Several crashes backing up eastbound traffic on Edison Bridge

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers ask drivers to avoid area if possible.
Courtney Astolfi
Jan 6, 2014


Troopers are handling several non-injury traffic crashes in the eastbound lanes of the Edison Bridge. Traffic in those lanes is currently at a stand-still as tow-trucks and officials work to clear about half a dozen disabled vehicles, troopers said. 

Traffic can get through, but it's moving at a very slow pace.

The westbound lanes of the bridge remain open, but are covered in ice and snow as well, troopers said. 




Guess they should gave closed it after all


Every road is covered in ice and snow, not just the bay bridge. Lots of crashes in other areas too.

Eph 2 8-10

Perhaps they should take example by the Mackinac bridge.

Good 2 B Me

Thought we were at Level 3


Yes, I would think too that being at Level 3 all traffic was to be off the road except emergency vehicles. Although, I was talking to some friends and they said one of those in the backup is a lady who is a RN at Firelands and lives in Port Clinton. Said she has to get to work or her shift is not covered. So regardless of Level 3 some just have to be out on the road and I guess they are not just out joy riding.


Garden I used to work at the hospital and during the times when an emergency came up because of the weather that employees couldn't make it in, the employees that were already there had to stay over to cover shifts for those that couldn't make it in. If there were employees that lived close and were able to make it in that was fine but no employee was asked to come in during a higher level snow ban or told that a shift wouldn't be covered if they didn't make it in. And certainly no employee would be told to risk their life by coming in when visibility was limited, all this would do is risk putting them in the hospital as a patient instead of as an employe. This was a stupid move in my opinion!!


100% Right "candleburner"..I work at a nursing facility in PC and live in Sandusky, i have to make it to work as its an "emergency work area. After all these places do require 24 hour care.

he said she said

I may be wrong or it could have changed since then and it was years ago when I heard this but it was my understanding that if you worked in a hospital, nursing home/long term care facility, worked in law enforcement, fire department, EMT/paramedic or for the city/county, that with proof you could not get in trouble for driving.


If they call a level 3 stay off the roads...... They need to start issuing tickets, cant just say that you may be arrested, if you dont want the drivers out, make them stay home. Take their money and stop threatening.

Fibber Mcgee

Good point, I asked the question yesterday, has anyone ever been cited?
If you didn't cause an accident, I don't think they would stop you and
issue a citation.