Pregnant woman assaults man

Woman was fighting with boyfriend over car keys
Courtney Astolfi
Dec 6, 2013

A pregnant Sandusky woman was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly attacking her boyfriend while he held their 2-year-old son.

Renee Clayton, 30, 2000 block Campbell St., was charged with child endangering, assault and domestic violence.

Clayton and her boyfriend were fighting over car keys at about 10 p.m. Wednesday in their Campbell Street home, according to a Sandusky police report.

Clayton, who is pregnant with the man’s child, allegedly swung her arms at him, scratching his forehead while he held their 2-year-old child. Later, the boyfriend said Clayton bit his back several times. He showed officers numerous bite marks, but did not know how he got them during the fight, the report said.

Clayton said she caused his injuries while she was defending herself, the report said. She posted bond and was released Wednesday night.


Bada Bing

Grow the heck up people!

Pioneer Trail Pimp

And he didn't choke her out? Sounds like he got some punk in him.


Sounds like you've had someone in you.


She's 30 years old. She sure should grow up.

Left Sandtown

Wait a Ghetto minute here(I can say Ghetto,I grew up in the Ghetto)what kind of car was it?That makes all the difference here,it may of been a rimmed out Impala.Momma wants her keys,momma going get her keys.Need not to worry,help is on it`s way.God Bless us all.


You sound dumb. What is a ghetto min is it the same as trailer trash min. Can I say that I have friends who use to live in a trailer.


Wow. I'm not sure I care all that much about either of the adults in this "relationship" (I guess we have to call it that...). I sure do care, though, that those babies aren't going to have a CHANCE with parents like these!


Do you know the adults in this relationship? What did the guy do wrong?


And he didnt choke her out??!! are you kidding me. The fact that he didn't is more than a lot of the men out there do. And it depends on what kind of car it was??!! No what matters is whose name the car was in. If she had any common sense: if the car was in her name I would have called the cops...if not that explains her being upset. However, you can always count on the no class having women of sandusky to care more about a set of car keys than her child shes putting in danger...she obviously is being reprimanded and Im sure it will be a slap on the wrist as usual....if the father has half a brain he would leave her and file for custody...I wont hold my breath though.

Stop It

If the roles were switched and a guy was the attacker, there would be NO BOND able to be posted and his butt would sit in jail until he had to show up for court. Kinda sexist BS laws we have when it comes to Dom Vio cases..


Finally it is not the guy who is the aggressive one but still he is the one getting dogged here. I'm glad he did the right thing.