Erie County Level 1, others at Level 2

Huron, Ottawa, and Sandusky Counties all under Level 2 Snow Emergencies. Seneca County at Level 3.
Sandusky Register
Jan 24, 2014


The Huron County Sheriff's Department has issued a Level 2 Snow Emergency until further notice, according to a news release.  Seneca County is at a Level 3. 

Roadways are considered hazardous because of accumulated snow or ice, and drivers are urged to drive cautiously.

Level 1 - Roadways are hazardous due to accumulated snow or ice. Drive cautiously.

Level 2 - Roadways are hazardous due to blowing and drifting snow and/or ice cover. Only those who believe it is necessary to drive should be on the roadways. Contact your employer to determine if you should report to work.

Level 3 - Roadways are closed to all non-emergency travel due to extremely hazardous conditions. No one should be on the roadway unless it is absolutely essential to travel. Those operating vehicles on the roadway for non-emergency reasons may be subject to arrest.



You gays get any pictures of the car that flipped on 101 around 3:30 this afternoon? Not sure what they did, but it was in the 35 mph zone, right where they took out 30 yards of street so we have to drive all the way around. I hate that whole deal.


I think you meant guys....


Good call


Gays??? LOL!!!


OMG Funny!!!


OMG you think something is funny, strike up the band !


Got a problem?

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Alissa Widman Neese

Yes, a photographer and reporter were there. Check out tomorrow's paper.


We are now a level 2


Huron is Level 3 and everyone else is Level 2.


Huron now #2, just issued by Herr Howard !


Huron County not the city of Huron.


Seneca County is now Level 3..

Ya know all the people who said BRING it [snow and cold ] on.

Well, how do ya like it now?

Huron COUNTY is a level 2. As of 12:49


You are right. I don't think anyone is level in the head anymore !Hah!


It would be GREAT if you put a time stamp to these snow levels as to when they were updated Sandusky Register...??? Please???




A leaf blows across the road in fall, We need a 2 hour delay. We get 3 inches of snow need a level 2. It is mid-winter people.


And how does a level 2 change your life??? Oh, that's right, it doesn't! A level 2 is a warning that the roads are bad, you are still allowed to leave your house. GD people just need to something to Bltch about


I need to comment again, you pissed me off. Have you ever been in town and the roads are fine, and then you get out in the country and halfway through your trip you get into HEAVILY snow drifted roads? These are reasons why they put out Different levels, so you have an idea of the condition of the county overall, not necessarily what you can see out of your window! Like Friday, my development had perfectly clear roads, by the time I got to U-Pull it on 101, there was 8inches of freshly blown snow on the roads and a car flipped over in a field. Suck it puddin


I've never seen a school delay for a leaf blowing across the road.


Since this is about 12 hrs. old..can we have an update


It hasn't changed. EVERY county in northern Ohio is a 2. Except Erie, which is just as bad.