make

Tsu Dho Nimh

You can also go to buckeyeinstitute for the same information. What do salaries have to do with the weather?


Dearme: Check the chart and you'll see that, in most districts, teachers make roughly the same as a factory worker with a high school diploma, although they have 1-2 college degrees. No one who goes into education, of course, to get rich, and they definitely don't go into the profession because it's a union job. Most genuinely want to help kids, often more than the parents want to help their own children, and it's disheartening to them at the lack of respect and outright rancor aimed their way.


You need to adjust the salaries by the far less number of hours a teacher is contractually obligated to provide in a year versus people who typically work 40 hours a week x 50 weeks a year.

If you adjust for actual hours worked, you will find teachers are paid very well (equal or better to similarly educated people) and enjoy working conditions (hours, vacation)far superior to other jobs.


I've spent my life around teachers, and am a retired teacher. Few, if any, ever complain about the salary. I always felt the amount I was compensated was fair, given the fact that public education is a non-profit enterprise.
It was a trade-off: you had job security and a summer vacation (although I usually put in the equivalent of 12 months of work over the 9-1/2 month school year, good benefits. Those things made up for the salary, which quite obviously is less than those of other professions having 1-2 college degrees. If you don't think teachers are worth the money they're paid, ask yourself this question: what is the cost to our society of not providing education to our children?

Dr. Information

you forgot to mention that throwing money at schools and teachers does not give you better results. Example? The United States Schooling systems.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I don't believe these nasty comments are made by parents. Most parents are appreciative.

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I agree.

I think some fail to realize that it's not just the teachers that have to show up. There are aids, cooks, bus drivers, nurses, and to mention more electricity and water when the kids are in school. When operating on a budget, the money has to come from somewhere.

Dr. Information

You miss the days, you have to make them up. Works like that in every other job in the world.


Make them go in June.


Fedup2 you are a creepy facebook stalker.


Sorry to out you..have fun in JUNE teaching!

Tsu Dho Nimh

Does anyone else find it interesting that the GOVERNOR is making this proposal but the posts are bashing TEACHERS? Name me just ONE teacher union that supported this Republican governor. Apparently, he believes this proposal is in the best interest of children and their families. Teachers have no say in whether districts close and teachers are not the ones to decide it the days are made up. Some of these comments are just ugly.

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The Unions advise the teachers who to vote for.
I respect teachers, and I don't think they get paid enough for everything they have to do.


My wife would give you a huge hug for that one. Teaching doesn't stop at the school, its carried over to home: grading, preparing. She would do just hours of stuff at home. We worked it out one day and when it was all done, she got about 3.45 and hour for working. That was per year. They don't get paid in the summer. You can take your pay over nine months or 12 months but most teachers have to get a summer job or teach summer school because they can't live on what they get the first few years. So thanks for the support.


The unions endorse candidates, but you can believe that teachers - being well informed voters - already had decided who they were going to vote for. They know that one party continues to cut funding for education, and they/we simply vote for the other party. If Kasich got even 10% of Ohio educators' votes, I'd be surprised.

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Yes, they endorse, advise, and even come right out and say you need to vote for this candidate because....

No, not every teacher is a well informed voter either. A well informed voter, just like everyone else, needs to do research for themselves. Not just being told who is better.

Dr. Information

Teachers vote for whoever is going to give the school system the most money. The moment you mention that the school system's funding is broken, watch out for the wrath and fury of a teachers anger of knowing you are right, but angry that you would voice it. Take a look around, school systems across this nation are going broke. Its much like GM. To many benefits, not enough collected and the bubble has burst. Now they want more tax payer money and voters are saying no. Example? Nearly every school district around your reading area.


I'm with you. I don't really understand why this article led to teacher-bashing. Its not as if they are in Columbus lobbying for this. The state will do what the state will do, based on what they think is best for districts, not teachers.


People are Dicks That is all.

Dr. Information

No, people who voice the truth are made into haters on here.