Norwalk councilman sends racist email

Bob Carleton said it was meant as a joke.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 4, 2014

A Norwalk city councilman acknowledged Friday sending a racist and sexist email to various people.

Robert Carleton told the Register, who independently obtained a copy of the email, that the message he sent was humorous.

Below is the copy of the email he sent out.

Pick up Saturday’s Register for more on this story, including Carleton’s comments.

Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2013 5:08 PM
To: wheddles; Bill Kaminski; Larry Waaland; Cheryl/Rich; Ron Myers; Ron Howell; Zach Jamison; Mark Zeeb; mark johnson; Jimmy D;; Mark Schloemer; G. Stuart O&#39,Hara, Jr.; Brooks Hartmann; Kevin Brownell; Mason Krebs; Steve Carleton; Deb Scheiber; dustan badovick; amanda uther; Matt Dysard
Subject: Spelling Bee Champ
My name be Eboneesha Hernandez, a African-Hispanic-American Girl who jus got a award for bein the bess speler in class. I gots a 47% on the spelin text and 38 points for being black, 10 points for not bringin drugs to class, 10 points for not bringin guns to class, and 15 points for not getting pregnut during the cemester. It be hard to beat a score of 120%.
White dude sit nex to me is McGee from Jaxon Mizipy. He got a 94% on the text but no extra points on acount of he have the same skin color as the opressirs of 150 years ago. Granny ax me to thank all dimocrafts and liberuls for suportin afermative axion. You be showin da way to true eqwallity.
I be gittin in medical skool nex an mabe I be yo doctor since Barrac takn over da healfcare in dis contry.



So are we allowed to laugh?

There you go again

I find it more truthful (and sad) than funny. The truth hurts, doesn't it!?!?


I laughed anyway.



norwalk has always been a racist town !!!!!


Ohio is racist. America is racist. It's never going to change. People are bigoted, prejudiced, narrow minded and opinionated. Unfortunately, I don't think you're allowed to be that way unless you have a show on A&E.

modern concrete

No! Ohio isn't racist affirmative action is. No one should get rewarded because of race, gender but because they worked hard and earned the job or the award. Some people want something for doing nothing.


Everything is racist. Look at channel 8,3, and 19 news. 89 percent of the time when there's a crime committed, they make it news when it's an African American maybe doing the crime. 89 percent of the bad news is racist towards African Americans. No wonder we get so nervous when we're walking with a group of young African Americans walking on the street right in our direction. We're racist and we racially profile all the time. I'm glad I have Native American in me so that I'm not called a cracker. I guess that since I am part Native American I'm considered the darker Ritz Cracker by African Americans.


Are you Kidding me???? Man thats 1 racist email right there. Better call the NAACP.Thanks for the 2 emails that can now be spammed Sandusky Register.


Haha that's hilarious! It's a joke quit crying, bunch of sensitive liberal babies. Reminds me of getting an extra 10% on a civil service exam just because you are a minority. GO BUCKEYES


Plz no jokes in emails- you may offend


I don't really understand how anybody could find any of that funny

From the Grave

I like your earlier, funny movies.


Inappropriate and racist.


You can't fix stupid!

AJ Oliver

and apparently you can't fix anonymous cowardice either . .
Come on Register, rescue us from this !!


Arrogant, know it all, misogynist, liberal, STFU.


Yeah Bob. You sure had disdain for those that wanted checks & balances regarding tax abatements for the local companies (corporations) who left after getting handouts. That makes you a buSINessman. All hail your TeaParty.


Wonder if the narc was really offended, or has a political agenda against Mr. Carleton.

Not sure how it's considered sexist.


Well the little girl sent the note...and spoke of the little boy that didn't get the extra points like she did. LOL

Bottom Line

Headline is misleading. The fact that anyone would consider this news is a joke. It was a private e mail. Just further proof of how pathetic so many of you are.


It's his own personal email so he can't get fired for that, right? At least he knew not to send it from his city email.


People send comical racist emails??? Say it isn't so!!!!!


People don't, but racists do. If you think that is comical, then you might be a racist.


people do, phony


@aj oliver Cowardice? I spent 23 years in the United States Air Force. I went to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once. I served with some brave African American and Hispanic soldiers. The fact that you defend this kind of thinking shows the kind of character you have.


He needs to resign. Obviously, he cannot be trusted with governmental responsibilities, which require the appropriate protection of all citizens.


Nice, real nice. Glad I didn't vote for that dirtbag.

From the Grave

I don't see how this is considered racist unless you also believe that the races represented in this email, are in fact, represented in this email.

From the Grave

This email didn't refer to physical attributes of a particular race, which is something that I would consider racist.

From the Grave

This email is about a stupid person, and stupidity certainly isn't limited to only one race, nor is it a race itself.