Man on snowmobile killed

Norwalk man hit culvert and was ejected.
Dec 15, 2013


A Norwalk man was killed in late Saturday when the snowmobile he was riding struck a culvert and threw him. 

The accident occurred about 11:45 p.m. along the east side of Hartland Center Road just north of U.S. 20 in Townsend Township, the Norwalk post of the Highway Patrol reported. 

Gary Jenkins, age 44, was operating the 1997 Ski-Doo snowmobile southbound alongside Hartland Center Road. The snowmobile struck a tree after hitting the culvert and throwing Jenkins from the seat.

Jenkins was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Jeffrey Harwood. Jenkins was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol was assisted on scene by Townsend Fire Department, Citizens EMS, Huron County Coroner’s Office and Norb’s Towing.

The crash remains under investigation and it's unknown if alcohol was a factor in the crash, the Patrol reported.




The snow mobilers around my house are very inconsiderate. They're out speeding along my front lawn at 1 and 2 in the morning, and it's not just one. No, there are 8 to 10 of them zipping along. I'd like it if they were banned. If you want to go ride them in a field somewhere, then trailer them to the field and back instead of racing around residential streets at all hours of the night.

I am sorry Mr. Jenkins passed away, but maybe his death can help others. Ride at a reasonable time (say 6 to 11 pm), know the area you're riding in, and watch your speed.


Ban them? Because they were out at 1-2 a.m? By that statement alone, I can tell you are a democrat! Typical knee jerk reaction. 6-11 p.m? When all the traffic is around? Why not run them when no one should be out and about? The plows are very scarce from 11p.m til 5 a.m.perfect riding conditions fall between those hours. They get 1-2 nights a year to ride.....get over it! Move where there isn't any snow if you don't like it. I hope we get record snowfall this winter and you get woke up every night :-)


If they are riding thru my yard at 1AM...that is trespassing...and NO I am NOT a democrat! Do you want me driving my car thru YOUR yard at 1AM ? There are places you can ride without going thru peoples yards.

Berlin Heights Guy


yea right

first off sorry for the loss of life.. with that said i suggest u berlin hicks girl.. call the police for correct info.. there is only a 10 ft right away on anybodies property..there is also Noise ordinace for me i would wait outside in my duck blind with my shot gun and shoot any and all snow mobiles that came thru MY yard..(not the people just the machine) ..


.......and you will go to prison. Try it!



All taken

Shooting at snowmobiles with people on them. Do you think that is legal. You are dumber than a box of rocks.
Rest in peace Gary, and screw these idiots.


Decided to delete my post. I'll just leave it as it originally started..."Bummer".


Deleted second duplicate post.

Berlin Heights Guy


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Ohio law requires that all pertinent provisions of the motor vehicle traffic laws and of the laws prohibiting specified offenses relating to motor vehicles, applies to the operation of snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles, and APV's.

Authorization is given to utilize snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles and all APV's to be used;
1. To cross a highway other than a limited access highway or freeway;
2. On county and township highways whenever approved by those having jurisdictional authority over them;
3. Off and alongside streets or highways from the place of unloading the vehicle to the place at which it is intended and authorized to be used;
4. On the berm or shoulder of any highway, other than a limited access highway, or freeway when the terrain is such that the vehicle can be used safely;
5. On the berm or shoulder of a county or township road when traveling from one area of operation to another.

The operation of such vehicles is prohibited under the following conditions;
1. On any limited access highway or freeway or the right of way thereof;
2. On any private property without special permission of owner or in any nursery or planting area;
3. On any state-controlled land or waters except those which have been posted as permitting snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles or APV's;
4. On tracks or right-of-ways of any operating railroad;
5. When carrying a loaded or uncased firearm, bow or other hunting implement;
6. to chase, pursue, capture or kill any animal or wildlife;
7. From sunset to sunrise, unless displaying a lighted headlight and taillight as required under equipment regulations.

Section 4519.48 preserves the right of local authorities to regulate the operation of snowmobiles, off-highw3ay motorcycles and APV's on streets and highways and other public property under their jurisdiction, but prohibits them from requiring the registration of such vehicles on a lo9cal basis


A real tough guy! You're a pu$$y


She is right, there is a 10 ft public right of way on Rural property. I the snowmobiler is in this right of way there is nothing that can be done. If you are ignorant enough to shoot at one while they ride through that right of way you better be ready to do time, and you better hope the rider is carrying concealed or you may be the one pushing up daisies. You sir are an idiot.


I think you might be mistaken....It would depend on WHERE you are and WHAT the village ordinance is. What town/village are you talking? If you are riding in MY village...that is a TICKET and ILLEGAL as HE!!. Sorry you are WRONG. But I agree, there is a difference between respectful and complete idiots. I have no issue with people just riding by, using my yard as grown adults with respect. But if you drive/act like a bunch of complete doucheb@gs, tearing things up and making a ruckus, you better believe I will make your life he!!.


I guess it depends on where you live. Most areas in Huron County it is perfectly legal.

Erie County Resident

Sorry to hear of this needless death.
BHG I hate to tell you cupcake but you are TOTALLY wrong thinking you have the legal right to destroy peoples personal property.
Just ask your meathead brother snowmobiler that decided to get off his sled and threaten me about 4 years ago. He met my little friend and got a free night at the Erie County Hilton, a sled that was no longer usable, and a tow impound charge for it's remains. This after he and his idiot buddies destroyed a few thousand dollars worth of landscaping.
You are NOT allowed to go anywhere you please as you seem to think.

Berlin Heights Guy

this Got Way Out Of Hand, I'm Sorry, And I'm Sorry There Are People That Can't See Past The End Of Their Nose Condolences To The Family On Their Loss R.i.p. And God Bless

yea right

private proerty is just hunting.. you dont have permission..YOU STAY OFF.. of private think you could go on government land without permission..try it..oh and yea your "sled" does cause damage to the ground..and what if the owner had yard covered up with damage it..then what..

NO COMMON SENSE.. and oh btw ppl rocksalt in my gun is NOT illeagle...hahaha


Go ahead and use that rock salt on someone traversing your property and you will find out how wrong you are. Maybe you should peruse the use of force laws in this state. I know people that were sent to prison for felonious assault for using a rock salt load on someone trespassing on private property. Now if that person is in your home, different story.

Peninsula Pundit

Hm. Maybe the Stand Your Ground law the legislature is considering would be a good thing.

yea right

enter my property and find out..and as far as right-a-ways..well that is for utilities and stat use ONLY.. not ignorant ppl like you..after all i thought you were some maniac comin after me..i DEFENDED myself..or were a BEAR and i had to shoot to save my i said ..go ahead try it..


If I drive through the 10ft right of way on my snowmobile and you take a pot shot at me, you better be using real bullets because I shoot back. My guess is that you are just some scrawny little blow hard that would probably peep out his window and shiver in his boots. Like I said, give it try, see if law enforcement and the judge see it your way. I'm betting they won't.

yea right

i will use real..and i am far from being scrawny ..and yea i bet they will see it my get back in to ur p...s extention grow up..and use your head other than a hat rack..


Was that typed n English? You can't shoot someone no matter what, unless they are in your house, or threatening your life. I hardly think someone riding their machine on the GOVERNMENT owned right of way falls under either category. Shut up and find something else to complain about little boy.

yea right

big words for a burden on society.. FYI Ohio is a "NO defense" can NOT shoot and if these ppl are carring firearms they better be within the law.. as for me i will just put up a fence..set up cameras (cheap now a days) and let the law and courts take away their toys..and if they damage MY property..they I have a lawyer who will take their house too..haha..I HAVE THE LAST LAUGH..


You're dumb. Just flat out ignorant on every aspect of being a good person. This is the most childish response I've ever seen on here! We're talking about riding snowmobiles on GRASS and you start talking about taking peoples houses! Wow, you can have my house cocksuck, and the $1,287 a month payment. Come get it, keys are in my pocket beside my .40 :-)

yea right

why would i want your shack..mine is paid for..and dumb??? for what tell you what the laws u really need to grow up..oh and word of advise..close your legs and quit populating this country with dumba$$es..


I don't know if it is your group of 6-10 sledders I see out south of Berlin Heights, but if it is, then I would disagree with the respectful part. Despite having their properties posted, every year I see sledders and 4 wheelers in Burnham's woods and orchards. Take note of the regulations posted by BULLISDEEP that state it is prohibited in nurseries and planting areas.

Two years ago they used my dirt piles in my back yard as a slalom course, and ran over multiple young trees. Last year they rode almost 50 feet into my front yard, and ran right through my landscaping, destroying several shrubs. Every spring I spend several hours raking gravel out of my grass that they drag off the shoulder.

Berlin Heights Guy, if you know who this group is, go have a talk to them about respectful riding.

Berlin Heights Guy

Buckeye 15, I Can Assure You It Was Not My Group, There Are Always A-Holes That Ruin It For Everybody


I totally agree with protecting what is yours, however, you shoot a firearm at someone, rock salt or not, you may get lead in return...I would be very careful with that idea.

yea right

BTW ppl berlin hicks girl is a self rightous..self centered..ego maniac who drives around a BIG truck to make up for HIS SMALL p.... lol..


The right of way varies depending on the road. Where there is a sidewalk, the its outside edge is the edge of the right of way.

Raoul Duke

what he said!


I agree with you because it happened to me as well. Loud snowmobile through my front yard late at night. And it can ruin the yard; the snow doesn't protect it that much. Little is done even though it is supposed to be illegal for them to ride in town. The problem is not kids either; it's middle aged men, sometimes drunk and they shouldn't be riding anything in that condition.


What an odd, inane comment by baby momma. Why bring politics into a discussion that has absolutely nothing with politics. She must be a Republican...


She has a wiener. And doesn't claim any party.


Ah--You must be guilty because you protest too much. Furthermore, I am NOT a Democrat, not that it's none of your business.

What difference does it make if the plows are out? They ride those d**n things through the yards, not out on the street. Plus, they are hauling at high rates of speed. Like I said, if they want to ride them out in the fields, trailor them to the field of their choice and trailer them back when they're done. It's that simple.


French fries and unicorns. Corn flakes and marshmallows. Rice crispy treats? Yea, I like Popsicles too. My feet are huge. I'll be back. Ooh look, a bug.


and stay off my lawn!


Aaawww your snow covered lawn..give me a break!


Thoughts and prayers to the family, haven't seen Gary in a long time, but I went to school with him and always considered him a friend.


I am curious if this is the group that was tearing down the Walking path...It is a sad moment to see a death occur...Some are very inconsiderate as I saw many last night going down Heartland Center weaving in and out.


Thoughts and prayers for the grieving family/friends/fellow riders

All taken

Oh no! Rest in peace Gary. Prayers to his family


I think snowmobilers need to be extra careful if they ride at night. A guy that I went to school with was decapitated while riding. The property was boarded with that real thin fencing that is hard to see at night. Be careful and know where you are riding!




Pop another Percocet and wash it down with a pot of coffee and you'll be okay!


aren't people supposed to snort Percocet?





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"Be careful and know where you are riding!"

Totally agree, a friend was riding in the field across from me and disappeared, it seemed that there was a drainage ditch and he found the other side of it. He was banged up a little and he was not familiar with that field. Please ride safe!


...but if you hit an animal who cares.......


Unless it is a small animal the snowmobiler is in the most danger!

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Such an awful tragedy, and so close to the holidays. My sympathy goes out to the family.


A man was killed, a dad, son, husband, friend....Have you no compassion, only to bitch about noise from snowmobiles. You would never make it here on the shores of Lake Erie. Am certain the noise from the boats,during season, would put you over the edge.
If that's even possible, or not too late.
Have compassion for others...especially the deceased and their friends and family.


When you live in the country there are certain things you should expect to hear. That would be 4-wheelers, snow mobiles & gun shots. Had snow mobiles in our front yard last night. Doesn't bother me any but like I said...I kind of expect it out here.

Thoughts & prayers to this man's family & friends. It's very hard to lose a loved one in a tragic accident, so unexpectedly. Been there. RIP.


Well said IDK. These were my thoughts exactly. Thoughts and prayers to the family of this poor man.

Kottage Kat

Deepest Sympathy to the family and friends of Mr.Jenkins Thoughts and prayers with you and for you.


Amen marbleheadnative.


IDK is right. Most shooters & snowmobilers are decent. There is also courtesy though. If you trespass through someone's woods or fields don't be surprised if you get questioned.


After sifting through all the comments, again, fact is, someone was killed...son, father, brother, friend. Please do not take advantage of someone elses demise (obituary) to create such hostile blog over a legal issue.
Please create your own "Blog", and create an appropriate place to battle and air your legal discord. This article is sensitive material, should be treated as such and most certainly, should not serve as "your" personal battle ground to settle all of your indifferences/opinions.
Think, before you submit...and thanks!!


Thank you so very much for saying something....this man was my uncle who was a FANTASTIC guy regardless of what is said on here about snowmobiling. He is LOVED by MANY and will be missed by more.....


Please know, you and your family have my heartfelt sympathy. Thoughts and prayers to all of you!


This isn't an obituary. It's a news story.






worked with Gary years ago at Midwest, super great guy. rest in piece good buddy.


Really people your going to bicker back and forth like this? Hes a co worker and one the nicest guys you could ever meet. Thoughts and prayers to family and friends. As for the rest of you go somewhere else and complain.


To avoid have any problems with those pesky winter sporting like , just put up a big orange snow fence around your property and then everyone will know to stay away from your place. then your neighbors can have a laugh when they drive by.

Call Me Crazy

I have to say that you people sicken me! You all live in glass houses??? This guy was a GOOD man! He had a son, a wonderful family, and friends who loved him to the moon and back. He would do anything for anyone!!!!! It sickens me that you all are so quick to judge someone. It was a horrible, horrible accident and you need to take his family and friends feelings into consideration. I pray to the Lord that nothing happens to you or someone in your family so horrible, and that you don't have to deal with the grief as we all are. He would shake people like you off in a minute and not let it bother him I know that. His love for his family, friends, and children will be how we remember him. RIH you man and miss you very much already.


First and foremost, I am saddened to read of the death of a man who, at the age of 44, has passed way too soon. Losing a loved one is never easy, no matter the time of year. My heartfelt prayers to his family and friends.

One of the pros of online publications and other forms of social media where readers can share their thoughts is just that: readers can share their thoughts. But of course this is also a con. Whereas most online publications have posted rules concerning submissions, including the SR, there will always be postings that don't violate the rules but can still raise more than one set of eyebrows.

I know nothing about Mr. Jenkins. He may have been an extremely conscientious, kind, considerate snow-mobiler. When I was much younger I remember riding snowmobiles in the dark of night with my cousins through their corn & soybean fields. I always followed my cousins as they knew the fields well, but I still had moments where I thought the sled was going to go one way and me another. My moments of being airborne were very few. I had a blast, we really did try to be extremely careful, but I do vividly remember some, "Oh my GOD!!" moments where I truly thought my heart was in my throat.

We don't know all the details of Mr. Jenkins' crash. Perhaps he was driving his sled responsibly, at an appropriate speed, and something unexpected happened. Or perhaps he was being reckless. We just don't have the accident report and explanation of what is believed to have happened. But because of the beauty of social media, it's terribly unfortunate several posters have taken the opportunity to move away from the main point of the story, that being a 44-year old man is dead, and instead turn this into a heated argument about property rights and shooting snow-mobilers and the like. I readily understand folks who have had and continue to have problems with irresponsible, disrespectful snow-mobilers, but I would respectfully state this SR story is not the place to air those personal issues as they're not related to the SR story of Mr. Jenkins death.

I very much agree with and support what MarbleheadNative wrote. I would also like to add that many of the responses not related to Mr. Jenkins' terribly unfortunate death are similar to what I've read in other SR story responses in that the main points of the SR article are totally lost in unrelated tangential discourse where a casual reader only perusing other readers' feedback would be surprised to learn what the actual article was reporting.

At the end of the day, Mr. Jenkins is still passed, and much too early at only the age of 44. I pray Mr. Jenkins may rest in peace, and that his close friends and loved ones can receive peace and understanding.

Call Me Crazy

Thank you OSUBuckeye59 you nailed it!!!! Finally someone who actually makes sense. Miss you Gary!!


I am simply amazed by the selfishness here. A man lost his life, regardless of how and where he was. He has a grief stricken family at home and most of you people take the time to whine about the laws,your lawn and the noise snowmobiles make..seriously you folks need to find a hobby. Try leaving a positive comment for the family that just lost a son, father, brother or uncle during the toughest times of the year.
If you have issues with how and where people ride their snowmobiles, take it to your community leaders not on a article written about the loss of life.

Sal Dali

Don't be amazed be appalled ...most of the people talking about everything but the tragic loss of life here do it often and think nothing of it. I am glad to see others are beginning to speak out about it though. Disrespect and lack of compassion for a grieving family speaks volumes. Unfortunately, what people convey on here reflects what they're made of on the inside.