Salt piles may be melting away

Demand leads to shortage.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 22, 2014


An area salt shortage threatens to keep roads slick and icy for the winter, compromising commuter safety in Erie County.

Morton Salt, which supplies the chemical compound for most area county-based engineer offices and street departments to de-ice roads, ran out of salt.

Erie County engineer Jack Farschman underscored the problem as a driving disaster, so long as snow continues pelting this area.    “We can’t invent salt,” Farschman said. “When the supplier is out, it’s out. I don’t know what we are going to do now. We probably have enough for a day or two. I don’t know if we can make it through the week or not”

In Erie County’s case, officials vowed to pay $27.75 per ton — and budgeted to spend upwards of $108,000 this winter season — so long as Morton provided the salt they promised It appears, Farschman said, Morton could breach their contract if they don’t find salt sometime soon. “They have to provide a certain number of tons” Farschman said. Erie County administrator Pete Daniel said he’s working to get more salt for the area. Upon receiving notice of the shortage Tuesday, the Register immediately relayed questions about the shortage and when more salt could arrive to company executives.

In short: They’re working on it.

“This winter season, demand for road salt has been higher than normal due to the continued snowfall across the country,” spokeswoman Denise Lauer said. “But Morton has one of the largest production and distribution footprints in North America, and we will leverage our mine and salt distribution resources to serve the county. We have already explored several possible options with the county and expect to have a solution in place this week”




Ain't there salt under the lake

Stop It

Sand or ashes are a great alternative to salt. Some western states use those things all the time.

Look it up.

No Wake

As a classic car enthusiast, (and as someone who just likes to keep an older car on the road) I would be in heaven if our state switched completely over to grit, ashes, beet juice, molasses.. whatever works besides salt!

More than a dozen countries in Europe mandate snow tires to be installed in the winter, we could get away with using almost nothing on the roads if people ran them here. The difference between all-seasons and snow tires is like playing basketball in leather-soled loafers then switching to Jordans.

VTX Rider

This is a bit off topic but I drive from Sandusky to Willard every day for work and the Sandusky city streets are always in the worst shape.


Was there a story last week about having to much salt?

red white and blue

Ya last week there was a story about how there was so much now in one week we are in a shortage


Imagine that.

Last week when it was frigid cold, either Erie County or Perkins Township crews used a mix of sand and small stone.

Alternatives to rock salt::::