UPDATED: School closures for Wednesday

Bellevue, Clyde-Green Springs, Margaretta and more close; keep checking back for updates.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jan 8, 2014


The following schools have announced they will be closed Wednesday:

-Bellevue Schools

-Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools

-BGSU Firelands will open at noon

-Clyde-Green Springs Schools

-Edison Schools

-EHOVE Career Center (high school and adult education classes)

-Fremont Schools

-Huron Schools

-Margaretta Schools

-Norwalk Schools

-Perkins Schools (6 p.m. school board meeting is not yet canceled)

-Port Clinton Schools

-Sandusky Central Catholic School

-Sandusky Schools (6 p.m. school facilities meeting at Venice Heights Elementary School is canceled)

-Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Centers

-Vermilion Schools

-Western Reserve Schools



Margaretta has been canceled a while ago....


Norwalk Closed

Good 2 B Me

Let's Go Gunner. The roads are more ridiculous than your Levy Proposals. Call it already for these poor kids. It is NOT SAFE for them to be out in the cold nor on the bus with 50 kids on sheets of ice.


Remember he doesn't live here so he won't read this. But I agree.



Perkins announced closure about 15 minutes ago.


Perkins just closed

Tsu Dho Nimh

Looks like everyone except for Sandusky. Roads and temperature must be better in town.


Sandusky will probably follow suit pretty soon. God knows I wouldn't send my kids to school in below zero temps!!

Tsu Dho Nimh

I wouldn't, either.


My parents and the parents of all my friends did.
This was before GoreTex, Thinsulate, and all the other space-age advancements in cold weather gear.
Funny - we survived, and none of us turned into axe murderers.


Except my kids don't go to Sandusky.


sandusky is closed two


Sandusky is closed. We got the phone call.


Do schools in the south close if it's too hot or too nice or too humid ?


Does being too warm or humid make it dangerous to drive, phroggy? Then there's your answer.



Tsu Dho Nimh

They get hurricane days along the coast.


I feel sorry for the kids in Sandusky , you all know they will end up making up time at the end of the year if not during easter vacation


I think some of the school districts ( Huron City Schools) have now used up all their bad weather days ( 5 days) and any additional days closed will have to be made up end of year or other times before then. I was on Rye Beach Road this morning and Bogart and I was amazed how slick and ice covered they were. That was no negative reflection to the snow removal efforts for it has everything to do with the super cold weather. You could easily end up off the road.

Think the decision has been a good one not to put thousands of children and adults out on the roads heading to school till things improve. I remember many many years ago there was a school superintendent in Port Clinton who prided himself by keeping schools open regardless of the bad weather. Well one bad storm a school bus slid off the road on Catawba Island and turned on its side with kids inside. Luckily no one was hurt or killed but from that day forward he was one of the first in the area to call school off. Safety comes first.


Yea they can plow till the cows come home , but when they salt the temps have to be somewhat warm in order to work and lets face it, the temps have just been to cold for the salt to even begin to work


We definitely have to toughen up our kids. I can't believe Sandusky is not having school today. I can understand the rural areas but in town, come on. Years ago we used to have some bad winters. It would snow everyday from November to March and the a lot of times, the temperatures would be below zero but we would still had to walk to school for about a mile. We had a superintendent who would not call off school for anything. If the kids can go to the mall, they can go to school.


True, but some kids walk to school or to their bus stops, and walk home. Regardless of whether school is cancelled or not, if we have ridiculously cold temps like we've had recently, and my kids were to have to walk (which they don't), they'd be staying home, or I'd be driving them to school. Bottom line, it's probably not because of the snow that they've cancelled school so much, it's the temps.

Common Sense

I understand your feelings, Dark Horse. There are many more teen drivers on the road than there were years ago. Many school systems have had to modify bus routes for costs and not all students are bused in (open enrollment) and walking to school on a sheet of ice is not safe. I, too, trudged through snow and ice, but I can not recall a time when the roads, despite the best efforts of the highway department, have been such a thick sheet of ice. Finally, don't forget to include the number of children who do not have warm coats, mittens, hats, and boots. Times have always been tough, but the numbers experiencing tough times seems to be much greater than ever.

Pirate Mom

We do have to toughen up our kids, but busses sliding off of the icy roads is not the way to do it. Come on. In addition, stupid drivers on the roads with our teenage drivers is another bad combination. They will have school tomorrow and get back to the business of learning. Better safe than sorry.