Trash not collected in Sandusky

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Jan 12, 2014


A Dewey Street resident contacted the Register today with concern about garbage collection in the city. 

"My trash is overtaking my front lawn and my trash service FSI refuses to pick it up," the reader stated. "I have paid them for their service back in November to cover us until February." 

The woman's trash services are provided through FSI. 
"My neighbor is concerned it's now a health hazard and so am I," the reader told the Register. 
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I have also had issues with them picking up my trash, they have not been very dependable. Also, their fee has increased with this new bill we just received. No notification of it going up! I'm looking for someone dependable!!!


I never had any problems with Canfield-Hartley. But FSI hasn't been as good. I've had several issues with them since they took over!

My trash is also still at the curb. In fairness, though, last week isn't the week to judge ANY trash hauler! My usual trash pick-up day involved some of the worst weather I've seen us have in a long, long time, and I suspect NONE of the haulers were out and about that day. That being said, my trash STILL hasn't been picked up. I'm not complaining — yet — but I do want to know if all of us who didn't get our trash picked up last week will get a free week tacked onto our contract. I did pay for it, after all...


why would you get a week free? they still gunna pick up your trash from last week and this week. you paid for it and they are going to pick it up


I can't speak for all haulers, but I don't have quantity limitations on my trash. That's largely immaterial since I don't have a lot of trash anyway, but I'm contracted for one pick-up per week. They didn't provide one pick-up per week. And yes, that HAS caused some inconvenience. Next question?


u go stand on the back of a trash truck and throw..

Stop It

YOU picked that job, YOU do it.


I dont throw trash


What with 2 mid week holidays and the unusual weather, it isn't surprising that the trash pick up is behind schedule. There was a level 3 issued by the surrounding counties over part of last week. I wouldn't consider trash pick up to be an emergency activity. And with officials warning about the dangers of frostbite, I wouldn't want any of the employees to be afflicted with it.

That being said, it's time the county officials start talking to the township officials instead of springing this on them. I don't want to see a one hauler system. It will cost jobs and create a monopoly, where they could charge whatever they want and we would have no other options. We have a one provider water system now and whenever the county wants or needs more money, they up the water rates to help pay for poor decision making results.

I'd also like to see some comparison numbers with the aggregate that the county put into place a few years ago for both electric and natural gas providers. Has it really saved us money? I for one am not convinced that it has.


Plus there is ALWAYS corruption when the government decides to 'help' or 'protect' us. I see underhanded and questionable contracts that boarder on criminal every week when it concerns the government.

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Professor Playdoh

I also really miss Canfield-Hartley.. I'm tired off hauling my trash out to the street and having to bring it back to the garage every other week. FSI so far is a joke. I'd leave it out but the dogs or the snow plows would make a mess of it over night. (columbus ave.) SamAdams.. did you also find that they just don't answer the phone when you call to ask why they didn't pickup?


if fsi went and picked up every house at their garage they would work 20 hours a day. it does not take long for you to put your trash to the curb. if fsi employees did that for every customer that just doesnt make sense


No, I actually received pretty good customer service when I called. My concern was that I shouldn't have needed to call in the first place! The trash was out in plenty of time, the weather was fine, and yet it wasn't picked up. And that's happened more than once!


Well what is their reason for refusing to pick it up. I doubt they are just saying "no" and hanging up the phone.


Cyclone trash service now collects all of sandusky area. Cheapest in town and love my drivers too. No prob here.


Agreed! We did not put out trash last week thinking they may not make it, but on time as usual! (Margaretta Twp)


Cyclone trash service now collects all of sandusky area. Cheapest in town and love my drivers too. No prob here.


I know ruffin refuse has been out every single weekday including the day of the level 3 until they were not allowed on the street anymore. Kudos to all the trash service personal who have not stopped and are freezing their tails off in this weather! Thank You!


I've had the "green trucks" and the "blue trucks" in the past. Prices and service were an issue. I've had Cyclone Services in Margaretta Twp. for the past year. Service is great (they did pickup this week), and they give discounts to seniors and if you pay by the year. I hope the county commissioners stay out it.
Just a thought. Since the "green trucks" come from Sandusky County, perhaps that's the reason they didn't pickup. Sandusky County was at a Level 3 for more days then Erie County.


As long as they pick mine up tomorrow, no harm, no foul. It was absolutely horrible weather last week. It's was even too cold for the varmints.


if your pick up date is on monday they will pick it up tomaro


FSI has had a major transition buying out Canfield, I'm willing to allow for this transition to be worked out. For 20 years I've received great service and Im not about to drop someone over some terrible weather conditions.


Get Ruffin!
Dependable and low rates!


Allied Waste hasn't missed a beat. Ever. Maybe a day behind from Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc. but never left sitting.


I can tell you what happens when I call FSI. They insist that my trash was not at the curb by 6 am. Missed my pick up twice in November, once in December, and again last week. I put the trash out the night before. We plan to change haulers.


I'm just glad I live in Norwalk

Kottage Kat

They are awesome. Glad I do also.


Trash that was not collected last monday will be collected Tomaro. They are doubling up because of the weather. would you want to be standing on the back of a garbage truck when its -30 to -40 wind chill. trash that wasnt collected other days should be caught up by now.


I live in Huron and understand that with the weather the hard working drivers and throwers of FSI couldn't work in the bad weather. They still due the best that they can and do a great job cleaning up afterwards. I am also happy they will be picking up DOUBLE in Huron this week and appreciate it. These guys rock!


fsi employees worked 14-16 hours weds thurs friday and some worked on saturday to catch up last week.. thats two weeks of trash for alot of customers which is double the trash and every trash truck has 400-600 customers a day. give these people a break. its just trash! monday they will probly be working another 14-16 hours and all will be back to normal. that dewey street customer must of been mad becuz they didnt pick it up becuz of the weather and is oblivious to the weather

Big Poppy

How they work 14-16 hours when by law you can only drive 12 hours? That being a CDL driver! Unless the have them new remote control trucks.


Give the guys a break! With the holidays throwing schedules off kilter followed by weather we haven't see in decades, only idiots would complain.


That's what they're breeding daily, a bunch of Idiots.