Attempted escapee gets six years

A Sandusky County jail inmate who attempted an escape while awaiting prosecution on a burglary charge was sentenced to six years in prison this week.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 14, 2013

Duncan Moor, 21, scaled a basketball hoop in the outside jail recreation area Oct. 2 and squeezed through a narrow gap between the concrete walls and a fence.

His brief freedom was cut short, however, when other inmates working outside of the jail as part of a county program spotted him and pointed him out to guards, who quickly recaptured him.

Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to two counts burglary and one count escape, and was sentenced to six years total in prison, according to Sandusky County court records.

He’s now serving his sentence at the Lorain Correctional Institution.


Simple Enough II

I wonder if his nickname is Dinty? Shame, threw his life away.