Gov: Ohio should allow more school calamity days

State lawmakers introduce bill allowing four more weather-related days off
Associated Press
Jan 27, 2014

Several Ohio lawmakers have proposed letting school districts take up to four additional weather-related days off this year, following a call from the governor.

Republican state Reps. Tony Burkley and Brian Hill introduced the measure on Monday. GOP Gov. John Kasich had earlier Monday urged adding some extra calamity days on a one-time basis because of this year's unusually severe weather.

Kasich said many schools have exhausted their five allowable days off for snow or bad weather, or soon will. That means districts will have to extend the school year, which he says would "wreak havoc" on school budgets and schedules.

His call came as the second deep freeze this month was forecast. Temperatures in some areas of Ohio were heading into double digits below zero Monday night.




The Unions advise the teachers who to vote for.
I respect teachers, and I don't think they get paid enough for everything they have to do.


My wife would give you a huge hug for that one. Teaching doesn't stop at the school, its carried over to home: grading, preparing. She would do just hours of stuff at home. We worked it out one day and when it was all done, she got about 3.45 and hour for working. That was per year. They don't get paid in the summer. You can take your pay over nine months or 12 months but most teachers have to get a summer job or teach summer school because they can't live on what they get the first few years. So thanks for the support.


The unions endorse candidates, but you can believe that teachers - being well informed voters - already had decided who they were going to vote for. They know that one party continues to cut funding for education, and they/we simply vote for the other party. If Kasich got even 10% of Ohio educators' votes, I'd be surprised.


Yes, they endorse, advise, and even come right out and say you need to vote for this candidate because....

No, not every teacher is a well informed voter either. A well informed voter, just like everyone else, needs to do research for themselves. Not just being told who is better.

Dr. Information

Teachers vote for whoever is going to give the school system the most money. The moment you mention that the school system's funding is broken, watch out for the wrath and fury of a teachers anger of knowing you are right, but angry that you would voice it. Take a look around, school systems across this nation are going broke. Its much like GM. To many benefits, not enough collected and the bubble has burst. Now they want more tax payer money and voters are saying no. Example? Nearly every school district around your reading area.


I'm with you. I don't really understand why this article led to teacher-bashing. Its not as if they are in Columbus lobbying for this. The state will do what the state will do, based on what they think is best for districts, not teachers.


People are Dicks That is all.

Dr. Information

No, people who voice the truth are made into haters on here.