Nominations sought for annual Register Awards

The Register seeks nominations for its annual Register Awards, recognizing area residents who have made selfless, voluntary contributions to their communities.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 26, 2013

Since 1962, the newspaper has presented more than 150 awards to a variety of people. The winners receive a plaque and will have a $200 donation in their names given to the charity of their choice.

To nominate someone, send a letter or email explaining what the person or persons (groups and clubs are not eligible) have done to make a difference in the community. Include your name and contact information.

Send your submission to editboard@  , or mail it to Sandusky Register, Attn: Matt Westerhold, 314 W. Market St., Sandusky OH 44870.

Nominations are due no later than Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014.


yea right

I vote for sandtown paper..for bring us false news..1000 pics in a minuet posting..and thinking they are are that..

Stop It

Send your submission to editboard@  , or mail it to Sandusky Register, Attn: Matt Westerhold, 314 W. Market St., Sandusky OH 44870.

Posting your opinion in here will do you what, yea right? Protocols. Look the word up.

yea right

now you are better than me..have you walked a day in MY shoes..I think not..this is the kind of idiotic writing from a very sad newspaper that does NOT belong.. and as far as "posting my opinion" i think i have earned that right..
let me guess you 25 with a mind of a 11 yr old..

i will tell you this ONCE..don't you EVER talk down to me..cuz that will get you nowhere..and i can and will cut you down to size..


Classic Midget complex.

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yep i am 5' 11"

Stop It

Lil' dogs bark the loudest and make threats without hesitation. LOL

yea right

btw your awards are worthless


so why do you read?

yea right

cuz it is local..want to see who died who lived.. good thing digital cameras have unlimited film usage..back in the day pic takers had to pay their own..that means they would not waste 10 rolls in 2.7 seconds..just a junk print..which deserves no recognation..time to move on


"Time to move on"..... we wish you would


the register is poo and we all know it. but they are the only paper to bring us the local news in our area. Lorain is next paper. It is better but cost more. I dont like the paper but we need this paper. It s subpar but I have to have it. I need this darn thing. The journalists are good but the man in charge is strange. This paper could be better but I love this thing. I vote for them. Job well done register

Matt Westerhold's picture
Matt Westerhold

Interesting endorsement. 

Kottage Kat

Grateful for Matt's tenacity. Biased in favor of JUSTICE 4 JAKE. See Matt I really am a nice person.

Stop It

I may not like all the articles that The SR has to offer, nor would I endorse them all. The thing is It is the best local paper from Fremont to Huron west to east and All the islands to Willard North to south and everything in between...there are others like The Plain Dealer and the Toledo that go to more scope. Even San Fran and NY if you want to go further. I've been checkin' the RT for better news worldwide that isn't fashioned the way USA media likes to play politics.

If you don't like it, don't read it and STFU with the bitching part.