Patriarch off 'Duck Dynasty' after gay comments

Phil Robertson suspended indefinitely.
Associated Press
Dec 19, 2013

"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson — suspended from the series indefinitely after making disparaging remarks about gays — is getting some support from key followers.

Sarah Palin posted a picture on her Facebook page of her with the reality show clan with the message, "Free Speech is an endangered species." And Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal also lamented the suspension on free speech terms.

"It's a messed-up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended," said the governor in a statement Thursday (the show is filmed in his state.

A&E announced Wednesday what it called a "hiatus" for Robertson, 67, after he disparaged gays in the January edition of GQ magazine. He also said that, growing up in Louisiana before the Civil Rights movement, he never saw mistreatment of blacks.

In a statement, A&E said it was extremely disappointed to see Robertson's anti-gay remarks, which it said were based on his personal beliefs and do not reflect those of A&E Networks or the show. A&E Networks, a joint venture of The Walt Disney Co. and Hearst Corp., called itself a supporter of the lesbian and gay community.

The channel's move was lauded by the gay and lesbian media advocacy group GLAAD, which had quickly condemned Robertson's comments.

"What's clear is that such hateful anti-gay comments are unacceptable to fans, viewers, and networks alike," said GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz. Robertson's removal "has sent a strong message that discrimination is neither a Christian nor an American value."

Robertson and his extended family became wealthy manufacturing duck calls and were turned into TV and pop culture stars by "Duck Dynasty," which has set cable ratings records for a non-fiction series. Several family members appeared in this year's Macy's Thanksgiving parade.

In his GQ interview, Robertson was asked his definition of sinful behavior.

"Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there," such as bestiality, he said.

GQ said he then paraphrases a biblical reference: "Don't be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won't inherit the kingdom of God. Don't deceive yourself. It's not right."

Robertson and his family had no comment on his hiatus, A&E said on their behalf. He may be in some previously taped scenes when the show returns Jan. 15 for its fifth season, a network spokesman said.

Robertson did respond to initial criticism of his GQ remarks.

"I myself am a product of the '60s" who indulged in sex and drugs until hitting bottom and accepting Jesus as his savior, he said in a statement. Although his mission is to teach people that men and women are meant to be together, Robertson said he "would never treat anyone with disrespect" because they are different.

In the interview, he also said that in his Louisiana youth he picked cotton with African-Americans and never saw "the mistreatment of any black person. Not once."

"We're going across the field.... They're singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, 'I tell you what: These doggone white people' — not a word!" Robertson told the magazine.

A&E said it had received no complaints about those remarks.






Duck Dynasty is the most watched cable network series EVER! It has generated millions of dollars in advertising and endorsements for A&E. Seems they are biting off their noses to spite their face.


or are they? maybe this is all a cleverly disguised publicity stunt to bring in more ratings. see how you all are manipulated by the media?


Wrong-- I'm thinking the Walking Dead is the most popular cable network series. But, come to think of it, I guess anyone watching DD must be brain dead.

Dr. Information

There's that tolerant left view eh meowmix. Eating your own litter again?




I'm a Walking Dead fan too but have never heard of them having 13 million viewers tune in on one night like Duck Dynasty did.


With all that being said........A&E did the moral thing. At least some form and degree of sanity remains on our networks! Thank you A&E. Thank you.

red white and blue

How many more rights can be taken away! I'm surprised that peta hasn't been up in one saus nothing about tosh.o I guess you have you have to offend everyone to make it fare

John Harville

how many more? Here's one no one talks about.

"No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law" Third Amendment

Folks, we've been 'in time of war' 63 years.
Folks, we're 'in time of war' right now.

Got that extra bed ready?


There's a case currently active for a third amendment violation.

Darwin's choice

The Family answers:

"We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. The family has spent much time in prayer since learning of A&E's decision. We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word. While some of Phil's unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse, his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Phil is a Godly man who follows what the Bible says are the greatest commandments: 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart' and 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' Phil would never incite or encourage hate.We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith, which is his constitutionally protected right. We have had a successful working relationship with A&E but, as a family, we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. We are in discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of 'Duck Dynasty.' Again, thank you for your continued support of our family"


I wasn't offended at all by Phil and I believe the Robertson family is in for a rude awakening when John Luke figures himself out. As society continues to accept LGBT more and more people will have a relative who identifies as LGBT and will be more mindful of expressing personal beliefs. When you're a public figure personal opinions can cost you. Anyway I enjoyed the show and would still watch it even though Phil disagrees with my lifestyle. I don't throw it at society like some LGBTs and accept that individuals who oppose LGBT are as free to express their Opposition As Some Flaunt Their support.
"The Tolerance Movement" is a process. It's progress can be measured in that This discussion isn't about the fact that the adopted Robertson is black.
I think it should be left up to the viewers to determine if they want to Watch the show or not.
Don't let the small portion of the LGBT community's cause you to pass judgment on the entirety. Me and my boyfriend would watch Duck Dynasty over Broke Back Mountain any night;)

@Thinkagain I don't believe the majority of the LGBT population lead the lifestyle they do in spite of God. As the "Tolerance Movement" continues you will see many Religious individuals are gay or bisexual
I have a Catholic friend who's parents recently divorced after he came out. Divorce is a sin right and no one on this planet is capable of deciding who's sin is worse. But in today's day and age 52% of marriages end in divorce. Divorce is more tolerated now I guess.
But in the end we can only live our lives. We're all Gods children and we're all sinners. My life will not be judged based on my sexuality. Being Gay doesn't overshadow the good I do in life.


Your right. No sin is worse than the other (besides blasphemy-the unforgiven sin). The only way to be forgiven is to repent.


please put your bible away. no one is going to hell, we're already here. blashphemy depends on a person's perspective and beliefs. if you want to believe that God is recording everything you say against him in a book and you will have to face up with St Peter, you can think that. frankly I believe that there's not much in the bible that came from God or Jesus and that alot of it is still up for interpretation. I also fail to see how any intelligent human being can blindly believe in a book that has questionable origins and authors and purports violence against women and shuns homosexuals. so please, don't feed me that crap.


I don't read the bible, and I can not consider myself a Christian. I grew up going to church, and I have felt the Holy Spirit. I am a sinner, and I'm not preaching Unassumer, just stating my belief, just as you are, except I'm doing it with respect.

Dr. Information

This is how the left do it. Name call and point fingers. Typical.


Exactly, Unassumer has just accused JMOP of blasphemy.

John Harville

NO sin is unforgiven/unforgivable. Unless you're the 'next' Jesus.


Please see my response below.


BadBoys>>>>>After reading every post here on this subject...yours and yours alone stands out far above the others. Yours was written from the heart, with passion, conviction and most importantly...without bias or ill will towards no one. We NEED more people like you with the intelligence, common sense, civility and grace that your post exhumed. Well said. Well written and...."Thank you".


Gays are not a minority anymore. Neither are blacks so I'm not sure who you are referring to by the 'minority'. Tolerance is really a word people hide behind so as not to offend anyone and no one really is completely tolerant obviously. Is Phil your uncle? I think maybe alot of people are way too much into this stupid show. To me that says some poor things about the average American.


That just goes to show how clueless liberals are about Americans today.


"Gays are not a minority anymore. Neither are blacks so I'm not sure who you are referring to by the 'minority'."

Somebody apparently never completed 5th grade math. A minority is less than 50% of a group. The upper estimates of population percentage are 4% for gays and 15% for blacks.

John Harville

Only can categorize openly gay. Doesn't include all the closets, the fathers in hetero marriages, the clergy....

BTW... persons of color or 'claimed' color (Hispanic/Latino can claim Caucasian)... comprise 40% of the population.


Openly is 1-2%. I doubled that, and Hispanics and blacks very pointedly differentiate themselves from one another. Finally, neither of your dubious points, even taken at face value, constitute majority status.

John Harville

Niether are Mexicans and other immigrants... but Phil doesn't same to have any fears/concerns/distrust of immigrants - legal or otherwise.

No Wake

A duck dynasty falls, bringing a close to the cycle of our duck culture. Do not fear endings for they are beginnings in disguise. It is the way of all dynasties that another will rise to lead us into the new age. Like when they had that spinoff show to American Chopper.


what? like Deer Destroyers or something like that? LMFAO!

John Harville

Gay backlash... the Dick Dynasty.