Huron, Erie Counties upgrade to level 2 storm warning; Wind chill warning for entire area

Level 3 winter storm warnings declared in Ottawa, Sandusky counties
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 7, 2014


Click HERE for a list of closed businesses for Tuesday

Click HERE for the wind chill warning extended until Wednesday at 9 a.m.

UPDATED 5:03 a.m.: Erie County has been upgraded to a Level 2 storm warning. "Visibility is greatly improved as the winds have started to abate," Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. "Roads are still very icy, but are passable." 

Sigsworth said road crews have been out all night.

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard, too, has changed the storm warning to a Level 2 for the county.


A Level 3 winter road emergency is being declared in Erie County, effective at noon, Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

All nonessential people are being warned to stay off the roads, he said.

"The winds are picking up. Visibility in the rural areas is becoming increasingly obscured because of the blowing snow," the sheriff said.

He said he's particularly concerned about people trying to travel when it gets dark.

The Level 3 is being declared at noon to give businesses time to close, he said.

Level 3 winter conditions also have been declared in Huron, Ottawa and Sandusky Counties.

While people may be subject to arrest if they're out and about during a Level 3, that is not the goal of issuing the warning, both Sigsworth and Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick said.

"We understand there may still be people on the road after noon. The sun is out, but visibility is still difficult," Sigsworth said. "We don't want to arrest anyone. We want to impress upon people they shouldn't be out there."

The Sheriff's Office utilizes standardized winter road condition advisory levels to inform the public about the general condition of roadways throughout the county during a winter storm, particularly in the rural areas. Localized geographical areas within the county may experience better--or worse--road conditions then those listed in a given advisory level. Please monitor weather forecasts and/or information broadcast over or printed in local media outlets before you determine whether to venture out on the roadways. Please do not call the Sheriff's Office to make general inquiries about road conditions.

Level 1 - Roadways are hazardous due to accumulated snow or ice. Drive cautiously.

Level 2 - Roadways are hazardous due to blowing and drifting snow and/or ice cover. Only those who believe it is necessary to drive should be on the roadways. Contact your employer to determine if you should report to work.

Level 3 - Roadways are closed to all non-emergency travel due to extremely hazardous conditions. No one should be on the roadway unless it is absolutely essential to travel. Those operating vehicles on the roadway for non-emergency reasons may be subject to arrest.




Just called my employer, "We are open, get to work if you want your job".


Call the Sheriff on yourself :-)

Raoul Duke

Going out~you can't stop me!

From the Grave

If you're gonna go out and get yourselves killed, I sure hope you already had me dig your grave~that ground is frozen solid!

Floyd P

It will still be business as usual for a lot of greedy profiteers. If I get a ticket today I will give it to my boss to pay.


If you are in an accident on your way to work, your employer can be held liable and face a lawsuit.


Can you provide one real example that this actually happened or direct the readers to case law? If you are in an accident on your way to work, YOU are responsible. I know this as it happened to me so I am very curious as you have posted this several times as though you may have some direct knowledge that my lawyer didnt'.


Good luck on getting them to pay it , He or she will tell yea that if you want your job you pay the


Do you know of any employer who has actually said this to an employee? Just wondering...


I called where I work and they are supposed to close once we go to level 3 and the big boss doesn't believe that we are under a level 3. Someone had to screen shot the update and send it to him. For those who are at work, are their employers willing to cover the cost of the ticket?


Work told me I had to come in, so i go in and they can pay the ticket.


work better pay my ticket when I get pulled over for being on the road at 5.


Did you get a ticket? Did your employer pay the ticket?


They don't care if something happens to you.


I don't think it's that your employer doesn't care about you but rather it's Ohio. It's winter and it's business.


they are your employer. Who said they have to care about you? They care that they have employees who work so they can remain in business. CARE is not part of the equation. WOrk = pay. It's that simple.


Then you know what? They can take that job and shove it. As a nurse, I'm legally obligated to go in, but non-essential employers need to take into consideration how dangerous this weather is, it doesn't matter if 'there's worse conditions in Alaska,' people from here aren't used to this. If a non-essential business is staying open, and forcing their valued employees to work, then they've lost my business.


A nurse has a "legal obligation" to go to work? Legal? Can you please explain what legal entity you are referring to? I imagine there are professional code of conducts, job description and/or workplace rule but a LEGAL obligation? I'm curious - can you provide more information?


Excuse me, correction, I cannot call off of work with the excuse of the weather (or I'll get wrote up), however, I CAN call off of work with sickness being the excuse. I'm a state employee, and that's how it is. However, I don't see it as ethical for non-essential employers to force employees to work or risk losing their job. The practice of forcing employees to work during a level 3 may be legal in some sense, but threatening to fire or actually going through with discontinuing an employee of non-essential nature because they call off due to weather is wrong on all levels. Bottom line, if it's THAT important to sell a service or product, the employer better have a form of safe transportation, if it were me. $7.85 an hour isn't worth putting my life on the line.


Thanks for replying. As a nurse with OVH that's how it is. So just to confirm, you do not have a LEGAL obligation but rather a disagreement with your employer? I don't like everything about my employer either - it's my prerogative to quit as is anyone's.


Ouch, you're with the OVH. I heard that place is getting rough. This 'can't call off because of weather' started several years ago, everybody received a memo, though I'm not sure it's set in stone in the ORC. It might be part of the employee contract. It's not that I disagree, because I fully accept the ethical and moral expectation to report, and I understand how much we need nurses.

yea right

wow what is wrong with this state..get a little snow and it gets near 5 degrees and it shuts down??
try NORTH..i lived in Marquatte Mi. 200 plus inches of snow every year..snowed from mid sept to july 20..wind chill.. wait for it..

-60..yea thats right negative 60 degrees out..and i was still outside bustin my butt off..

now try further north..



No Wake

Marquette is used to it, most of us here are not. Exact same reaction when it snows in Atlanta.. the city shuts down because people cannot handle the conditions safely.

yea right

i went there after spending2 yrs in the tropics


If you can prove you necessarily have to be at work...police, hospital, will be ok. But if your employer makes you come in and it isn't necessary, any ticket or accident can be held against your employer in a Level 3. But to keep your job...what do you do?


Call the department of labor and report that they are asking you to break a state law.


RV - what do you mean "held against your employer". Please explain.


Your employer would be held responsible for any and all payments. The state law was sent to me recently. I will try and find it and post it.


I hope you can find it and post. I am very interested. thanks.

BULLISDEEP's picture
BULLISDEEP's picture

WATCH THE VID ,What if your work doesn't close during level 3


Dropped my gf off at work at 9:30 am. 20 minutes later level 3 was declared. She called me to say she had to complete her shift and to pick her up at 6. Nice employer.


Update...they are closing at 3. Reason finally prevails.


your already at work. what is the difference it is not getting worse just staying the same. understand if you were going to work but level 3 not issued till noon today.

p.s I plow snow and will be going to work


Good point...I think the difference is when it gets dark. Sounds like they really want people off the roads by then.


Traveling home from work several hours after a level 3 has been declared could lead to a lawsuit if you were involved in an accident. Your employer can be held liable.


Phroggy- Provide some proof to back up your statement that employer is liable.

Good 2 B Me

No need for proof...Remember the commercial...Everything on the internet is true! lol


LOL. People post misinformation. I am asking for them to put some money where their mouth is. Simply backup what they are saying. Gullible people will believe what is said. Still asking for someone to show proof that employers are responsible for traffic tickets, accidents that occur on the way to work etc... So far, no one has responded.

Good 2 B Me

I agree! People just throw out any old thing and call it a fact!


Yep and when you ask them to back up their statement there is no response.

BULLISDEEP's picture

NO they are not required to pay your ticket.


My road is blocked by drifts, car won't start - you want me at work then come and get me.


I can not understand employers who do not closed for the safety of their employees. Is money that important to them to risk employees safety. I think it is sad day in America when we can not stay home one day without having to go to store. We were all told days ago this was coming. Do people not listen? Personally I think we should ALL not go out and support these greedy business who do not have any more respect for their employees. There is nothing worth someone getting in bad accident because they are having a Big Mac attack. Maybe if this would happen these corporations would get the message. When they are paying out and not getting anything in the cash draws. That includes Wal-Mart who have seniors working there today. Sad just real sad. Sure hope they all get home safe. Everyone stay home and stay warm.


Well at least Sheriff Sigsworth has the common sense and compassion that our employers don't have!


Great attitude. I'm sure your employer would bend over backwards for a guy like you...Best of luck on your future endeavors. And here I thought our area employees had a great work ethic?

Castalia Gal

Unfortunately hospitals and long term care facilities operate 24/7 with patients and residents counting on staff to make it into work. Has nothing to do with greed in those situations. When you are employed in healthcare it just goes with the territory.


According to another poster - he/she states there is a legal obligation for nurses to go to work. Ethical, work requirement and your understanding of patient needs I commend you but a LEGAL obligation? Thanks for your compassion and understanding that it goes with the territory.


The city and twp could make a lot of money if they would do what they say instead of throwing a scare out there that doesnt scare anybody. I have to work and where I work of course is open to the public, and people were just out doing everyday stuff.

Julie R.

Stuck in the house all day and night ...... now the cable goes out and I don't feel like reading. All there is to do is listen to the wind shaking the windows, the furnace running non-stop and worry that the electricity is going to go out next ..... plus we have another day of this crap. No wonder people move to Florida!


Julie, Julie, julie. Urge you to invest (small amount) in a Mr.Heater. In times like now it has a great value, no electric needed & you won't freeze. ps. I've got a Soapstone Woodstove & small generator. As a child our household was housebound for 7seven days. Dad & mom had everything. Such was farm life.


A oak Harborcop ticketed a oak harbor mailman for delivering during the level 3 yesterday


Wow, that is terrible! I should have re-read what I typed before I hit save :-)


Huron County went to a level 2 this morning unless they went back?


Could you add a time to your updates?
From Reflector:


When you first apply for a job , one of the most important things involved is knowing how you are going to get to work and home .With that being said , in times as this when roads are deemed unsafe for transportation and government issues and edict, it is your responsibility to cover your self with time lost through personal benefit , sick time vacation etc.Storms as this one just do not pop up and kick us around , we have weather forecasts that give people ample time to prepare for winter events and in the future nee to take heed and listen before you end up complaining.Public sector servants know this and maybe the private sector should learn from it as well.


I just wander is the rough times of snow and blistering cold are about over , or is it just getting a good foot hold for worse things to come , If that at all possiable ..Good luck everyone and please for gods sake becarefull and if you dont have to be out I wouldnt go out .