Benefit set for Dakota Schaffer

100% of proceeds this Friday will go to the fund for teen injured in crash.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 30, 2013


At the end of Friday, 100% of the income from tattoos and piercings at the Pain & Pleasure Tattoo Studio will go to the Dakota Schaffer Benefit Fund.

Dakota was a passenger in serious car accident that took the life of his friend Garrett Holmes on December 22.

Dakota remains at a hospital in Toledo. 

On Friday the tattoo studio is hosting a benefit to raise money for the Schaffer family.

Want to go?

WHAT: Benefit for Dakota Schaffer. 
WHEN: Friday, January 3, Noon till 9 p.m.
WHERE: Pain And Pleasure Tattoo Studio, 6015 Milan Rd, Sandusky,




Stop It



Have no need for a tattoo or piercing. Can I drop by and just donate cash? Nice support from a local business.


Are you sure you don't want a Richard on your forehead? That would be sweet tattoo.



So you think I'm a Richard Head for supporting a worthwhile cause?


Yes there will be donation jars, bracelets and ribbons at the shop on Friday also


Appointments necessary for tats?

Stop It

Excellent news from the dude's dad!!

"Got a call from the nurses at 6:15 am... Heart sunk thinking the worse ! Nurses informed us that he's been off sedation for an hour an a half , and is awake yet remains pretty calm ! We rush to get over to the 3 rd floor .. To find him throwing the thumbs up to everyone in the room , squeezing an tapping on hands by command ! Unable To hold his own eyes open . We held them for him . He's looking all around and knows exactly who is here ! When asked if he could see (name omitted) standing next to him ,to waive at her , he lifted his hand and waived !! They are weening him off his respirator as we speak and he's breathing by himself ,. They removed his neck brace cause there is no issue there . Which I'm sure he's excited about , trauma dr will come monitor his breathing later and decide if they can remove the tube all together ... Now if we can just get him to stop pulling up his gown and flashing all the nurses we will be all good .... I think this is his way of saying thanks to them all for their continuos efforts to make him better ... And the MRI come back with a few areas of abnormality , but nothing serious !! I believe the abnormalities have been with him from the start from the rest of his younger years .. Who knows maybe it unlocked another part Of his brain an will now be a genius like his father !!️ so grateful right now"


Great news.

nosey rosey

Doesn't the family have insurance? Can't understand why people think others should pay for their misfortunes.

Stop It

Someone other than his family set up the contribution thing. They never asked for anything. It was/IS a community coming together to help support the family. And ALSO the family who LOST their son in the ACCIDENT. All proceeds will be split 50-50 to both families. It's called altruism. It may serve you well to look the word up.

You don't like it? No-one asked you for anything. No-one forced you to help. So don't, and STFU.


Seriously? The people you are referring to in this case are my niece and nephew and they haven't asked for a single thing except prayers. So back off lady. Dakota's "misfortune" was not his own doing, and his friend driving was killed. No one knows exactly what happened... A little compassion could go along way. Happy New Year to you.


Well were going to pray for someone to help you and your family out when you have a "misfortune". Seriously get a grip lady... Sincerely, The Schaffer Army


@nosey rosey .... As a matter of fact they do have insurance , not that it's any if your business at all .. Nobody asked anyone to pay for their "misfortune" either , which I a very selfish and ignorant thing to say !! Sometimes in tragedies like this people who are supportive do kind things to show the love in ones heart ! Nobody asked for the tragedies in 911 but the whole world come together to help out cause it seems like the most human loving caring thing to do ... Hurricanes that sweep away whole cities , have people far and wide come to their aid ... It's nothing that nobody ever can prepare for ! So why even say anything negative in such a situation where someone almost loses a child ... Maybe nobody has helped you cause the kinda person you are or how you have lived your life ... Maybe .. But we shall not judge your imperfect slander ... Maybe the next time you decide to say something you should see how the other shoe fits first's always easier to be bolder in these comment boxes when your hiding behind a screen name .. Which is exactly why this family didn't want to release info to SR , it wasn't a direct attack on sr but an attack on the comment box TROLLS like yourself who have nothing better to do than make good families feel like crap cause you feel the need to throw trash from your lips ! One day you may need help and god forbid you bump into karma when the situation arises


This family hasn't asked for anything from anybody except for prayers for their son. However as a community we are getting together to help a family in their time of need. if your don't want to contribute don't but keep your stupid comments to yourself.


Nosey Rosey.... Insurance does not cover everything. There's travel expenses, hotel expenses, lost wages just to mention a few things. I will gladly help them out personally when I catch up with them.