Man in wheelchair on U.S. 250 killed

He was crossing at Strub Road when struck by car
Dec 16, 2013


A man thrown from his wheelchair Sunday when he was struck in the crosswalk at Strub Road and U.S. 250 died from the injuries he sustained, the State Patrol reported. 

Harry L. Kimberlin, 67, died at Mercy St. Vincent hospital in Toledo. 
Kimberlin was eastbound in the motorized wheelchair when he was ejected from it after being struck by a westbound 2013 Audi. He was responsive when paramedics arrived to treat him, the Patrol said, but later succumbed to his injuries after being flown from Fireland Regional Medical Center, where he was taken immediately after the accident. 
Donald Hibbard, 73, Sandusky, was southbound in the Audi on U.S. 250 north of Strub Road traveling on a green light. The accident occurred at about 8:30 p.m., the State Patrol reported. 
Hibbard was not injured. 
The Audi sustained moderate damage to the front of the vehicle. The wheelchair sustained heavy damage. Both vehicles were towed from the scene by Perkins Towing. Alcohol is not considered a factor in the accident, the Patrol said, which remains under investigation. 


No Wake

Terrible, terrible tragedy. My sincere condolences to the deceased. Clearly neither of these men set out tonight to cause this incident on purpose, but what can we learn from this to keep it from happening in the future?


We learned that OVH needs a tavern closer so the residents don't have to travel via motorized wheelchairs along Strub and 250.


Internet trolls will hide behind a computer name everyday! Get a job! They put their lives on the line for you.....sadly!


They serve alcohol in one of the lounges there. EXCUSES is also close by. People drink where they want to drink. Alcoholism is a big factor in the facility, I doubt they need more opportunities to serve.


What does alcohol have to do with this at all????


Exactly, look at the map..I agree with you on this. He never got to finish crossing before he was hit..


He was crossing 250 - there are no bars on the other side of 250 there.

Really are you ...

Situational awareness. Defensive driving. Drive the road conditions. Stat alert, stay alive...

SMH Such a tragedy.

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Professor Playdoh

That pretty insensitive Phroggy.. Why would you think he was heading to a bar? Terrible accident. May God be with him. Honor his service.

Simple Enough II

Not everyone who served was honorable, not everyone who served saw combat.

Peninsula Pundit

True enough, Simple, but totally unrelated to this accident.
Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.

Simple Enough II

Proffesor Playdogh said to honor his service, we do not know one bit about this person, other than the story that says, he was out on a motorized scooter at 8:30pm and was struck by a car who had a green light.

he said she said

True, he was out at 8:30 pm. He was a grown man that can go anywhere he wanted to; he was in the OVH not in jail.

Yes, he was struck by a car that had a green light, but he was in the crosswalk!! The light could have been purple with pink polka dots, it doesn't change the fact that he was in the crosswalk. Unless, I'm wrong, and correct me if I am, don't cars have to yield to people in the crosswalk??


Furthermore it was a horrible tragedy. Prayers to family and friends.

he said she said

I will keep his family in my thoughts.

phroggy--did you know this man? Do you know what he does on a daily basis? How dare you say something so insensitive?!

This man is a resident of the OVH which means that he served our country in the time of war. He fought for the freedom that we all have and sometimes take advantage of. If he was headed to the bar, good for him because he deserved it!!

So just because he is a resident of the OVH does not mean that he was headed to a bar. Being Sunday, a lot of the stores had closed for the day, but there are still fast food restaurants that were open.

Simple Enough II

Not everyone who served was honorable, not everyone who served saw combat. And no, I don't believe that every vet has served in time of war either.


Have you enlisted to serve? Just because they may not have had to do a tour does not mean they did not have to serve our country. Shut up!

Simple Enough II

Yeah, I did back in the 80's served my four years fulfilled my contract "Honorably". Way tomany folks want to wave a flag for someone and to tell you the truth, it will lose it's luster and meaning.


@ Simple Enough II-Did you ever sign that blank check? I thank God for our vets! Whether they were in active combat,or not; they were willing to take time away from their loved ones and risk their lives so that simple people like you have freedom to live in this wonderful U.S.A. Your comments are mean, insensitive, thoughtless and disturbing. SHAME ON YOU!
R.I.P. Mr. Kimberlin, Thank you for your service! Prayers to your family!

Simple Enough II

Shame on me? Read my post above in reply to another flag waver.

Shame on me? When was the last time you went to the Veterans home? How many times haveyou stopped by one of the residents rooms to say hello, how are you doing, because they have no family or family willing to take care of them in their old age or diminshed capacity? Or maybe set down with a wife who was at her strengths end emotionally and physically from driving about 2-1/2 hours each way to visit her husband almost daily (driving in after work and then travelling back home late at night), be cause she had to work and couldn't take care of him at the same time due to Parkisons. I have, so spare me your vitriol. I've also had folks wanting to go there, because they made enough bad choices in life that they didn't have a pot to pee in and wanted tpo be taken care of, instead of asking the bars they had supported all those years to return the favor. It is not just about having served, it is how you served and how you live your life afterwards.


Everyone who served that is in the OVH has an honorable discharge and was in the service during a war. Otherwise they wouldn't be in there.


Not sure why this isn't posting under Simple's post, but it is meant for them, not for you... sorry about that.

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So only vets who have seen combat are do our gratitude? And I think if they were dishonorably discharged I do not think they can get into Vet's home..

he said she said

Simple, I understand what you are saying. Not all vets are honorable but then neither are some civilians...

I didn't say that every vet has served in the time of war either. I said that if he resides at the OVH, he served during war time. From my understanding for when my father wanted to reside in the OVH, he was not permitted to because even though he was in the military, he didn't serve during war time and that is one of the requirements to reside at the OVH.

Simple Enough II

Thank You for the clarification.

Simple Enough II

8:30 PM? Was pretty damn cold out (and dark), what would make a guy with limited mobility want to go out in this weather? What was he going to do if he had become stuck? So he ran a red light (the guy in the hoveround).


That's what I was thinking...I was out last night about then and it was COLD! RIP Sir......thank you for your service.


As a wheelchair bound individual myself I at first thought over this was why was he out in the dark in this season without any assistance and the chair should have been well lit as a snowmobile would be in these conditions . Secondly , it is a sad deal as this is a common accident caused by not seeing the others in the real world around you.


sad .

White Owl

This is a tragedy for not only the deceased and his family/friends but for the driver of the vehicle and his family who had the right of way and will undoubtedly suffer trauma as a result of this death.

This is a tough time of year for people who suffer from depression and it is well known that Veterans suffer disproportionately from depression. Could this have been a suicide?

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Seems there has been a lot of fatal car accidents this year.
Very tragic for both families. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all involved.

Good 2 B Me

Why this gentleman was out does not matter. He has every right to leave the OVH and get out into the world. The simple fact is that he has died after being hit by a car. RIP sir.


I knew Leon personally, I worked with him and interacted with him in and out of work, as he was frendly and very outgoing. He had a stroke a few yrs ago and lost his ability to walk and talk for quite sometime. Before his stroke he was a hard worker, as he was retired but didnt like a sedentary lifestyle so he came back into the workforceand took pride in his work. He was strong and independent and after his stroke he lost ALL of that and his family placed him in OVH...being the fighter and strong man he was he fought hard to come back from his stroke and hated being at OVH, so he went out into the community the best he could to have human contact and to interact with people...Leon was NOT a big drinker, so shame on you people who make asanine assumptions on a man you didnt even know! Leon was a generous, personable guy and for those of us who knew him he will greatly missed! For some of you people you cannot or never will be the MAN Leon was....RIP my friend, godspeed to heaven so you can be whole again and enjoy the afterlife!

shoreline dude

I could not have said this better myself. Leon was a good man and it was always a pleasure to see him. He and I have been friends for over 50 years and to be with him in a plane or watch him ride a big bike at the Sandusky Speedway in his day was very impressive. We also know Mr.Hibbard and I know his heart is hurting because of this terrible accident. Rip Leon, We will miss you.


"Kimberlin was eastbound in the motorized wheelchair when he was ejected from it after being struck by a westbound 2013 Audi. "

Donald Hibbard, 73, Sandusky, was southbound in the Audi on U.S. 250 north of Strub Road traveling on a green light. "

Which was it? Westbound or Southbound?


Some of you regular trolls here have no compassion or empathy for the human life that was lost!!...This man was probably headed to one of the stores to Christmas shop, as many of them, including the mall have extended hours at this time of year!...MY main concern with 250, and a lot of other areas in town, is that the stop lights seem to be set up for accidents to happen!...The next time any of you are out and about, pay close attention to how FAST a yellow light turns red, and then pay attention to how fast the green light for traffic going the opposite direction turns green! You will notice that there is hardly even an interval from one light turning red and the next turning green. I remember back in the day when a yellow light stayed yellow for at least 8 seconds or so, and then the green light for other traffic taking nearly as long to change. Anyhow, what I'm getting at here is that the city and Perkins township need to reevaluate the light changing times. In my opinion, that is the cause of many of the accidents on 250!. This poor man probably started to cross during a red light, giving him the right of way, but the light probably turned back to green before he had a chance to even make it half way across!!...Prayers for this veteran, and his family that is left behind. Please people, have some compassion, how many times does it have to be asked, "How would you like it if people got on here and talked crap about one of your loved ones!?!?"


"This poor man probably started to cross during a red light, giving him the right of way, but the light probably turned back to green before he had a chance to even make it half way across!!.."

Good comment as I am thinking the same. The Sandusky, Ohio area did have some heavy snow. The scenario that I am thinking is that this veteran did have a green light to cross Ohio 250 but the light changed to red before he could get completely across the road. Cold affects batteries that supply power to motorized wheelchairs. Besides the cold weather that affects the battery power, snow and ice could have caused the motorized wheelchair to become stuck in the road and a too short of a yellow caution light could have also been a factor.

My condolences to the family and friends of this veteran.


This saddens me to hear the nasty comments being put on here about this accident, I've known this man most of my life, he was a very nice guy, first of all coming from a military family he has all rights to live there, you have put this man down as he was one of our LOCAL VETERANS, the idiots bashing him have no rights saying this aweful stuff on here, he did have family all from sandusky area, and as sad as this accident is he did not deserve to die this way, I want to tell Jimmy how sorry I am for the loss of his father, He is now with his son (Joey) with whom also has died in a tragic car accident, he will be with him now. Maybe he wanted to get a burger, being in a home sucks and boring, hey rush hour traffic was over, but he may have been crossing and the guy turned the corner not seeing him, this is a tragic accident for both. prayers to the family, I am very sorry to hear about this. C.Taylor and family.


Who cares where he was coming from or where he was going? The man was a grown adult. What an awful tragedy for him and his loved ones and the person driving the vehicle. Those who make assumptions and dream up their own scenarios are just plain ignorant. Prayers for both families.


I was very shocked to see that Leon Kimberlin was killed in a traffic accident. I have known him for years and have always liked him. TO MR SIMPLE ENOUGH 11, I hope that you read his obituary and when you do feel ashamed of yourself for your comments on here as you will find he was very involved in the Amvets. Just because he lived at OVH, doesn't make him any less of a person, which I think you are suggesting. Shame on you.
Jimmy and family and friends I offer my condolences to you.

Simple Enough II

1. Nowhere in the article does it mention he was a resident of OVH.
2. Nowhere in the article does it mention he was a veteran.
Someone tossed that out there, and I commented. I never said he did not serve honorably. And I do not feel any shame. And as to what happen to him was a tragedy, but probably avoidable, 8:30pm we had winds and drifting snow, and darkness. Now 2 different families are dealing with this accident.


In order to reside at OVH you have to be a Veteran that served during time
of war. As a former nurse at OVH I knew Mr. Kimberlin well. He was a wonderful guy who always brought a smile to my face.

Sal Dali

To the few who always disrespect the dead...what is wrong with you? My parents taught me not to speak ill of the dead. I always see the same people on here cracking on the deceased or their families, forever assuming your opinion is the correct opinion. How can you make such assumptions having never known the person you are talking about? Why exactly do you think this man had to be drinking or drunk just because he was a resident of OVH? Living there makes him a war veteran, not an alcoholic. Do you all actually think these vets sit around all day and all night boozing it up and shooting pool or playing poker? If your neighbor is an alcoholic does that make you one? You cannot judge others whose shoes you have never walked in, so please just stop. I didn't know Mr. Kimberlin but I have seen him in his wheelchair on 250 once and worried about his safety. I am also attentive while driving in the area around OVH and have actually stopped and helped a vet cross the road in a wheelchair (not motorized). These men are often disabled and tend to move slowly. It would appear at this point no one knows why this accident happened, so let's stop assuming and wait to hear what actually occurred. My thoughts and prayers are with both families right now.


What seems to amaze me as usual are the comments of this VETERAN obviously must have been going to a bar or coming from one. Either way. Yes he should have some type of reflective material on him. But the city needs to take some responsibility for this tragedy as everyone knows this is a very heavily travelled road by both motorists and pedestrians. Sidewalks have been LONG OVERDUE on this VERY busy street. This has been a long time coming unfortunately. Its also my understanding that ONE man is the only one that thought to cover this dying man up on the sidewalk with an emergency blanket he happened to have. After 3 phone calls to a police dept they finally graced him with their presence. Maybe had they not taken their sweet time with this call as I have PERSONALLY experienced them do... (I had a man dying in my arms as I was preventing him from choking on his own blood and it took FOUR phone calls to the police dept before an ambulance showed up FIFTEEN minutes later....he made it but not before he was in a coma). The police dept needs to step up as well and learn to prioritze a little bit better.



Simple Enough II

Yes I did read his obit. Since you you like to yell so much (using all caps) concerned mom, I'll give you something else to yell about. Bite Me!

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Old people should not be able to drive.


Based on statistics, we should only be allowing those between the ages of 25 & 75 to have licenses.


Veterans have put up with enough abuse from the people they fought for and the difficulty the VA gives them about receiving their benefits. Anyone that has anything negative to say about this man should enlist in the military and walk a few miles in his shoes before slinging that hate.