Man on snowmobile killed

Norwalk man hit culvert and was ejected.
Dec 15, 2013

A Norwalk man was killed in late Saturday when the snowmobile he was riding struck a culvert and threw him. 

The accident occurred about 11:45 p.m. along the east side of Hartland Center Road just north of U.S. 20 in Townsend Township, the Norwalk post of the Highway Patrol reported. 

Gary Jenkins, age 44, was operating the 1997 Ski-Doo snowmobile southbound alongside Hartland Center Road. The snowmobile struck a tree after hitting the culvert and throwing Jenkins from the seat.

Jenkins was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Jeffrey Harwood. Jenkins was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol was assisted on scene by Townsend Fire Department, Citizens EMS, Huron County Coroner’s Office and Norb’s Towing.

The crash remains under investigation and it's unknown if alcohol was a factor in the crash, the Patrol reported.




I totally agree with protecting what is yours, however, you shoot a firearm at someone, rock salt or not, you may get lead in return...I would be very careful with that idea.

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The right of way varies depending on the road. Where there is a sidewalk, the its outside edge is the edge of the right of way.

Raoul Duke

what he said!


I agree with you because it happened to me as well. Loud snowmobile through my front yard late at night. And it can ruin the yard; the snow doesn't protect it that much. Little is done even though it is supposed to be illegal for them to ride in town. The problem is not kids either; it's middle aged men, sometimes drunk and they shouldn't be riding anything in that condition.


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What difference does it make if the plows are out? They ride those d**n things through the yards, not out on the street. Plus, they are hauling at high rates of speed. Like I said, if they want to ride them out in the fields, trailor them to the field of their choice and trailer them back when they're done. It's that simple.


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Thoughts and prayers to the family, haven't seen Gary in a long time, but I went to school with him and always considered him a friend.


I am curious if this is the group that was tearing down the Walking path...It is a sad moment to see a death occur...Some are very inconsiderate as I saw many last night going down Heartland Center weaving in and out.


Thoughts and prayers for the grieving family/friends/fellow riders

All taken

Oh no! Rest in peace Gary. Prayers to his family


I think snowmobilers need to be extra careful if they ride at night. A guy that I went to school with was decapitated while riding. The property was boarded with that real thin fencing that is hard to see at night. Be careful and know where you are riding!




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"Be careful and know where you are riding!"

Totally agree, a friend was riding in the field across from me and disappeared, it seemed that there was a drainage ditch and he found the other side of it. He was banged up a little and he was not familiar with that field. Please ride safe!


...but if you hit an animal who cares.......


Unless it is a small animal the snowmobiler is in the most danger!


Such an awful tragedy, and so close to the holidays. My sympathy goes out to the family.


A man was killed, a dad, son, husband, friend....Have you no compassion, only to bitch about noise from snowmobiles. You would never make it here on the shores of Lake Erie. Am certain the noise from the boats,during season, would put you over the edge.
If that's even possible, or not too late.
Have compassion for others...especially the deceased and their friends and family.


When you live in the country there are certain things you should expect to hear. That would be 4-wheelers, snow mobiles & gun shots. Had snow mobiles in our front yard last night. Doesn't bother me any but like I said...I kind of expect it out here.

Thoughts & prayers to this man's family & friends. It's very hard to lose a loved one in a tragic accident, so unexpectedly. Been there. RIP.


Well said IDK. These were my thoughts exactly. Thoughts and prayers to the family of this poor man.

Kottage Kat

Deepest Sympathy to the family and friends of Mr.Jenkins Thoughts and prayers with you and for you.


Amen marbleheadnative.