Numbers tell a tale behind rollout of health care law

The government churns out tons of numbers, but here’s one you won’t see: 0.0002.
Associated Press
Dec 28, 2013

That’s the percentage of estimated online visitors to healthcare. gov who actually signed up for coverage the first day.

Altogether, that’s six people out of just over 3 million.

Not all the figures associated with the rollout of President Barack Obama’s health care law are so ridiculously dreary. Three million tells a happier tale, too. That’s how many young adults have been able to get coverage under their parents’ plan thanks to the law’s rule that people up to age 26 can do so.


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the president should have to live as he expects others to do. I keep hearing that my income says I can afford healthcare, yet takes no account of what it costs to pay for housing, food, dental and doctor bills and so on. the government is so full of garbage that they could float a barge full of excrement from their idiocy. their ego's and greed says it all. Follow the money and see where it leads. Fancy mansions for them so let's all move to their back yards!


So it's a success!


Now the real question is just how many have actually made a payment? Twenty million can sign up but if they don't pay it means squat. Policies are not active until a payment is made.


Re: "(3 million) young adults have been able to get coverage under their parents’ plan,"

So where's their incentive to sign up for individual health care and help offset the costs associated with the additional seniors and those with pre-ex on the exchanges?

It's an election yr.

Do you SERIOUSLY expect the IRS to 'steal' the income tax refunds of those taxpayers who do not have health ins.?

Time for another Obam☭are mandate rollback!

The progressive-socialists, the genius central planners, didn't think this boondoggle through very well did they?

Dr. Information

Obamacare banked on young healthy people to sign up and pay out of their own pocket. Guess what? It didn't happen. The young healthy prospects are just sitting on mom and dads insurance. More failure from Obama. No surprise here.

I thought we were going to see 30 million sign up? How about the other 5-6 million the lost their policy?

You can keep your policy. Period. LIE
You can keep your doctor. Period. LIE
You can keep your medications. Period. LIE
Rates are going to go down. LIE

ONE BIG LIE from this arrogant clown..


What never ceases to amaze me are the number of people who now KNOW Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al lied and who are somehow SURPRISED by it! Unfortunately, what DOESN'T surprise me are the number of people who still have their heads so deep up Obama's a$$ that they can't see daylight from there...

Darwin's choice

Coasterfan, big dog, deertracker, penis pundit......sound familiar?


All Americans can take comfort in the verbal assurance of Dear Leader!

"The basic structure of the law is working despite the problems. Despite the web site problems, despite the messaging problems, despite all that it's working,"

- Pres. Obama, Dec. 20

So, other than the fact that the patient died, the operation was a success.

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Repub health care plan? Die, and die quickly.


The American Healthcare Reform Act

Google that if the filter rejects the link.

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Teathug health care plan? It sucks to be you.

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Speaking of your head under Obama's desk.....


It is the bill Republicans have written. I never said I was for it. It is not what I would do if I was king. But I don't ever expect to be king, and I wouldn't be interested in being so. It is another option. There are better ideas out there and am willing to listen to something good, unlike oabamcare or the old way of not crossing state lines for coverage. I thought the old way sucked, but it sucked less than obamacare. They didn't have a very high bar to clear doing insurance better than it was, but even with a low bar they have so far failed miserably. Every few days obama lowers it more by extending this or that, or exempting someone else from coverage. Dims were the ones who stopped talking to the repubes and passed obamacare by themselves with no time to read it, no amendments allowed or even time to debate it. They got no votes from repubes, now they are trying to blame repubes for some think tank coming up with the iideaor outline 20+ years ago. Did they have no ideas of their own? Obamacare's 2500+ pages is way more than an idea or outline. Did the dims have no ideas of their own after the talks broke down and they went on their own? Is this the best they could come up with? They had the votes to do anything they wanted, a supermajority in the Senate and a strong majority in the House and Obama who would sign anything they brought before him.
It must really suck to have to back such a piece of crap just to back a party who is screwing you sideways.

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Sorry Grumpy, that would be getting screwed "doggy style"! And he likes that!

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The Hero Zone

It's amusing when I read reports or articles that suggest we exist at the behest of our government instead of the other way around. When we don't do what they want/expect (criminal activity aside) it is our fault and are to be punished for it. If only they had a way to force us better to do what they tell us. If only we would all think uniformly. If only we would not realize that a million HITS on a website is an all-but-useless statistic and hardly a bragging right nor indicative of anything.

If only we could be...reeducated. Compelled by a benevolent police force. To streamline government and to get rid of legislative roadblocks we just party. One media. Those that don't join the party are unpatriotic and hate their fellow man. Why wouldn't you join?

I nearly laughed out load reading the Huffington Post (which I honestly do near-daily as I like trying to understand how people reason issues differently) article about the one-day extension we were gifted by our government to comply with their demands. Change a few words for a synonym and it came across as a state-run news article from a People's Republic somewhere. It all but fawned over the benefice of our dear leader(s) to grant we masses an extra day to enroll in mandatory programming.

If it wasn't for dissenters, things would otherwise be perfect and we would be happy, shiny people once more. Despite how young and trendy HuffPo attempts to be, how tech-savvy it appears, never once did they touch or comment on what the site statistics meant literally nor how they compared to other sites (that I presume didn't cost nearly a billion - $1,000,000,000.00 - through a no-bid process), private or governmental. I wonder how many hits the HuffPo front page gets, or that article over the weekend specifically? Hmm.


"President Obama's Hawaii Vacation (In One Cartoon)":


Here's hoping Saint Obumbles FINALLY gets what he's deserved for some time now...