Light bulb’s fate looks dim

Incandescent bulbs to be obsolete.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 28, 2013
It’s time to turn off the lights on Milan native Thomas Edison’s greatest achievement.
Come Wednesday, coinciding with a new year, no type of incandescent light bulb can be made nor imported into the United States.

A 2007 federal law on energy efficiency calls for a permanent power outage of all incandescent bulbs.

The first of Edison’s renditions to burn out were 100-watt bulbs in January 2012. The 75-watt bulb then faded in 2013. And now the 40- and 60-watt bulbs will forever dim in 2014.

Retailers can still sell off their orb-shaped bulb stock until they’re gone.

After that, however, people must buy more energy-efficient lighting sources, such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), light-emitting diodes (LED) or halogen lamps.

Incandescent bulbs zap significantly more electricity than the newer technology sources, creating more poisonous greenhouse gases, said Nicholas Hennessy, Bowling Green State University’s environmental consultant and sustainability coordinator.    Also, incandescent bulbs produce three times as much heat compared to the light they produce.

“The more electricity you’re using, the bigger carbon footprint you are producing,” Hennessy said.

The lasting blackout of light produced by incandescent bulbs, seemingly unchanged in appearance since their inception, ends an impressive 130-year-plus run started by Edison.

Edison developed the first practical incandescent light in 1879 and later introduced a safe electric lighting system for home use.

Before 1879, people only illuminated areas with oil, fire or natural sunlight.

Despite the incandescent bulb’s modern-day shortcomings, its still the most popular home lighting source in America.

“It’s a shame it’s going, but that is how life proceeds forward,” said Robert Wheeler, president of Milan’s Edison Birthplace Association and the inventor’s relative. “Edison changed the world like no one in history”


Pterocarya frax...

No, the problem with ohioengineer's argument is that the government didn't ban any type of light bulb, just inefficient ones. If you can make an incandescent bulb that meets efficiency standards, you can get rich.

Also, we don't truly have free markets because of "news" sources like the ones I mentioned earlier contaminating peoples brains with false information to sway them to a certain political perspective.

Yes the heat put off by incandescents does add a few btu's and therefore make your furnace work a little less in the winter...just like it makes your AC unit work harder in the summer. I would say that argument pretty much fails.

Your points about insulation are very valid, but my point is that we should use every method we can to reduce the burning of fossil fuels.


"news sources like the ones I mentioned"

Why may I ask in your arguments do you keep referring to news sources, the bottom line is not what any media source says. If you are serious about your lighting choices please visit this page. I order these by the case, they are preforming well and emulate a 3000K color temperature similar to a incandescent lamp.

Pterocarya frax...

Fox News (and others) relentlessly ran false stories about having to call out a hazmat team to clean up broken CFL's, thereby convincing millions of lazy, low information people that CFL's are bad.

Fox is the propaganda arm of the Republican party, devoted to convincing people to vote know...the party that will abolish the EPA and stop taking away our freedoms to destroy our planet.

So yes, "news" sources very much influence buying habits of people. Very few people pay as much attention as you do. Mention T5 v T9, or T12 to the average person, and you will get a blank stare.


So that must make MSNBC the propaganda arm of the Democratic party?


"Mention T5 v T9, or T12 to the average person, and you will get a blank stare"

It is not my fault the far left pushed for such tort law and has made something once called a shop class in schools obsolete due to lawsuit abuse.
The far left wants people to be stupid and run by the government agenda machine and they are getting their way it appears. Don't get me started on the EPA, they are like big unions, they had a job assigned to them, they have done a great job and at this point they are now over stepping their need. If you want them to do something, get them involved internationally, a friend just came back from China and he said he could barley breath from all the smog. Guess what the prevailing winds are from west to east and I have read that their are complaints about acid rain in the Pacific northwest, air pollution has gone global.


"does add a few btu's"

Forgot, they are 100% efficient to adding heat, so a 100 Watt bulb places those BTU's in the environment. I have relit my factory with T5 lamps and ballasts as well, much brighter and a great deal less energy. Did you know the T5 was an accident? The typical T9 was designed with more surface area to provide more light per square inch of lamp. It was almost accidental that someone thought of reducing the surface area, thus less coating and wow, it produces more light. Sort of like the chemist that spilled a fluid he was working on for some other project on his tennis shoe and it did not get dirty (Scotch Guard)


Re: "Also, we don't truly have free markets because of 'news' sources like the ones I mentioned earlier contaminating peoples brains with false information to sway them to a certain political perspective."

The FACT that there is an allowance for differing opinions helps to demonstrate an appearance of a free mkt.

You are comforted by authoritarian diktats.


The only eco-friendly thing about CFL and LED is the fact they save energy. The incandescent bulb is still the cleanest, non-toxic form of lighting on the planet-UCI. UCI conducted a study on CFL and LED bulbs; LED bulbs tested contain arsenic, lead, and other toxins.

China has about 30% of rare earth metals, and accounts for 90% of production. China also said they would (if not already) re-open idled mercury mines. That will equal more dead rivers and pollution. The price of rare earth metals will continue to increase.

Seems the Greeners (lazy low information people that quote MSNBC) love to exclude information such as the details of the mining process, manufacturing conditions, and clean up of these “green” products. On the bright side, you can use the money saved from your electric bill and send it to Rev Al Gore.


Heard that tungsten is like copper in America...a limited resource. Since pennies now have zinc in them I have collected pre-zinc pennies, similar to my father's collection of 64 & under dimes,quarters, & half dollars. Back to the filament in light bulbs...are not they made of tungsten?