LETTER: What's a 'foreign' car?

Nowadays, we are constantly pressured to buy American cars, but my question is: What is so bad about foreign cars? Many American car
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


Nowadays, we are constantly pressured to buy American cars, but my question is: What is so bad about foreign cars? Many American cars are often not even made in America. The "Big Three" auto makers (Chrysler, General Motors and Ford) make a large percentage of their cars in foreign countries, while many Japanese companies are making more and more of their cars in the U.S.

For example, the last two trucks my grandfather has owned, a Ford F-150 and a Chevrolet Silverado, were both made in Canada. My parents' Honda, on the other hand, was made in East Liberty, Ohio. As time goes on, American companies are closing factories in the United States, while Japanese companies are opening more.

Foreign cars are usually much more efficient that American ones. The most efficient Japanese hybrid, the Toyota Prius, get about 60 miles per gallon. Foreign companies such as Volkswagen are also bringing diesel cars to the U.S. Diesel cars are extremely efficient and get very high gas mileage. The American companies need to focus more on creating more efficient cars.

Overall, buying a foreign car will get you a well-built, long-lasting efficient car that actually helps to employ Americans. I really hope that American companies start building their cars in America once again. They would not only bring more jobs, but would also restore the status of the American car as being one of the most reliable, well-built in the world.

Tanner Stiert

Berlin Heights



In the past people have complained about the guy next door that is making twenty dollars an hour , and that the guy on the other side of the street is getting 8 dollars an hour and just making enough to feed him his wife and children .
But then the guy that has the twenty dollar an hour job is also getting taxed , but a whole lot more then the guy that is making 8 dollars an hour
Now I am not saying that this is fair , but then no one said anything in life was going to be fair ,
and that the guy making that twenty dollars an hour helps out more to keep the economy strong .
If you really think about it , the guy that has the good paying job is the real winner in some cases and a real loser when it comes to paying taxes
but he still keeps all of us one way or another , we need to keep what jobs we have to make this a strong place to live , and a better place to live
If you notice sense all the jobs that paid anything have gone over seas ,its hurt all of us , from the guy that is a store clerk to the policeman that protects us
We need to place the blame where it belongs , and make sure that they are held responiable for the mess this country is in , and not only does he need to take responsiablilty , but he need to give these rich companies take the pride that they have off the backs or the working man and give something back , cause when they give back , they not only give back to the people that work for them , but they also give back in many other ways , its the big companys like ford and G.m and others that make this country go around and when they take jobs away from us then its the same thing as turning there backs on us
and they are paying for it as we speak , I mean you look at all the JOBS
that have gone over seas that are u.s comapanys , and you will see that they came back to us for bailout money to keep them going and to be able to send more of our jobs over seas


Ah yes, but the car salesperson makes a commission that they pump into the local economy. I buy gas at local gas stations. I buy car accessories and oil changes at local businesses. I also saved money by buying a foreign car that I now have extra to spend in the local economy.


whats a foreign car , just look at the car next door or across the street or even across town
The only car that was suppose to be all american was the Saturn , andI am not too sure that it was , I mean comeon you hear them tell yea that they are american , but when you look at the parts , and look close you will see , just like all the rest made in China , made in mexico . made it canada , and so forth and so on
so it really dont matter what it says on the outside , cause when you dig deep its the same old story .
And just remember that everytime you buy something that isnt made in the u.s ,you are taken food clothes and the American dream away from americans
Just remember the next time you go to the polls as well , cause that where it all started . if you give insentives for manufacturing companys to take there products and jobs over seas , you know its going to hit everyone , including the so called manufacturing companys . that is what has place this country where it is and willnever be back to prosper as long as the lawyers in washington give inentives to go over seas
And the sad part of it all is they up the price and no one here in the u.s can afford them cause they are more intrested in feeding there families and paying for medical expensives on the minuim wage
so go and vote them back in , but dont complain when you job < if you are lucky enough to have one goes over seas .

brutus smith

Japanese companies put their money into R&D instead of executives pockets.


Come on! Be a real Amer-cun and buy a gas guzzling truck that will rust out in two years because it makes you feel like a real man.