Cop killer linked to rape

Evidence from 2005 assault in Illinois points to former Sandusky resident.
Courtney Astolfi
Dec 13, 2013
Forensic evidence has linked convicted cop killer Kevin Randleman to a 2005 rape case in Illinois.

On May 31, 2005, a 21-year-old woman reported a sexual assault to the Springfield, Ill. police department. She told officers it occurred after a night of drinking with Randleman.

“They knew each other to some degree,” Springfield police Lt. Daniel Mounce told the Register Thursday.

The woman eventually fell asleep, but awoke as Randleman was raping her. Officials opened an investigation and collected a DNA sample from the woman that day.

Springfield police detectives later interviewed Randleman, who denied having sexual contact with the woman altogether. The victim never followed up on the investigation, and she failed to appear at a scheduled police interview and did not return phone calls. “That’s why the case was ultimately closed” Mounce said. Fast-forward to 3 a.m. March 19, 2011.

Randleman gunned down Sandusky police Officer Andy Dunn at Hayes Avenue and Tyler Street. Dunn was making a routine stop when Randleman unleashed multiple rounds from his weapon, which pierced Dunn’s bullet-proof vest and killed him.

Randleman was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to Dunn’s murder in August 2012.    

When they were first investigating the crime scene in 2011, Erie County deputies recovered a sample of Randleman’s blood off the sidewalk outside Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Adhering to standard protocol, deputies submitted Randleman’s sample to CODIS, a national crime database.

Just last week, Springfield police reached out to Erie County deputies after CODIS found a match between the the DNA sample collected in the rape case and Randleman’s blood sample, Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

Even though the woman had named Randleman as her attacker in 2005, whenever a new sample is entered into the database it automatically runs the DNA against all other submitted samples. It has apparently taken almost three years for CODIS to link up Randleman’s blood to the rape case.

Mounce said his department will try to make contact with the rape victim.

“In light of what we have with Randleman, we’ll try and contact her one more time to see if she’s interested in pursuing it” Mounce said.

Mounce told Erie County deputies he doubts the woman would want to pursue charges.

When first confronted with the forensic match, Springfield police wanted to check Randleman’s legal circumstances before reaching out to the rape victim, Mounce said.

Now that they’ve learned Randleman is already serving a life sentence, they aren’t too concerned about reopening the case.

“He’s in prison for life. It really isn’t going to impact anything, other than the victim receiving some satisfaction” Mounce said.

While Erie County deputies have no authority on how the case will proceed in Illinois, they’ve offered to help Springfield police in their investigation however they can, Oliver said.


he said she said

I was thinking...Randleman got life in prison. I know it would help bring closure to the victim, but with life in prison, what can they really do to punish him??

Peninsula Pundit

To heck with closure for this victim.
If she had pressed charges after the rape, Officer Dunn may still be alive today.


Totally agree!


Excellent point! Her lack of follow up also tends to call the credibility of the original complaint into question.

On the other hand, given what we know about Randelman, it's not a big surprise if he did rape someone.


Exactly Pundit but it's probably just a case of buyer's remorse!


Makes one wonder if she didn't return calls because she isn't able to. Hey, he killed one person, what is to say that he didn't do it before this.

White Owl

There are many possible reasons for why she didn't press charges. First and most likely, she may have been strongly discouraged from doing so by the police who thought it a weak case. She admits to drinking with Randleman before so the police would view it as he said, she said case. Also, it is very likely a black on black sex crime case, and the police and legal system are notorious for not taking the complaints of black woman seriously. The irony is if the police had taken it seriously and pursued it aggressively, one of their brothers might be alive.

Of course it might have been consensual or she felt that because she was drunk she consented. I don't understand why the police now are interested in pursuing the case because the DNA would have been available at the time had they been aggressive in investigating the original complaint. IMHO, it makes the police in the original report appear incompetent.

red white and blue

Why didn't the state pick up charges they usually do as far as what else can be done hang him


They should pursue these charges, because if, at some point in the future, some uber-liberals decide life in prison is cruel and unusual,it may add 10-15 to his stay.


Give him the death penalty


I do not think officials should risk taking him to another state for trial.


Actually, it increases the probability of him being shot while escaping....


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You all know something ? When I found out that Randleman reach an agreement and basically got away with the murder of Officer Dunn , I thought what else is going to come to light after his case of over here in Erie County . Some people would think that Baxter dropped the ball on this case and should have followed through with the death .I understand that the Family of Officer Dunn wanted to resolve the case and agreed to life instead of death , but You know there should have not been anything in doubt as to weather he should live or die when he shot a sandusky police offficer , and Baxter should have went through with the trial .
The only thing I can say about Baxter is that I am glad he took Clinton all the way and got what he deserved .I understand that it cost a lot of money to try a case like this , but as far as I am concerned there should have never been any doubt that justice should prevail for the ones that are killed .One for one is not very good odds when it comes to the people and the lives that are taken and Lawyers placed money above Justice like in the Dunns case .


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Try him. If found guilty of rape, he can face an additional penalty and that is death. Would be much cheaper for all of us. People like this that get life in prison live a long time which is very expensive for us, put the scum to death.


Somehow I hope death finds him in prison real soon !! Tomorrow would be to long ! This guy is just pure scum, he deserves nothing.


This P.O.S. is the Fuc#ing gift that keeps on giving..I mean 'taking' Give this fuc&er the shot and be done with it already!!!!!


You know, given that this rape occurred as part of a night of drinking with Randelman, they probably share the same social circle. That means she could have a brother or other relative who is incarcerated. If he's tried for this, maybe it could result in his transfer to an Illinois facility, and maybe he could end up sharing a cell block or even a cell with someone from her family, and, well, I think you can all can figure out where it goes from there


here we go


You guys are "off the hook". LOL!!!