Dashcam video reveals crash details

Footage shows troopers’ pursuit of reckless driver, crash aftermath.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 18, 2013
Dashcam video of the Thanksgiving Day turnpike crash that killed an elderly Toledo couple shows a trooper trying to put out the fire and other motorists trying to get through the flames to their minivan.

Wilbur and Margaret McCoy, both 77, were trapped inside their Chrysler Town and Country after a car operating at speeds of more than 125 mph slammed into their vehicle.

Video obtained by the Register Monday shows a heart-racing and hopeless pursuit as troopers tried to catch the Infiniti M56 driven by Andrew Gans, 24, of Kent, before his reckless driving injured someone.

Dashcam video shows an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper first spotted the sports car at about 6:55 p.m., when the Infiniti flew by the trooper westbound in the far right lane, leaving all other traffic in its dust.

Watch the video in the player below

The trooper almost instantly lost sight of the car, even as the cruiser accelerated. More than 10 minutes later, Gans’ vehicle hadn’t lost speed when another trooper, eastbound, made a U-turn as the Infiniti sped by, captured on video at 7:06 p.m.

That trooper, too, tried to catch the speeding car, activating the cruiser’s lights and sirens. On the video, the trooper expresses his frustration, yelling as vehicles in front of him hesitate to move to the right, out of the way.

He tries to pass the other vehicles, to catch up. But the pursuit was impossible. Then at 7:17 p.m., the worst happened.

The trooper closest in pursuit came upon the minivan in flames. Other motorists were around the vehicle, trying to get the McCoys out, but the fire kept them back. “Is there anyone in there?” the trooper yelled to other motorists as he headed toward the van with a fire extinguisher. “Yeah, there’s two people in there,” a trucker yelled back. The trooper emptied his fire extinguisher on the blaze. But it wasn’t enough.

Though Gans’ vehicle rear-ended the minivan and his car went off the side of the road into the ditch, he escaped the crash relatively unscathed. Other motorists who went down the hill to help him found the vehicle empty and Gans standing at the side of the road.

When troopers figured out who he was, Gans told them he was injured, and they made sure he was stabilized until help came. “Sit him down and do not let him out of your sight” one of them said. He remains in the Sandusky County jail on two charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and a $1 million bond.



I know that it's public record but why does this type of thing - and I'm talking about the videos in cases like this - have to be linked up and made available for the public to see? Having been witness to scenes like this more times than I'd like to even think of I still have nightmares at times about them and my medic days were in the 80s! Some memories are worth keeping and others I'd just as soon forget - and many are from times just like this!


It is news. Many of us are interested.

White Owl

Candleburner, I empathize with you. Sadly, there is a big difference between being an eyewitness to fatalities versus viewing video of it. Many people have been desensitized to human suffering through films, video games, and the impersonal nature of communication on the internet.

Yes it is newsworthy but I wish the media would do more to impress upon viewers and readers a sense of community rather than seeking to sensationalize to gain market share.


No one forces you to watch it. Your mouse can't click itself.


When I witnessed a fatal accident for the first time, I had nightmares for about a year and it wasn't even as bad as this one but yes, this is news and some people are interested in the details. It should be available for anyone to witness for themselves, as maybe someone will think twice about doing something unwise. It also makes one grateful to be safe and alive.

mimi's word

They are not interested in the news part...you can read that. People love the horror aspect of it. Sad but true...


I think you are correct its the drama of it. Why not put the dash cam video of Mat getting pulled over and arrested for driving under suppression, didn't see that on the front page. Imagine that

Peninsula Pundit

That's why you gotta love the comments section.
You often read more news there than in the article itself.