Hospice seeks veteran volunteers

Veterans services director at Stein says those who served may have unique needs at the end of life.
Tom Jackson
Dec 29, 2013
Retired paratrooper Gary Wilson, who served in Vietnam in the 1960s as a member of the 82nd Airborne, decided to jump into volunteering for Stein Hospice when he saw what the agency did for others.

“Five years ago, I lost a lot of friends and family” said Wilson, 66, of New Haven. “Hospice was there to care for them. I thought maybe I could give back”

Stein Hospice is looking for additional veterans who are willing to volunteer to help fellow veterans through the last chapter of life.

Want to Help?
Stein Hospice has scheduled a course in January for veterans willing to volunteer for the hospice.

WHEN: The classes are held twice a week, for three weeks, and last for three hours, from 9 a.m. to noon. They’ll be held Jan. 7, 9, 21, 23, 28 and 30.

INFO: Call 419-625-5269.

“Due to their experience in the military, some veterans can have some unique needs at the end of life they feel comfortable only sharing with another veteran,” said Julie McCormick, director of veterans services for Stein Hospice. “Doing that at the end of life helps to give them peace”

McCormick said helping at the Ohio Veterans Home isn’t the only way to aid veterans. A veteran volunteer in Tiffin would be matched up with veterans in the area and would not have to drive to Sandusky, she said. Stein Hospice has a daily census of about 400, and about a third are veterans, she said.

Wilson said one of the Stein patients he works with is a World War II veteran. He said he feeds some veterans who suffer from dementia and reads to others after finding out what they are interested in.



Darwin's choice

Mr. Wilson, THANK YOU for your services. Again!