Ex-girlfriends scuffle outside bar

Sandusky police responded to a scuffle between ex-girlfriends outside of Crowbar late Wednesday night.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 10, 2014


Amanda Taylor, 28, 900 block Columbus Ave., was charged with criminal damaging. Damali Bonner, 22, 1600 block Remington Ave., was charged with insufficient headlights.

Taylor’s ex-girlfriend and current roommate told police she loaned Taylor her car earlier that day so Taylor could do laundry, but took the vehicle back when she learned Taylor and an ex-boyfriend had instead used it for a joyride, according to a Sandusky police report.

Later at Crowbar, Taylor confronted her ex-girlfriend over items she’d left in the vehicle. Taylor allegedly grabbed a pair of the woman’s shoes and a car charger, then damaged a rear-view mirror before taking off with Bonner, the report said.

Another officer found Bonner driving without headlights, with Taylor in her passenger seat, the report said.




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