Turbine proposal ruffles feathers

Conservation groups eye lawsuit to halt project
Tom Jackson
Jan 10, 2014


The Black Swamp Bird Observatory and a Washington nonprofit are threatening to file a federal lawsuit in hopes of halting a planned wind turbine project at Camp Perry.

Birding groups hope the threat of litigation will stop the turbine’s installation, or at least force a relocation. They contend a turbine at Camp Perry blocks the path of migrating birds and is the worst location possible.

“We hope that it won’t come to a lawsuit, but we’re fully prepared to pursue that if it comes to that,” said Kim Kaufman, director of the Black Swamp Observatory.

The Endangered Species Act requires an announcement of intent to sue before a lawsuit is actually filed, said Robert Johns, a spokesman for the American Bird Conservancy in Washington, D.C.

A Washington public interest law firm, Meyer, Glitzenstein & Crystal, sent a letter dated Wednesday by certified mail on behalf of Black Swamp and the ABC to the Ohio Air National Guard, which runs Camp Perry, and also to officials in the Air Force, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of the Interior.

Mark Wayda, the Ohio National Guard’s spokesman for the Camp Perry project, could not be reached for comment Wednesday after a call to his office.

The letter alleges that the planned 600-kilowatt wind turbine at Camp Perry, which was supposed to be completed in February, violates the Endangered Species Act, the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the National Enviromental Policy Act.

The groups say the project threatens eagles and two federally endangered birds — Kirtland’s Warblers and piping plovers.

The letter sets a deadline of Jan. 20 for a response and threatens a lawsuit if there isn’t “an adequate response to our concerns” by then.

Wayda, vice chief of the joint staff of the Ohio National Guard, said the wind turbine was funded by a $1.5 million earmark obtained by U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo. He said the Ohio National Guard has been embracing alternative energy sources such as wind power and solar panels.

ABC supports wind power but believes it’s important to put wind turbines in proper locations and follow environmental laws, the letter says.

Black Swamp Bird Observatory also opposes wind turbines at Lake Erie Business Park, which is located near Camp Perry.

Kaufman said the business park already has installed a wind turbine. She said her group is battling that project, too.

“They are on our radar,” she said. “We are right now researching ways to try to prevent them from moving forward”


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Liberals love their bird choppers. They whisper to themselves... "I'm saving the planet". Releasing CO2 into the air is bad but killing Bald Eagles is good. Hypocrites.


Good idea, bad location
Follow the money

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It's hilarious to see right wingers act like they care about nature.


The Bald Eagle came off the endangered and threatened species list in 2007. Worrying about them is a waste of time. They are doing just fine. Does anyone really care about Kirtland's Warblers or the Piping Plovers? Are they really worth spending money to track? I think not.

The Kirtland's Warbler is mostly found in Ontario and Michigan. Rarely is it found in northwest Ohio. That being the case, what are the odds of this rare bird finding one wind turbine?
The Piping Plover lives along the beach until it migrates south for the winter. Thus it is in danger of hitting this evil wind turbine if its route from the entire shore of Lake Erie happens to take it through the blades of the turbine.

Our society has more pressing needs than tracking bird populations. Imagine if the time spent looking for bird nests was spent reading to human children with learning deficits? Would we not be better as a whole? Some days our priorities are truly screwed up.

Licorice Schtick

There you have it, folks! Living proof of the importance of the Endangered Species Act to protect God's Creations from idiots who think it's OK to drive them verge of extinction, and then go ahead a finish them off because they're no longer important.


Thanks to decades of expensive coddling, Bald Eagles and Kirtland's Warblers are doing OK.

Piping Plovers on the Great Lakes are still endangered. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) saved Kirtland's Warblers, and many other species, but has failed many more, and will continue to do so, not just by leaving them endanged, but by allowing them to go extinct anyway. Due to pervasive habitat loss and other Human causes, we are losing species we didn't even know existed.

The Bald Eagle was all but extinct in the lower 48. It benefited most from the Eagle Protection Act, which it much stronger than ESA.

The great majority of human-caused species extinctions are due to habit loss. Simply saving habitat is far and away the best and most cost-effective way to save species, and it carries side benefits to humans, as well. But doing so will remain difficult, in part because Humans continue to proliferate faster than rats.


Re: "Humans continue to proliferate faster than rats."

Should it be assumed that you've been 'fixed' in order to help solve your perceived 'problem'? :)

Really are you ...

Ha! Could be fixed with a SPEG or two. Electricity generated inside a building. Not outside. Ha!

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An acronym search for SPEG turns up:

Solid Phase Epitaxial Growth
Sea-Freight Pineapple Exporters of Ghana (Accra North, Ghana)
Striated Preferentially Expressed Gene

I assume you are referring to the Pineapple exporters of Ghana?

Really are you ...

Self Sustaining Personal Electric Generator

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So I went to Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards just yesterday looking to buy an SSPEG. No one had any in stock. I guess I will look on Amazon.

Really are you ...

I haven't made it yet. It is possible. While Columbus sailed across the ocean and discovered America, I bet they were saying the only way to get here was by boat. There were no submarines, humans can't fly, and swimming under water for extended periods of time was unheard of. Who would want to buy SCUBA gear after its invention? Who would buy an airplane after its invention? Was this all a waste of time? Recently researchers were granted one million dollars over a two year study to find out why pointers, the breed of dog, go in circles before going poo. Their research conclusion was, because the dogs are lining up with the earths north south polarity. Really? Money was wasted on that? Money is being thrown at poo, and I am being talked to like a fool.

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If you are going to use an unknown acronym for an as yet uninvented device, perhaps you should clarify and define the acronym for the rest of us...at least for the first time.

Certainly if someone can get one million dollars to study the poo polarity of dogs, then certainly you can get some money to make your invention that defies the laws of physics.

The polarity thing does explain a lot though. Ever since I remodeled my bathroom and reoriented my toilet across the north south polarity, instead of with the polarity, my bathroom habits have been all messed up.


How many birds are killed by cars? Planes? Pollution? (fishing line? trash? etc?) I know some people who have been to see the turbines in Bowling Green and asked those who operate/maintain them "where are all the dead birds? Did you clean them up before we got here?" Their reply was there were none to clean up. There are very FEW that hit the turbines. They did not clean up any birds before the tour. Birds are a lot smarter than you are making them out to be. They fly around objects daily! They pluck food on the run to eat! (the eagles at least, they are birds of prey) They have the ability to dive, turn and move with agility and speed. It is not like they are a freight train. Everyone wants to move ahead with green energy, save this, save that. Do you think OHIO is the only state with eagles? There are more eagles now than ever.

Mr. Sorry I'm N...

Wind turbines are not necessary. There are other forms of renewable energy. It's still a crime to kill an eagle. Bald and Golden eagles continue to be protected even though they have been delisted under the Endangered Species Act. One may not...wound, kill, molest or disturb...eagles...(16 U.S.C. 668c; 50 CFR 22.3) There are financial penalties and incarceration available if convicted of killing an eagle. Especially when people and corporations are aware that killing birds is a negative byproduct or impact of wind turbines.
At 9:08PM--Yes, I do care about the Warblers and Plovers. I'll let parents read to their own children.
Perhaps search--wind turbines killing eagles or eagles killed by wind turbines--on the weather channel site or on any site.
Eagles are in trouble due to wind turbines.
Birding, eagles and flyways are very major and important in this area.
Also, at 9:08PM--"What are the odds...(of birds)...finding one wind turbine?" Thinking of another proposed wind farm site--what are the odds of eagles being struck by the 25 to 30 planned, 500 ft. industrial wind turbines at NASA Plum Brook in Oxford and Perkins Township in Erie County? What are the odds, especially, when eagles already live on the same NASA Plum Brook property?
I am still waiting to hear what the corporation preparing the EIS for NASA's proposed wind farm--specifically SAIC--will decide in light of the 1.8 billion dollar contract that NASA just gave to SAIC a few months ago.


Wind turbines are nothing more or less than a "feel good" measure for the environmentalists. Ironically, those same environmentalists that care so, so much about nature obviously care so, so little about the animals that inhabit it!

Wind turbines are fine and dandy for small amounts of supplemental power. But outside the large "wind farms," they produce little. There are other far less harmful ways to harness alternative energies including solar power (which many people aren't using because it's still inefficient, too, albeit improved).

I don't support these gigantic "bird choppers" not just because they indiscriminately kill birds, but because there's such an inequitable trade-off for the dangers, the noise, the cost, and the eyesore. Come back with an idea for solar, tidal, or geothermal and we'll talk again.

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If wind turbines are only a "feel good" measure, why are so many businesses, especially small ones, adding them?

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I find it hilarious how all the conservatives say they don't watch Fox News, but their talking points come straight from Fox. For all you haters of "bird choppers", here are statistics from the Golden Gate Audobon Society. Note the difference in deaths from the bird choppers vs cell towers, roads, glass buildings, power lines etc.:


And here is another article from the same site that shows that by environmentalists working together with wind farms, they are dramatically reducing bird deaths, and helping to keep this vitally important source of clean energy.



"COLUMN: Renewable energy: A death sentence for wildlife":

"Effective immediately, the new rule issued by the Department of Interior will grant 30-year permits allowing wind farms to 'accidently kill federally protected eagles.'

The 'rule' is in direct violation of the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act passed by Congress in 1940.

Wind turbines chop up bald and golden eagles, and other endangered species -- like a Cuisinart.

If the DOE were to meet its 2030 goal of having 20 percent of the nation's electricity generated from wind, the authors of a new study on bird collision mortality at wind facilities project: 'a mean annual mortality estimate of roughly 1.4 million birds.'"


The greenies vs. the environmentalists - LOVE IT!

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Jim Wiegand

The public is not really aware of it but any study can be rigged to discover or to conceal facts. I know the wind industry knows all about this because I have been reading their rigged studies for years. That is why over 90% their turbine slaughter to protected species is being concealed. Rigged studies also claim there are far more golden eagles left in CA after decades of being slaughtered by turbines.

Any court case against the wind industry can be rigged to disclose or to conceal evidence. Judges can dismiss cases, dismiss important facts, and even settlements can be rigged. Using these tactics the wind industry has been able to control public opinion. Today, thanks to the internet, this is changing and the industry lies are closing in on these profiteers.

Rigged studies have hidden the plight of the Central Flyway Whooping crane population. Today there should have well over 400 individuals. But their numbers have plummeted since 2007 and their population numbers are being hidden with vague estimates and absurd count methodology that give population estimates that 175-350 now exist. There are also other problems with this recent estimate because it appears the FWS is now counting captive bred cranes released along the Louisiana coast as part of this dwindling population.

Today at the official Whooping Crane web site http://www.fws.g/nwrs/threecolum... , FWS biologists estimate there are more than 250 birds in the wild flock. Everyone should keep in mind that this is an "estimate" and estimates pertaining to this industry are usually rigged, Even so and the official numbers given are still nowhere near the numbers of 400-450.

Rigged studies claim that turbines have no impact on the price of homes or property values and turbine blight does not exist. If this were true then these turbines should be installed near any gated communities, should not have 1 mile setbacks, and most certainly should be constructed in pristine tourist areas.

Our President loves Hawaii and spends his vacations on Oahu. Hawaii has put up a few turbines but it would take over 5000 2.5MW turbines to make a serious dent in the energy needs of the Island and Oahu would still need backup energy sources and tankers bringing in fuel. From the air this island would look like a huge porcupine. In the end, this industrialization would destroy tourism and send residents fleeing from the island.

Another thought is that Oahu could smother all the other Hawaiian Islands with turbines to satisfy their Renewable Energy Mandates and preserve this Island for the President. After all this is the pattern seen on the US mainland where "Island" cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York are devouring the surrounding landscapes of this country with their energy projects.

In fact if it were not for rigging, what the wind industry has done to this world is so corrupt and so devastating to the environment, that news of this would be on the front page of every newspaper for the next ten years.

Jim Wiegand

Wind Turbines are the big time killers of eagles and other raptors. Here are some additional facts(sources) to discredit the wind industry and help in any lawsuits.

Transmission lines have been getting a lot of bad publicity lately in the media in order to deflect attention away from the wind industry's ongoing slaughter to our protected eagles.......................... "Electrocutions are known to cause mortality of golden eagles and other raptors. Of 1,428 electrocution records reported by electric utility companies throughout the United States during an 11-year period, 19% were golden eagles (Harness and Wilson 2001). Hunt (2002) also found that 12% of 100 golden eagle deaths over 7 years resulted from electrocution."

Let's do some of the numbers: 1428 x 19% = 271 / 11 years = 25 golden eagles electrocuted per year in the entire USA. This is far lower than the numbers of Golden Eagles being killed at a single wind resource area like Altamont Pass.

In addition very few raptors, less than .00003% of the estimated annual avian mortality from communication towers, are being killed by communication towers.(2013 "Avian mortality at communication towers in the United States and Canada")

Pterocarya frax...

Mr. Wiegand, you are all over the internet talking about the dangers of wind turbines to raptors, especially eagles. The average reader would probably tend to think of you as an "expert" because you quote so many facts about unreported eagle deaths. One would also like to think that your heart is in the right place because you care so much about the eagles.

A thinking questioning person though, may want to question your motivations just a bit. For example, where are you getting these statistics about raptor deaths being vastly under reported. You quote all kinds of enormous numbers but never give sources. You also attack the science of climate change without evidence, as well as attack anyone that dares question your comments.

If one thinks about it a bit, he or she may come to the conclusion that you have ulterior motives, other than "I love eagles". Who pays your salary?

Listen, I care about the raptors a lot as well, but to take such a single minded approach to protecting them is not in the best interest of the eagles or humans. It may however be in the best interest of say...the coal industry.


I suppose the real question is why we continue to push a form of energy that is scientifically inefficient on a large scale. Reports from the Netherlands conclude wind turbines are at most 50% efficient, and could never survive without subsidies. Why is that, well I guess the wind doesn’t blow all the time? Cost of wind farms versus energy output is a joke; again, Netherlands complaining that wind is nothing more than supplemental energy that must have backups. Department of Energy reported that grants are not based on energy produced, causing wind farms to pop up in places where it is proven they will not be effective. Even Germany estimates that by 2020 over 90% of wind turbines there will have to rely on backup sources; so how are we saving the planet if those sources are fossil fuel. I can see the good of using 14th century technology to aerate my pond, perhaps grind some grain, or charge a battery; large scale seems to be a joke.

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So why are businesses adding them?


Re: "So why are businesses adding them?"