Obama: 2014 can be 'breakthrough year for America'

The president gives annual end-of-the-year news conference Friday at the White House in Washington.
Associated Press
Dec 20, 2013


Citing strong progress on the economy, President Barack Obama said at his annual year-end news conference Friday that 2014 "can be a breakthrough year for America" after a long season of recession and slow recovery.

Yet he suggested that given widespread criticism, he may alter the power of the National Security Agency to collect information on Americans.

And when it came to the universally panned roll out of his health care law, Obama conceded that "we screwed it up," and said, "I'm going to be making appropriate adjustments once we get through this year." It was unclear if he meant to signal high-level personnel changes.

The president praised Congress for a recent, relatively modest budget compromise. "It's probably too early to declare an outbreak of bipartisanship. But it's also fair to say we're not condemned to endless gridlock," he said.

He also renewed his long-standing refusal to negotiate concessions with Republicans in exchange for legislation that will be needed in late winter or early spring to raise the nation's debt limit. "It is not something that is a negotiating tool. It's not leverage. It's a responsibility of Congress," he said, although he added that he was willing to discuss other issues separately.

Obama spoke from the White House briefing room podium as he concluded his fifth year as president, his hair far grayer than the day he was first sworn in. He and his family were departing later in the day for their holiday vacation in Hawaii.

The president opened his remarks with an upbeat assessment of the state of the economy and seemed determined not to stray from it.

Asked if this year had been the worst of his presidency so far, he laughed and said, "That's not how I think about it."

Obama's polls are at or near the low point of his tenure in the White House. The rollout of his health care website bombed, and high-visibility parts of his agenda have yet to make it through Congress, including a call for gun safety legislation in the wake of the shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school a year ago and a sweeping overhaul of immigration laws.

"If you're measuring this by polls, my polls have gone up and down a lot over the course of my career," he said, and then repeated that the economy was finally showing significant progress.

The president fielded questions a few hours after the government announced the economy grew at a solid 4.1 percent annual rate from July through September, the fastest pace since late 2011 and significantly higher than previously believed.

Much of the upward revision came from stronger consumer spending at a time when unemployment is at a five-year low of 7 percent. Obama did not mention it, but the stock market is also at or near record levels.

In his review of the year, Obama also noted that U.S. combat troops will finally be withdrawn from Afghanistan during the coming year.

As he has before, he promised to speak in more comprehensive terms in the near future about the future of NSA surveillance programs.

"I have confidence that the NSA is not engaged in domestic surveillance or snooping around," he said. Yet he added, "we may have to refine this further to give people more confidence."

A presidential advisory panel this week recommended sweeping changes to government surveillance, including limiting the bulk collection of Americans' phone records by stripping the NSA of its ability to store the data in its own facilities.

Separately, a federal judge ruled earlier in the week that some of the NSA's activities were likely unconstitutional. Judge Richard Leon called the NSA's operation "Orwellian" in scope and said there was little evidence that its vast trove of data from American users had prevented a terrorist attack.

Obama was challenged on his 6-month-old statement that he and his administration had gotten the balance about right, in terms of the NSA's activities, between concern for terrorism and protection of civil liberties.

He replied that the same assessments are made on a daily basis and noted pointedly that if an attack were to occur, "the question that's coming from you is, 'Mr. President, why did you slip?'"

On a key foreign policy concern, Obama said it would be wrong to impose new sanctions on Iran at a time the United States and other nations are testing an interim accord designed to rein in Tehran's nuclear program. If necessary, "we can pass new sanctions in a day," he said, referring to lawmakers.

As for health care, Obama said that despite the problems, including the rollout of the website, "more than 2 million people have signed up or more" since enrollment began.

"What that means is ... the demand is there and the product is good," he said.

He turned aside a suggestion that the administration has made so many exemptions that it should have simply delayed the requirement for individuals to purchase coverage or face a penalty. Several lawmakers have called on him to do that, even some Democrats who voted for the legislation.

Obama faced the type of challenging questions that presidents have long encountered, and he drew laughter with his answer to one of them.

"My New Year's resolution is to be nicer to the White House press corps," he said.



The breaking point will be when this Country is broke and our currency will no longer be the standard. My job is to follow company policy, his is to follow the Constitution. He doesn't deserve to be in there. I'll be glad when he's out (and I am sure many others will be too). I can guarantee his voters are feeling the impact of their mistake.

The Big Dog's back

Sure am. Doing better than I have in a long time.

Darwin's choice

LMAO!!! Going down swinging, eh Dog?


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Darwin's choice

Dog,is it true that Obie has sent a hundred Thank You cards to Phil Robertson? You know, for taking the spotlight off that trench called Obamacare?


Your parents get new carpet going into the basement?

Simple Enough II

+1 nice kidney punch, but keep it above the belt, keep it clean, KNOW LET'S GET IT ON!


"Sure am. Doing better than I have in a long time."

Isn't the increase in SNAP Card loading set to expire soon though? Then you'll be back to where you were before.


Me too, Big Dog! And so is America. America's GDP was up 4.1% in the 3rd quarter of 2013, much higher than economists predicted. Isn't it funny watching conservatives squirm when good news about the economy and jobs arrives on a daily basis? It's definitely getting harder for them to deny the obvious, isn't it?


Agree, did very well this year, and have done well the last six plus years.

thinkagain's picture

So you’ve done well at the Crowbar, but do you need to brag about it on a public forum?


Re: "watching conservatives squirm when good news about the economy and jobs arrives on a daily basis?"

Why? Many libers also know to largely credit the Fed.

Darwin's choice

That's the best photo that could be used for Obama, it's him showing how long his list of accomplishments is. See? It's right there, between his index finger, and his thumb......

"If you don't like my methods to implement my agenda, give me your suggestions on how to implement my agenda."

How about coasterfan, about sums it up, right?

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Obama and his Lame Duck Dynasty.

Capt. Ford

Breakthrough or Breakdown?


breakthrough to communism and sharia law..


Come on 2016!!!!


Poor obie, he looked exhausted, he is trying to rally the base, but what he doesn't realize is that there are only a few thousand here and there that still support him, mostly the ignorant, the racists, and the deadbeats.


LOL, the only racists are on the Right...


coasterfan Re; LOL, the only racists are on the Right

I did vote for Ken Blackwell for governor of Ohio in 2006 and I feel that if you or anyone else voted for Ted Strickland then you must be a racist

Pterocarya frax...

Anyone that voted for Blackwell is a tool for the Republican party. He was a horrible candidate.


Re: "Anyone that voted for Blackwell is a tool for the Republican party. He was a horrible candidate."

Conversely, anyone who voted for Mr. Obama is a tool of the American Political Ruling Class.

He is a HORRIBLE 'excuse' for a president - no leadership or management skills.

The Big Dog's back

Management skills? Like Herbert Hoover? G W Bush?

Darwin's choice

"During the 3-1/2 + years of World War 2 ,that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended with the Surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, the U.S. produced 22 aircraft carriers, 8 battleships, 48 cruisers, 349 destroyers, 420 destroyer escorts, 203 submarines, 34 million tons of merchant ships, 100,000 fighter aircraft, 98,000 bombers, 24,000 transport aircraft, 58,000 training aircraft, 93,000 tanks, 257,000 artillery pieces, 105,000 mortars, 3,000,000 machine guns, and 2,500,000 military trucks.

We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services, invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy, won the battle for the Atlantic, planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe, developed the atomic bomb and ultimately conquered Japan and Germany."

It's worth noting, that during the almost exact amount of time, the entire Obama administration couldn't build a functioning web site.

Now, Obama thinks.........

Simple Enough II

+1 read that before!


All of the WWII equipment was built by commercial companies. The website was originally built by government employees, with the government finally realizing 2 months ago they needed the expertise from the private sector to correct all of their errors, most likely created by government employee s/w architects who simply did not understand how to correctly design the architecture of the application needing to be built. Good s/w architects do not come cheap, hence the government not being able to pay for them. Terribly unfortunate the Government didn't think of contracting out the work from Day 1.

The Big Dog's back

Gov was in charge of building all the equipment for WWll. Good thing we didn't wait for the private sector to step up to the plate. Just like Healthcare has been kicked around for years. Obama finally grabbed the bull by the horns and started to tame that animal.

Simple Enough II

Hey BD, The military gave the basic criteria, it was the private sector, that met the challenge, designed the product or proved it wasn't feasible...Geez. Yu put way to much faith in the government bureaucracy with their beaten down minions to come up with something functioning?

Darwin's choice

"more than 2 million people have signed up or more" since enrollment began.

"What that means is ... the demand is there and the product is good," he said."

Or, any other non-lying person might say, is cancelled policies have caused millions to look for some type of coverage, because, you know, their policies were cancelled. But, NO ONE has coverage yet, because there still is no way for payments to be made, you know, to secure coverage. But, their working on it.

Maybe the Obama administration should contact the hackers that targeted Target, they seem to have a good read on websites.....!


0.0060606060606061% have attempted to sign up. WOW!


...and he's still lying. The latest government figures, released last week, suggest 500,000 have signed up. There's just a little difference between 500,000 and "more than 2 million" last time I checked. Of course, that inability to do even the most basic math might very well explain a host of other fiscal issues this administration has!

The math between the half a million and the more than seven million necessary by the end of the year for Obamacare to be funded is also pretty stark! Meanwhile, Darwin is right when no matter WHAT numbers you pretend are real, NOBODY'S paid yet! Of course, the smart ones are those who haven't even bothered to sign up...

The sooner this boondoggle crashes and burns, the sooner we can work to repair the damages done to various and sundry agencies as well as a host of individual Americans who were just fine until President I-Know-Better-Than-You intervened!

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

More people had their information stolen from Target through voluntary transaction than have signed up to be exposed to the insecure infrastructure that you are "mandated" to use. Also what does "sign up or more" mean? Well considering you are forced to provide information to even get a halfway-accurate quote that's not something you brag about. He may as well just bragged about how many hits the site got as a relevant statistic.

It must be nice to make up statistics and expect people to take them as relevant, accurate, or a sign of how well something does. I am sure North Korea constantly tells its subjects that their internet service is the best. Sure its the only one, is outdated, and heavily censored/regulated by a dictatorship that executes citizens on a regular basis but it's the best! Meanwhile in real life...(and there is an irony in me saying that since a lot of what I do is quite fanciful and fictional in nature!).

The Big Dog's back

Just like we were told by the Repubs that we have "the best healthcare system in the world".

Darwin's choice

Obama a gay marxist? Tell Phil....

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Political BS is not reserved for only one party, Big Dog.
SIGNED UP (or more)
CREATED (or saved)
$X (over ten years)
Middle class
Common sense

And the list goes on and on that I will happily be at your side and point fingers at Republicans if you will also do so at Democrats.

The Big Dog's back

I know sam you get a little challenge after you run out of fingers and toes to count.


Wrong. The website is up and running, and more than 500,000 people have signed up in the past 3 weeks, with tens of thousands of additional people signing up each day for Obamacare. So, yes, the demand IS there, much as conservatives would prefer we believe the opposite.

The policies that were cancelled didn't even meet the minimum requirements for the lowest level policy under the ACA. In other words, they were 'junk policies' that wouldn't begin to provide adequate coverage in the event that a policyholder tried to make a claim.

Obama incorrectly assumed that no one would be stupid enough to keep a crappy policy, if much better coverage became available at the same or lower price. He should have grandfathered those who insisted on keeping their crappy useless policies, because (as Republicans prove every day) there are a lot of people who choose economic paths that are bad for themselves and the country.

Dr. Information

You still don't comprehend signing up vs actually paying. Keep that plan in your online shopping cart without paying is only thing the left have to hang on. Numbers are abysmal. 5 million have lost their plans are the majority of them are now stuck with higher premiums, higher deductibles. Obamacare = failure. Truth and it hurts.


Re: "Obama incorrectly assumed that no one would be stupid enough to keep a crappy policy,"

So the Messiah is fallable?

Change the rhetoric for the easy consumption of the simple minded useful idiots.

NOPE. He said, keep your policy "PERIOD."

Darwin's choice

You are full of chit.

It's apparent you , just like that lying leader of yours, believe the crap you spew as truth.

And, there is NOT ONE PERSON COVERED !!!!! You MORON!


Only if you get ousted!


Some news agency posted on Twitter the open question: What could Obama do to improve his approval ratings.

The most commonly tweeted (and re-tweeted) answer? RESIGN!

Simple Enough II



He should be locked up for breaking / attempted breaking of the Constitution. If that were you or I, we'd have been locked up the first year of the first term.

2cents's picture

Ironically, I am about done commenting on this president and his Chicago land style of governing along with his appointed whatever, I choose not to call them staff as he just picks those that are extreme liberal and expect the middle class tax payer to fund his welfare laden, class dividing, deadly objectives. May God Help Us All!


17T in debt and it is not his fault, the current system of monetary policy dictates he must spend more than all of the Presidents before him. Folks, we are looking at a systemic collapse of our monetary policy and it not his fault, it is the fault of the banking system. I don't agree with his policies but coming financial melt down will not be his fault, it is the system that robbed us all dating back to 1971 and the breaking of the Bretton Woods agreement by Nixon.


Obviously you have surrendered to his lying BS. He's clicking off more green stamps than any other Pres. before him. The whole regime he has organized was designed to break America from the inside. He placed pressure on anyone voicing their opinion like a Chicago thug. A real President looks out for what his Country stands for. He doesn't shove his nose in the air ignoring the constitution. He has derailed this Country by misleading the sheep. He will go down as the worst.


More people are on foodstamps today because they lost their job during the Bush Recession of 2007-2008. They still cannot find jobs because of anti-job creation GOP policies (you are aware that they haven't supported any of Obama's jobs programs, right?).

The illogical venom from the Right is breathtaking.

Dr. Information

But wait, you are on here touting how well the economy is and how all these jobs are being created. Can't have it both ways cupcake.



Simple Enough II

Coasterfan, be fair, the Pres Bush warned Congress (controlled by what party) that the housing market was in trouble back in what year? Dodd & Frank with their the subprime market drove the economy over the cliff. Those 2 idiots refused to accept cold hard factual numbers, their egos got in the way, just like this idiot in Washington.

The Big Dog's back

Dodd & Frank? More GOP gibberish.

Darwin's choice

Full of Chit still!

Keep trying.


Ah yes, how I long for the good old days when a Republican held the presidency...

Let's see, beginning in the spring of 2001 we had George Bush and his administration completely ignore the C.I.A.'s analysis that the threats from Bin Laden were a real danger leading up to the August 2001 presidential daily brief that was headlined “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.”, which was also ignored. That led to the worst terrorist attack on U.S soil, killing approximately 3000 Americans. That can't be Bush's fault, though.

Of course, 9/11 led to the war in Afghanistan. We went there to destroy Al Qaeda and bring Bin Laden to justice. Okay, so that didn't go so well, but Bush had bigger fish to fry: an aggressive war waged against a non-threat and which even some of his own advisers admit was illegal (in fact, his chief anti-terrorism advisor, Richard Clarke, and first Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neill, testified in Congress that he was intent on invading Iraq within days of becoming president). More than 100,000 people died following the 2003 invasion of Iraq; of that number, 4,486 were members of the US military. I guess that's okay, though, because Bush and Cheney knew what was best for us.

All the while, our fearless leader was cutting taxes for the rich and spending, spending, spending. Economy too strong? Cut taxes. Economy too weak? Cut taxes. Stock market falling? Cut dividend taxes. Investment weak? Cut capital gains taxes. I remember so fondly how all of that wealth accumulated by the richest Americans trickled right into my wallet. Unfortunately, it trickled into my OTHER wallet, the one I lost sometime during 2001. Sure, the increase in jobs during President Bush's two terms were the second smallest increase for a complete presidency since the Depression, but we were coming off from the largest increase for a presidency since the Depression during Bill Clinton's years, so it all evens out, right?

And who could forget that fun little waterfront vacation stop in New Orleans that is known as Hurricane Katrina? Well, maybe New Orleans didn't consider it much of a vacation with all the deaths and all, but Georgie was on vacation when it started (in fact, he was our most vacationing president, taking 1,020 days during his 2,920 days in office), and he did fly over the devastation (he apparently didn't want to get his cowboy boots wet), so we'll call it a little fly-over vacation extension. No, Bush wouldn't let a little natural disaster that wiped out the 46th largest city in the union get his spirits down. "You're doing a great job, Bownie!" is what he had to say to his beleaguered FEMA director Michael Brown just ten days before Brown resigned in disgrace. George sure did have a way of finding a ray of light on a cloudy day.

Let's skip through the Libby/Plame affair (you know, where Cheney's Chief of Staff outed a covert CIA agent in retaliation for her husband writing an op-ed in the New York Times debunking Bush's 2003 State of the Union address), the patient neglect at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Abu Ghraib, water-boarding and other forms of torture, the K Street lobbyists, the US Attorney firings (for not trying to aggressively prosecute Democrats enough), the Cheney Energy Task Force, the loss of the U.S. reputation globally, Bush lying about firing Rumsfeld before the November 2006 election and finally, "Mission Accomplished".

Meanwhile, Bush keeps cutting taxes for the rich and spending, spending, spending. In fact, by now Bush has not only run through the $128 billion surplus that Clinton left him, but he's racking up record deficits. Still, he's a Republican so he's got to know what he's doing.

I guess that brings us to the crown jewel of George W. Bush's presidency: the tanking of the U.S. economy which led to the near collapse of the world economy...also known as the Great Recession. I'll never forget the pleasant memories I have of getting a phone call from my boss to let me know that I was no longer employed because after the banking collapse, my company's bank was basically pulling our line of credit and we had to cut over half of our staff. Then there's the year I got to spend looking for a job while my wife supported me until I finally was able to land a job just above minimum wage. I got to burn through all of my savings, worry nightly if I was going to be able to send my child to college, sell things that were near and dear to my family and eat a lot of peanut butter and jelly because it was tough to eat AND pay our bills, but I know that none of that was no fault of our president because he was a God-fearing Christian that hated homosexuals and loved country music.

I'm so glad that I've finally come around to see President Obama as the socialist, Constitution-hating, un-American, anti-Christian foreigner that he is. Sure, I found a good paying job back in my real profession since he's been in office, but I'm sure that's only because Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin were praying for me. And yes, our family's health insurance costs less through the Obamacare exchange than what we paid through my wife's employer, but I'm sure that's just a ploy to suck me into his web of liberalism. And my payments, as well as everyone else's health insurance payments through Obamacare, will go directly to private insurance companies, but I'm sure that it's got to be socialism because that's what Fox News tells me. And how dare Obama want equal pay for equal work, let alone fair wages? Doesn't he know that corporations have got to keep making record profits year after year on the backs of the middle class so that a little bit can trickle down to us mere workers? I mean, how else will they buy the elections?

Ah yes, the good old days...


Re: "when a Republican held the presidency..."

Obfuscation and deflection.


Not at all. Everything he said is true, and it's important for people to know what happened to America the last time a Republican was in the Oval Office. We are still recovering from the disaster of 2000-2008...


Re: "the disaster of...2008..."

The Fed, with the BEST economic forecasting tools in the world didn't see this black swan event coming.

You continue to confirm that Democrat political rhetoric is obviously easy for the simpleminded to swallow.

The topic is the PRESENT incompetent in the WH.

The Big Dog's back

Baloney pooh.

Darwin's choice

And again.....


Re: "I'm so glad that I've finally come around to see President Obama as the socialist, Constitution-hating, un-American, anti-Christian foreigner that he is."

There have been approx. fourteen Presidential directed procedural changes to a Congressionally legislated program popularly known as Obama☭are.

Is this a nation of laws or executive diktats?

"Hundreds of thousands of people whose health plans are being canceled because their coverage doesn’t meet Obamacare rules will be exempt next year from the U.S. mandate that all Americans carry medical insurance."

- Bloomberg, Dec. 20.

The Incompetent-in-Chief is just makin' this sh*t up as he goes along.

Whataway to run a country!


Wow! That's quite the rant from a derriere sniffing Obama sycophant. Let me begin with the Bin Laden charge. Rewind to 1996, when Maj Gen Erwa of Sudan met with CIA operatives and offered to hand Bin Laden over to the US and Clinton declined opting instead to suggest that Sudan just expel him since the even the Saudis wouldn't take him. I guess he was too busy spreading his seed in a certain interns oral cavity.

As far as your comment about corporations making record profits, well take a look at the statistics, they must love Obama because the rich have gotten richer under Obama than under the previous 3 Presidents combined. Yup, looks like Obama is a man of action. He is nothing but a blowhard. No matter, he'll keep talking and the dwindling numbers of his supporters will keep lapping it up.


I think conservatives here should stop, take a deep breath, get their heads out of Fox and the vitriolic right-wing radio. The main goal of those entities is to garner high ratings, in order to bring in more revenue, not to present anything resembling the truth. Presenting a fair and balanced view is not a priority, because that would hurt ratings. Fox has more viewers when a Democrat is in office, plain and simply.

I suggest reading "The Center Holds" by Jonathan Alter. It's a mostly unbiased view of the Obama campaign during 2011-2012, and points out several mistakes Obama made, but also pulls back the cover on a litany of unscrupulous things done by the GOP. The main thrust of the book is that America is basically a Centrist nation. I like it because, unlike Fox, it points out the faults of both parties.

Darwin's choice

Time for you to get your head out from under obamas desk.


It's amazing how most people that try to defend Obama always go directly to the old Bush stories. You do realize that Obama was elected twice so that he could correct all the "wrongs" that Bush committed don't you? You all seem to forget the promises he made while running for that office. You have to have some sort of people skills to work with whatever congress and Senate you have. He has none.


Re: "You all seem to forget the promises he made while running for that office."

Even before: After he was elected a U.S. Senator, he PROMISED the people of IL that he would serve out his term.

Tim Russert:

"Before you go, you know there's been enormous speculation about your political future. Will you serve your full six-year term as U.S. senator from Illinois?"

SEN.-ELECT OBAMA: "Absolutely."

("Meet The Press," Nov. 7, 2004)


You do know that Obama was elected twice because a majority of Americans reject Republican policies, right? You do know that Obama was re-elected on a pro-Obamacare platform, right? He's not a perfect president, but is certainly a far, far, far better option than anything the GOP offers. Anyone want to return to 2008? Cricket...cricket....

2cents's picture

"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."

- Adolf Hitler

Darwin's choice

"he's not a perfect president.."

Actually, he is perfect, a perfect FAILURE !!!


I'm not going to argue with your condemnation of the Bush administration because you make some valid points. The fact you've neglected to mention Clinton's role in the Bin Laden mess or Bush I's role in Iraq or...well, none of that mitigates Bush II's mistakes (whether they were true errors or intentional on his part).

By the same token, though, how does wrongdoing by Bush, Carter, Reagan, Roosevelt, Nixon, Johnson, etc. and so on somehow excuse the fact that Obama is repeating some of their most egregious acts and has managed to come up with a few that are even WORSE on his own? That's like excusing the woman who beats the crap out of her kid because the woman down the street used a 2 x 4 when she beat HERS. But how, pray tell, are you going to excuse Obama as he continues to work towards KILLING the kid he's mercilessly beating, eh?

Darwin's choice

Toredown.....you want some cheese with that whine?

Dr. Information

I think he'd prefer Tux Medicated Pads.


Pres. Obama, Dec. 20, 2013:

"Well, there's no doubt that when it came to the health care rollout, even though I was meeting every other week or every three weeks with folks and emphasizing how important it was that consumers had a good experience,"

Pres. Obama, Nov. 14, 2013:

"I was not informed directly that the website would not be working the way it was supposed to. Had I been informed, I wouldn't be going out saying, 'Boy, this is going to be great,'"

"I'm accused of a lot of things, but I don't think I'm stupid enough to go around saying this is going to be like shopping on Amazon or Travelocity a week before the website opened if I thought it wasn't going to work."

So, he met with the advisors responsible, but he still didn’t know?

A lie or just plain incompetence?

You decide.


Pres. Obama:

"If you're measuring this by polls, my polls have gone up and down a lot over the course of my career,"

"The president’s overall approval rating stands at 43 percent, while disapproval is at 55 percent."

"Obama ends his fifth year in office with lower approval ratings than almost all other recent two-term presidents. At this point in 2005, for example, former president George W. Bush was at 47 percent positive, 52 percent negative"

- Washington Post, Dec. 16.

So according to Pres. Obama's own ego, he's doin' a great job.


His entire 8 years will be known as the "Obamatrain". Those who voted for and got the free ticket will feel that sudden halt and derailment of your free ride once he's out. All aboard? Only the blind!


Enjoy your delusions, thinktwice... No Republican would ever get voted into office on a platform of taking away health insurance from millions of Americans. Why are Republicans ALWAYS on the wrong side of every social reform in America?


Yep, it's far easier to elect someone that runs on lies and it's easy to deceive libs. Make them a few promises that intelligent folks know he can't keep and the libs fall in line. His ratings prove what a leader he is.


Re: "No Republican would ever get voted into office on a platform of taking away health insurance from millions of Americans."

Seems like the Incompetent-in-Chief is helping to get millions of policies cancelled on his own without Repub help.

It's ABSOLUTE insanity that you even attempt to defend 14 changes to Obam☭are without Congressional approval.


Oh I'm not delusional the least bit. YOU "coasterfan" obviously like the upside down-winding paths of uncertainty that this administration has brought along. You know you can't wait for legalized marijuana and probably a special little Obamapill most likely in the works to be administered to his followers for when reality hits. Stay drunk in confusion and Merry Christmas coasterfan.

Darwin's choice

Your incredible stupidity, and blind allegience is alarming.

When the alien's come,I'll make sure your first to be fed to them.


I'm trying to join in the Obama bashing with all of my new friends, but I'm having a hard time coming up with viable points to show that he's a no good, country-hating Commie. I want to talk about all of the damage he's done, but it seems like the GOP's inaugural night vow to deny Obama any successes has meant that he hasn't been able to enact most of the things that he promised to do when he was elected.

Well, there's the stimulus package that was responsible for saving and creating 2.5 million jobs, kept the unemployment rate from rising to 12 percent and helped grow the economy by as much as 3.8 percent after the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression, but we won't mention that. A lot of money went to keep a roof over the heads of 1.2 million people, but they were probably just give-me-something-for-nothing liberals that lost their jobs because they were lazy and it had nothing to do the Bush economic collapse, right? It also kept 7 million Americans from falling below the poverty line, but what is a country without a robust poor population? Damn Obama. The stimulus also revitalized clean energy in this country, accounting for 13.2 percent of the domestically produced electricity in 2012 and surpassing energy production from nuclear power, but I should probably just focus ALL of my scorn on the one failed project: Solyndra. Sure, most of the green investments have been very successful, but wait...wait...SOLYNDRA.

And then there's the lame-brain idea that every American in supposedly the richest country in the world should have access to affordable health care. Where is this guy from, Mars? Oh, that's right, I'm supposed to say that he's really from Kenya. I want to bash him for the unsuccessful rollout and the fact that some people weren't allowed to keep their junk policies, but when doing my research I keep coming across the fact that the House voted 46 times to repeal or defund Obamacare. Do I bring up the fact that all the Republicans did was try to undermine the law or do I just keep calling Obama a liar? I'll stick with calling him a liar because who knows how successful the law could be if he had just had some help from lawmakers instead of obstructionism.

I'll complain about his presidential appointments here. Oh wait, out of the 168 appointment filibusters during the history of this country, 82 of them have been served up by the Republicans while Obama was in office. Maybe I should just leave that out.

Well, he should have fixed the economy by now, right? Where are the jobs bills? Oops, sorry - the Republicans have blocked every one of them. At least the Republicans have brought up their own jobs bills, haven't they? Oh no, they haven't...not one. Don't we have agencies that are supposed to help the struggling employees? Oh wait, the Republicans have tried to filibuster the National Labor Relations Board out of existence (it is part of the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933 and is responsible for investigating and ruling on disputes over fair labor practices). At least there is a newly formed agency to help protect citizens from the fraud that caused the financial crisis and led to so many Americans losing everything. Uh-oh, Republicans have refused to hold a vote on the appointment of former Ohio attorney general Richard Cordray, though he’s been widely praised by even Republicans, as CFPB director until huge changes are made to the agency that would take away its ability to function as designed.

This is much harder than I thought. It is only Saturday, maybe I'll hassle some minimum wage employees at the mall and come up with some other ideas to bash Obama tomorrow. I haven't even brought up the fact that this congress was been the least productive congress in the history of our country - that's got to be Obama's fault!

Dr. Information

Need a tissue now? Feel better?


lol, good one


That is probably the biggest takeaway from the Obama years. Republicans are unwilling to admit that any of the many things he has accomplished actually happened. :)


Re: "many things he has accomplished actually happened,"

And you erroneously continue to fail to credit the Fed, which has done the majority, if not all of the economic heavy lifting.

Darwin's choice

The list for his blatant lies far excedes his (failures)accomplishments.

The Big Dog's back

Heck Coaster, the right wingnuts still haven't come to terms that 2001-2009 happened. They think Obama was President when 9/11 happened. They think Obama was President when the Great Recession of 2007-08 happened.

Dr. Information

Every time a liberal responds all they can say is Bush and 2008. Moron's is 2014, talk present time, quit living in the past.


Re: 'At least the Republicans have brought up their own jobs bills, haven't they? Oh no, they haven't...not one."

Let's just conveniently forget the bipartisan "Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act."

Get out of the Democrat echo chamber once in a while and get some fresh air.


I stopped at the name "toredown" and realized this was obviously an Obamalover and didn't bother to read the inebriated rant that followed.


I stopped at the first line reading "toredown" and realized this was obviously an Obamalover and didn't bother to read the inebriated rant that followed.

Darwin's choice

Amazing how he and coasterfan don't bump heads under Obama's desk....

Dr. Information

New blow to Obamacare.
OKLAHOMA CITY – A federal judge granted an injunction Friday that prohibits the government from enforcing the federal health care law's requirement that insurance coverage include access to the morning-after pill and similar contraceptives on almost 200 religious organizations that have filed a class-action lawsuit to block the mandate.

The preliminary injunction issued by U.S. District Judge Timothy DeGiusti will prevent the government from enforcing the mandate as the religious groups' lawsuit makes its way through the legal system. The lawsuit was filed in October on behalf of 187 ministries that provide their employees with health benefits through GuideStone Financial Resources, the health benefits arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.

In the lawsuit, the ministries object to providing four out of 20 Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptives, including the morning-after pill and the week-after pill, which they allege may cause early abortions. The religious groups include Reaching Souls International, which trains pastors and cares for orphans in Africa, India and Cuba, and Truett-McConnell College, a Georgia Baptist college.

Just give up liberals. They only are opposed to 4/20 pill forms all being the morning or week after pills. Give it up Obama, you won't win this one.


Deluded racists, ignorant and union folks all hoping that their run will not end, but as much as this a** has done to fool you into keeping him in power he will stomp on you in the end. Do you think he want's the most ignorant among us to be in positions of import? Oh and by the way all of you new Medicaid recipients, you do know about Estate Recovery don't you?


Like all Presidents before him, Obama has had his ups and downs. I voted for him the first go-around, but not the 2nd time.

A good Leader he's not. And except for the ACA, a piece of legislation that started out w/good intent but ended up providing a less-than-desirable solution, the GOP has collectively utilized Obama's serious lack of leadership skills to do very well on executing to their single goal of blocking and thwarting anything and everything Obama has attempted to do.

Both sides of the major political party aisle should realize they're looking in a mirror when they point fingers. We get what we elect, so it really should be no surprise the outcome when we continue to elect candidates from both major parties that upon being elected fall in line with their respective major party plank.

Obama and Congress will continue to see no major increase in their approval ratings as long as they continue with their current rhetoric. And "We the People" will only continue suffering the consequences.


Re: "Obama's serious lack of leadership skills,"

"Politics ain't bean-bag." - Finley Peter Dunne

So he's a victim?

He is NOT a people person.

Rumors have the man sitting at a table at a reception, playing with his IPod or whatever in room full of people with whom he should be schmoozing.

Bill Clinton KNEW how to 'work a room.' He would find people who disagreed with him and engage them.

IMO, Pres. Obama enjoys the role of being POTUS, he just doesn't like the work that comes with the job.


I did not write Obama is a victim, and did not mean to convey I considered him as such. He's not a Leader, and his lack of leadership is what, IMHO, has hurt him tremendously. Not only has he allowed the GOP to run rough-shod over him, but he can't even seem to lead his own Party.

100% agree Bill Clinton knew how to 'work a room'. Still does. The man is supremely gifted in that regard. And I think you really nail it in your observation that President Obama enjoys all the trappings that come with being the POTUS but doesn't like the strategic and logistical work that comes with the role and must be done to achieve success.

Simple Enough II

When Dealing with Bill Clinton, Keep one hand on your wallet, the other one on your family jewels and leave your wife and daughters at home!


Re: "Not only has he allowed the GOP to run rough-shod over him,"

Again: Schmoozing.

As a chamber of commerce exec., I used to teach networking and working a room to business people.

Repub leaders say that he never even calls 'em.

Pres. Reagan and Speaker O'Neil were Irish and used that as their commonality to get legislation like the far reaching TRA-86 hashed out.

Darwin's choice

He's a gay marxist, he doesn't need any other skills.


He was voted in twice by the populace. The other one before him by the Electoral College. R.B. Hayes was the only other CIC from the E.College. The people spoke.


"The other one before him by the Electoral College."

If VP Gore woulda won his home state of TN, the results in FL wouldn't have been an issue and he woulda been POTUS-elect.

TN didn't even want him and Pres. Clinton hardly campaigned for him.

Without the Electoral College, only states with large populations would matter.

Only a political dummy would want the Electoral College eliminated.

Dr. Information

kurt falls into this category.


Without the EC it wouldn't even be states with large populations, it would simply be urban areas. States would be meaningless, as would anywhere but cities. Presidential elections would center on strictly on urban areas, and urban issues. The rest of the country simply would not matter.


It cost the gov't $10 billion to save GM. But a new study shows that if Obama hadn't saved GM, it would have cost the gov't $39.4 billion and 1.2 million American jobs. Once again, Republicans were wrong, although I'm sure they will continue for all eternity to say that saving GM was the wrong thing to do.

The Big Dog's back

I'm waiting for pooh to give his paid misinformed opinion.


Re: "It cost the gov't $10 billion to save GM."

And even if GM doesn't legally owe it, as a good faith gesture, the co. should pay it back to the American taxpayers.

And you've purchase how many post-bankruptcy GM and/or Fiat-Chrysler vehicles?

Darwin's choice

You two sucklings are still blowing for Obama? You have to be getting paid, no one can be that stupid!


You better run for the CIC in 2016 scrooge....you know all.


We all just have to ride this horrible experience out until 2016. It sucks, but we can do this. I voted for this incompetent man in 2008 and regret that decision every single day.

Dr. Information

Let me guess. When the deadline draws near, and the actual people who signed up and paid is drastically lower than expected, who will Obama blame? Bush, Republicans or both?


You left out the 1%, the new ones to blame.

Dr. Information

Good call. Throw them in the pot of people to blame as well.


Yep Bush and the Repubes are getting old, it will evolve to the teathugs, the banksters, and the 1% for the 2014 election. That will last them till 2016. Then it will be the racists, women haters, and whatever else they can invent to keep from admiting what they themselves have done.