UPDATED with businesses closed Tuesday

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Jessica Cuffman
Jan 7, 2014


Businesses closed Tuesday:


-St. Paul Lutheran Church, all evening meetings canceled

-4 Points Bar, at Sycamore Line and Milan Road 

-Health and Strength Gym will open at 2 p.m. 

-SPARC and Sandusky Transit System

-Republic Services

-Cheers Sports Bar and Grill

-The Embellished Scrapbook Boutique

-Sandusky Municipal Court

-Porter's Cash Register Services

-Sandusky Eagles Club

-Jolly Donut

-Executive Urology

-Bright Now! Dental

-Tre Sorelle Cioccolato

-Chime Technologies LLC

-Sail In

-Rainbow Muffler

-Sandusky Dental Partners

-Sandusky Area YMCA

-Sandusky Orthopedics and Rheumatology

-Sandusky Therapy and Sports Medicine

-General Fabrications

-Dermatology Partners

-Grace Episcopal Thrift Shop

-Erie County Health Department

-Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital

-Bayshore Counseling Services

-Citizens Bank

-Stine Dental.

-Sandusky State Theatre

-Social Security Office; will reopen Wednesday

-Steinle Sandusky auto dealership

-Fifth Third Bank.

-Legal Aid of Western Ohio

-7 p.m. Paramount League at Star Lanes canceled


-Bellevue Municipal Court

-Bellevue Public Library


-Huron Public Library

-Citizens Bank


-Citizens Bank


-Entratech Systems


The Sewing Connection


-Office of Lindsey Schilling closed.

-Bayshore Counseling Services

-Citizens Bank


-Fremont city offices, municipal court and rec center closed.

-Legal Aid of Western Ohio


-Norwalk school board meeting moved to Jan. 14

-Bay Area Gastroenterology

-Allstate agencies

-Citizens Bank

-Norwalk Furniture


-Citizens Bank




Businesses closed Monday:


-Sandusky Library is closed. 

-Dr. Harris Schild's office and Eye Team Optical, closing at noon.

-Erie MetroParks offices closing at noon.

-Erie County offices closing at noon.

-Corsos Flower and Garden


-Get Gremlins Computer Services.

-Precision Body and Frame closed.

-Pierre's Quick Print is closed.

-Offices of  Susan Lowell, Dr. Gregory Bishop and Dr. Carlos Lowell are closed.

-Republic Services has stopped running for the day, and offices will be closed Tuesday as well. Customers' whose pickup day was missed Monday will have a double pickup next week, and customers' whose pickup day is Tuesday will have trashed collected one day late.

-Access Orthopedics at Noms is closed; appointments for Tuesday will be canceled if Erie County is still under a Level 3 snow emergency.

-U.S. Tsubaki, second and third shifts canceled Monday.

-Porter's Cash Register Service, closed Monday and Tuesday.

-Body Language Yoga at the Erie County Senior Center canceled Monday evening.

-Minithrowballs.com is closed.

-Stephens Publishing Company is closed, second shift is canceled.

-Cracker Barrel closed.

-Remax Quality Realty closed.

-Andrews Motorsports LLC, closed at 2 p.m.

-Peaceful Streets Sandusky closed until further notice.

-Jolly Donut closed Tuesday

-Bauman Insurances Services closed Monday afternoon and could close Tuesday based on weather

-Dr. Reagan Bristol's office closed.

-Aspen Dental closed.

-Tony G's closed.

-Downtown Subway restaurant closed. 

-Executive Urology closed Tuesday

-The Exchange


-The Bellevue Public Library is closed.


-Huron County's health department is closed. 

-Norwalk City Council meeting for Monday canceled, agenda moved to Tuesday evening meeting at 7:30 p.m.


-The Ottawa County Health Department is closed. 

-Ida Rupp Library closed.

-Ottawa County Courthouse closed.

- Office of Lindsey Schilling closed Tuesday.

-All Port Clinton athletic events postponed.

-Port Clinton Board of Education meeting set for Monday postponed until 5 p.m. Jan. 13.


-Broadway Performing Arts Center is closed.

-Parent information night at EHOVE scheduled for Tuesday is canceled.


-Artino Ford is closed.

-Cornell's Foods will be closing at 2 p.m.

-Remax Quality Realty closed.

-Main Street Tavern closed.

-Trash, recycling and Christmas tree pickup has been canceled for this entire week.


-Vermilion city special finance meeting and regular council meeting canceled, rescheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday.


- Pepperidge Farms is closing for second and third shifts Monday. Employees should call for Tuesday's schedule.


- Fremont city offices, municipal court and rec center closed.



Kohls department store


Will the Tea House be open tonight?


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Yep- girls will all be wearing floor length Eskimo parkas with mukluks and mittens- ooh baby.


IT'S ME: Not sure, but their legs probably are.........


Many of the grocery stores throughout area have run out of staples. Milk , bread, eggs etc.

Whirlpool Clyde and many factories have called off or letting out early.

Due to the frigid cold air I think it's a smart move to make it a little easier on the power grid. Hopefully power lines and transformers will stay intact.


20 degrees wed 30 thurs 37 friday. not the end of the world. most people have 3 days of food you would think. even if its peanut butter


No kidding Cast the First Stone. This is only supposed to last a couple days, what do all these people eat the rest of the time?


I don't understand why some stores are even open at this point today anyway. At level 3 you're not supposed to be out on the road unless it's an emergency so I can see maybe a pharmacy being open - having to pick up something after a run to the ER but even the hospital has given patients a day's worth of meds to get thru when the pharmacy has been closed - but why are places still open?? I'm very confused!!


Last week when everyone else was closing Menards said they had to remain open because they are considered disaster relief so I'm sure there are others considered the same.
Good thing KBI is still open, the world needs bearings.


Any idea when FSI/Canfield-Hartley will continue garbage pickup? They didn't pick us up last week and I can't go another week without a pickup. They won't answer the phone. I don't even know if they're still in business!!


Republic is closed tomorrow, Cyclone told me @ 3:45 they are still on for tomorrow but that may change.
Sat I saw someone from FSI/Fultz in Meijers & told the cashier he was working Sun so I would say they are still in business.


I find it to be a cruel, insensitive and unsafe practice for the USPS to insist postal carriers who walk routes, still deliver mail during these frigid conditions.I for one can wait a day or two for bills or pizza flyers. I understand there is medicine delivered but that should be a separate priority and still be delivered if possible, but the rest can wait. My mail carrier was obviously very, very cold today(we provided hot chocolate), I do not think she should have been made to go out anymore than absolutely necessary. I would think this would be a safety issue for the USPS. How about some compassion for these guys, plus I thought only emergency personnel should be out during a level 3 advisory.

he said she said

@ trundle, I couldn't agree more. I don't have any meds that come in the mail but those that do should of had their meds delivered in any kind of weather. My bills will all still be do whether I get them today or Friday.


I just wander if the register is going to care enough for the workers that deliever the paper that they will cancl delievery till the weather get better . I bet they dont


If the schools cancel sue to the hazardous weather , then the register should follow as well cause the people that deliever the paper are the kids and they should be protected .


I thought it all went to motor routes so they don't have to pay as much?


Trundle: I called the sheriff to ask if USPS was perhaps exempt from the level 3 & was told by the deputy to "call the post office" with my inquiry. I thought the same as you & my s-i-l, who works for them, told me they refused to acknowledge the level 3 ban & send their employees home. Hence, my call. You can see where it got me. I still don't believe it.