Group wants iPad bouncy seat recall

CCFC says Fisher Price's new baby bouncy seat is not healthy for a baby's development and encourages parents to leave their child alone.
Associated Press
Dec 10, 2013

Ahh, the first year of a baby's life — learning to sit up, crawl, even walk. But how about playtime in a bouncy seat with an iPad and some cool apps?

Fisher-Price is selling a baby bouncy seat with an attachment where parents can insert an iPad so baby can watch video content aimed at the youngest children — an idea that is being criticized by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. The Boston-based advocacy group started an online petition campaign Tuesday, urging Fisher-Price to recall its Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPads.

CCFC says it's not healthy for a baby's development and encourages parents to leave baby alone.

"The seat is the ultimate electronic babysitter. Its very existence suggests it's fine to leave babies all alone with an iPad inches from their face," said Susan Linn, the group's director, in an interview. "Babies thrive when they are talked to, played with and cuddled, not when they are alone with a screen."

The Associated Press contacted Fisher-Price's parent company, Mattel, for reaction but the company indicated it had no immediate comment.

The bouncy seat's attachment has colorful toys that dangle so a baby can reach and grab. The case where a parent could insert an iPad has a large mirror for the baby to see its face when there's no iPad. In its product description, Fisher-Price says parents can download apps to their iPads with soothing sounds and high-contrast patterns that help infants develop tracking skills.

The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages any electronic "screen time" for infants and toddlers under 2. It cites research that found infant videos can delay language development, and warns that no studies have documented a benefit of early viewing.

In 2012, the Federal Trade Commission — which enforces truth-in-advertising laws — agreed with the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood that the developer of "Your Baby Can Read" lied when it promised consumers it could teach babies as young as 9 months old to read. That business shuttered after the FTC imposed a $185 million settlement.




If you don't like it then don't buy it for your kid but don't tell me or anyone else what we can do. I think it's great. My babies loved Baby Einstein videos.

Licorice Schtick

Gotta start 'em early on the idiot box. How else can you ensure another generation of nearsighted, unfit geeks?


They'll probably love meth when they're teenagers, too. Maybe you should look for another criteria for what's good for them.


I feel that if it is something that will hinder baby's development, the people should not be given the opportunity to choose. If the FTC says that Baby Einstein videos lied when they said they could teach babies how to read, whether a child loves them or not is irrelevant. Did they learn to read? My daughter has a Leappad and a Tag reading system. I got them at an appropriate age and she is 5 years old entering kindergarten already knowing how to read.
If a system such as an Ipad were to have sounds that are suppose to be soothing to the baby that they can download, why does the baby need to look at it. I believe it will slow down their motor skills as they will not be as active. I did not allow my daughter to stare at a screen for hours on end as im sure several of these parents will do. There are plenty of other options however if Ipad app developers can provide PROOF that having an Ipad in the bouncer encourages stimulation and development for a child, I will be a supporter o , however I will still choose not to buy this item for my child. I feel that today's children spend entirely too much time staring a screens as is and need to be shoved out the door after school just as we were. To begin teaching a baby that staring at a screen is sufficient and ok everyday is wrong. And we wonder why child obesity is out of control. Turn off the Ipad put them in a snow suit bundle them up and send them out to play with their friends until dinner just as we were.


"I feel that if it is something that will hinder baby's development, the people should not be given the opportunity to choose."

In that case, you'll need extra storm troopers to confiscate televisions from people who have babies. Better yet, why not just confiscate the babies and have the government raise them according to your template of perfect parenting.


If I put my babies (yes I was blessed with twins) in this thing with an Ipad while I am in the shower for 10 minutes who is anyone to judge me for it. When my babies were little I loved 10 minutes of peace and quite to take a shower. Will there be people who abuse it and leave a baby in it for hours, yes. But there will be people who do that anyway. It is a free market, if you do not want to buy it do not buy it. But do not take away others opportunity. There are parents who will use it properly and there are parents who will be lazy and abuse it. There are lazy parents anyway. There are people who should not be parents to begin with. This bouncy seat will not be the start or end of that.