Obama: Income inequality a defining challenge

President calls on Congress to increase minimum wage to $10.10 an hour
Associated Press
Dec 5, 2013


President Barack Obama prodded Congress to raise wages and secure the social safety net as he issued an overarching appeal Wednesday to correct inequalities that he said make it harder for a child in the United States to escape poverty. "That should offend all of us," he declared. "We are a better country than this."

Focusing on the pocketbook issues that Americans consistently rank as a top concern, Obama argued that the dream of upward economic mobility is breaking down and that the growing income gap is a "defining challenge of our time."

"The basic bargain at the heart of our economy has frayed," the president said in remarks at a nonprofit community center a short drive from the White House in one of Washington's most impoverished neighborhoods.

Though he offered no new initiatives, Obama blended a call for Congress to act on pending short-term economic measures with a long vision aimed at correcting a growing level of income inequality in the United States. The speech came amid public doubts over Obama's stewardship of the economy, as his overall approval ratings sink and as he seeks to move past the health care troubles that have consumed his presidency in recent months.

He acknowledged his administration's "poor execution" in rolling out the flawed website that was supposed to be an easy portal for purchasing insurance, while blaming Republicans for a "reckless" shutdown of the government.

"Nobody has acquitted themselves very well these past few months," Obama said. "So it's not surprising that the American people's frustrations with Washington are at an all-time high." Worse for Americans, he added, are their growing difficulties in trying to make ends meet no matter how hard they work.

The speech coincided with growing national and international attention to economic disparities — from the writings of Pope Francis to the protests of fast-food workers in the U.S. The president cited the pope's question of how it isn't news when an elderly homeless person dies from exposure, but news when the stock market loses two points.

And he noted that in the United States, a child born into the bottom 20 percent of income levels has less than a 5 percent chance of making it to the top income levels and is 10 times likelier to stay where he is — worse than other industrial countries such as Canada, Germany and France.

House Speaker John Boehner blamed Senate Democrats and Obama for the lack of action on jobs-related legislation. He said bills passed by the Republican-controlled House that would help the economy and create jobs have been blocked in the Democratic-controlled Senate. "The Senate and the president continue to stand in the way of the people's priorities," he said on the House floor.

Obama conceded that "the elephant in the room" is the political gridlock that has prevented congressional action. He said issues of inequality of upward mobility would not likely be resolved even over the next five years. But he pointed to the health care law as one example that he said is already helping families by providing insurance coverage to more Americans and by pushing down the costs of health care.

Obama specifically called on Congress to increase the federal minimum wage from the current $7.25 an hour. A Democratic bill by Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour in three steps and tie automatic annual increases to changes in the cost of living. No vote has been scheduled on the proposal.

Obama also pressed Congress to extend jobless benefits to 1.3 million long-term unemployed people. The benefits are set to expire just three days after Christmas. The additional weeks of benefits have been extended each year since 2009, but a senior Republican lawmaker, Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, said Tuesday that Republicans oppose yet another extension.



Does he not understand that just makes everything else cost more? $2.50 McChickens n $hit

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Yep, I would stop and get a frosty from Wendy's a few times a week as a treat, they raised it overnight by 10 cents so I just decided to put a 1/2 gallon in the frig. The moral of this story is when you push even the simplest expense above where someone feels the value is no longer there they will not buy from you. Our president only held a non public job for one year and yet he is a multi millionaire. Does that mean he made his millions off of taxpayers backs? He has no clue what it means to be conservative and run a budget because he never had too!


Right. It is also interesting to listen to millionaires talk about inequality in wages.


Do you not understand that no one can raise a family on $7.50 an hour? If you underpay them for the work they do, the result is that more people need food stamps. And then you/we/I get to pay for that.

My problem with Republicans is that their policies caused the recession, caused the huge job losses, which caused more people to need food stamps to survive. Then, they fought against every effort Obama/Dems made to create jobs, thus perpetuating the problem.



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So where does it stop? I believe that there should be no raises other than merit raises that motivate people to try harder, be more innovative, go the extra mile. if business owners do not recognize that effort there are people who do. Who started the notion that people should get a raise every year? All things come from the ground or the air, mother nature has not raised the cost of those! This goes from the top down but trying to use socialism & communism to make the playing field equal is going to fail miserably, history proves that if people have nothing to strive for they become stagnant. Soviet Union for example!


Do you not understand how a business operates? They will have only so much money they are going to use for wages. Better to pay 2 people $7.50 per hour or 1 person $15?

As a business owner I always find it interesting when people spout out about wages. The extra expense to the business owner in wage increase and staffing can be burdensome and sooner or later we have to decide whether or not we can continue to employ 10 people or 9.

The problem with a lot of people on food stamps is that they are unwilling to work multiple jobs. Only one person will work while the other will not. They don't want to work more than 40 hours. Does it suck? Yes it does but if thats what you have to do then do it.

Self pride...you either have it or you don't.


Who raised you? Who told you, you could run a business? I more than understand how a business operates. I ran one and my father ran one before me. He taught me well when he said if you can't make it without help and you cannot pay a living wage for that help you "CAN'T MAKE IT".
If you can't survive without paying two employees a living wage, then just pay one a living wage and do the work the second employee was doing yourself. You seem to be really into two jobs for those on food stamps, it seems it applies to business owners as well.

Peninsula Pundit

Your father was a wise man, Bess.
The type of businessman Mike is are the majority of those in business today.
Season-appropriate, Read Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol.'
Or just watch the Mr. Magoo classic.
The story is the same.
I read comments like Mike's and hear,'Are the workhouses full?'
The interaction between Scrooge and the people collecting for charity I see paraphrased repeatedly on comment boards regarding a living wage.


I agree also.

Darwin's choice

And the democrats throw the Constitution out the window...


How about this coasterfan? Deertracker/clingon?

Democrats want to remove term limits for the office of the President!

Keep blindly following you two!


"Do you not understand that no one can raise a family on $7.50 an hour?"

Of course we do. That's why one waits until one has developed the ability to offer value exceeding that amount before starting a family. Someone who can't figure out how to use a condom has a lot of chutzpah demanding to be paid like a rocket scientist.


$2.50 McChicken? Where?


Ever been to NYC? 3.25 for a McChicken.


Why doesn't he skip a vacation or 2?


Obama takes vacation a lot less than Bush did. Bush was actually in the White House fewer days than he spent vacationing at his Texas Ranch and at Camp David during 2001.

It's an irrelevant topic, anyway, since the salary and benefits of one (1) president couldn't possibly offset the millions of underpaid hourly workers. A better idea would be to reduce the salary of thousands of American CEOs, to raise the salaries of rank and file workers. Or maybe end the federal welfare/subsidies to billion dollar companies who don't need or deserve them.


Define "underpaid" objectively please.


Typical lib answer. You do realize that Bush is no longer in Washington and that you boy was elected to right all the wrongs that he said Bush did don't you? King of excuses.


more 14 to 21 year olds without jobs coming soon if this passes. Look at the unemployment stats for this age group during all past minimum wage increases. Doing more with less people is not just a manufacturing tag line. When payroll is your biggest expense.....


That last line sums it up.

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All you have to do is check the rules for hiring young people. The government has basically taken away their right to work because of all the laws and restrictions. He-- at 14 I was building fiberglass boats in a boatyard. Today you can only run a register if your under 16. It is a mess, and the liberals have created it and they want to spend us out of it, LMFAO!!!!!


So, what would be your solution to the problem, then? More than 12,000 WalMart workers in Ohio receive food stamps. Kroger recently held a food drive for it's underpaid workers - ironic, huh? When people work full time, yet still don't make enough to cover basic expenses (food, clothing, shelter), we have a problem.

Republicans' answer, unfortunately, is a two-fold cruel gut punch: cut 40 billion from the food stamp budget, while fighting any increase to minimum wage. What America probably needs is a MAXIMUM wage: only in America do CEOs earn an average of 420x the amount of their rank and file workers. Henry Ford is, no doubt, rolling over in his grave...


Why is Henry Ford rolling in his grave - this should be interesting.


Re: "Henry Ford is, no doubt, rolling over in his grave..."

Specious argument.

In return for the exceptionally high wage at the time, he also required punctuality and sobriety.

Quid pro quo.


Re: "What America probably needs is a MAXIMUM wage,"

Something ONLY a progressive-socialist-authoritarian would love.

Watch the capital & expertise flee to where it will be more rewarded.


The Dems voted for the cuts on Food stamps. You really do not know whats going on do you?

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The Hero Zone

Are you serious in suggesting a maximum wage? So, how much is human potential worth to you? Who allows you to decide how much someone is worth or allowed to make? I thought you more humane than that as well as someone who wants to inspire creativity and success in people as a former teacher.

Your suggestion more than stifles both and disappoints me. While I may disagree with you on many things financial, you attempt more reasonable arguments for your side of the coin than others here and I personally appreciate that. But this? This suggestion of a maximum wage? That is a huge let down. Maybe my opinion of you doesn't matter to you, but to me this is a sad day.


"you attempt more reasonable arguments for your side of the coin than others here and I personally appreciate that."

Are you talking about Coasterfan? Now YOU disappoint me, Hero. Coaster's responses are little more than parroted Air America sound bites. Ptero, Informed, there are any number of leftists here who are more coherent.


Just shows how out of touch he really is. But it makes good headlines for the uninformed voters!


SOP: When the goin' gets tough (Obama☭are), the Nobel Prize Winner-in-Chief gets to campaignin'.

In his pointy headed academic world of class warfare, rhetoric and speeches are substitutes for REAL leadership.

looking around

Can't believe how some people are willing to hold others back because they fear that the minimum wage would be passed on to them as consumers. You would pay a 15 year old kid 15 or 20 bucks to mow your lawn with your mower and gas, it takes him an hour, he will not pay a dime of income tax and your ok with that. But the thought of a tax paying worker making $10.10 an hour just makes you break out in hives!


So tell me, just how much should we pay unskilled labor in what is supposed to be an entry level job meant for a kid? Are you a business owner? Maybe we should pay everyone who flips burgers union scale. Let me know how good that cheeseburger tastes when you have to pay $10 for it. The people crying for this are a bunch of hypocrites, the unions love this idea but you will see all of their rank and file shopping at the Walmart on the weekend contributing to the low wages they supposedly abhorr. Just look at all the UAW jackets when you hit your local wallyworld this weekend.


entry level jobs are not 'meant for kids'-they are jobs for people with few skills, which can only be obtained on the job. many kids take them because that's all they can get; same for adults.


So now we should pay a kid who is receiving most of their support from their parents $15/hr? You are nuts! These jobs were meant for kids to gain work skills not make a living wage. If you are in your 30s and 40s and working at McD's for min. wage, you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself, what can I do to make my situation better. The answer isn't trying to increase pay for what amounts to an entry level job.


Re: "the thought of a tax paying worker making $10.10 an hour just makes you break out in hives!"

Add about another 30% in compensation to the wage.

"Wages and salaries account for 70.3 percent of employers’ total compensation costs"


So when are you gonna start a business payin' your employees a "living wage" and top notch health and welfare bennies?


Apples and oranges....compare the kids price to one of your local lawn services and you will discover the 15 - 20 bucks is in a competitive range.


And seasonal. They are on unemployment half the year! Bad example.


EXACTLY! Awesome comment, Looking Around!!!


Looking Around makes a very valid point!

Dr. Information

Hey guys look, coasterfan signed out and signed back in as deertracker and agreed with himself. Bahahaha.


Lol.....I assumed coaster fan was a woman


Doc: is that what passes for Republican humor? Oh wait - I just remembered - Republicans are only funny when they don't intend to be funny...

Why would it surprise you that 2 Democrats would agree with each other? Certainly, there are a lot of people on the Right who say the same things as each other. Certainly, that's the case when I read comments here at the SR. And, isn't that why Limbaugh's fans are called "Dittoheads"? The bigger question, of course, is why someone as vile as Rush would even HAVE fans...

Babymom: Hehe, no I'm a guy. I just happen to be a lot more sensitive and show empathy for people less fortunate than I. As a conservative, I'm guessing you don't usually hang around with men who care about others besides themselves, right? It's not too late to join the Democrats. We're generally a more welcoming, open-minded party, and unlike the GOP, we don't hate/fear everyone who isn't like us.


Re: "Oh wait - I just remembered,"

Kinda bizarre behavior how in a written context, progressives like you, "Dog" and others feign ignorance and then answer your OWN questions.

Is it a politically connected mental impairment?


So tell me, what do they call Rachel Maddow fans? I'll give you 3 tries coasterdope.


How is that a valid example? The guys mowing lawns are laid off and on unemployment half the year. Get a clue. You libs will do anything to spin the facts.


Maybe you would pay him 15 or 20 bucks - that doesn't mean everyone does. If they do, it's because THEY as the employer (i.e. customer/consumer of lawnmowing services) perceive there to be 15-20 dollars worth of value in the services rendered, otherwise they'd find someone else to do it for less, or cut their own lawn

You bleeding hearts always seem to leave out the question of value delivered for that wage. Here's a thought - raise the minimum wage, but also legislate a minimum qualification. We could give an exam to be licensed to work and get minimum wage - maybe the state high school 12th grade proficiency exam. You'd have to be retested to renew the license every 5 years, and without the license, you're not eligible for minimum wage. I bet the mean wage in this country would decline.


I DO agree with Nemesis, in part. There are many people who are earning minimum wage jobs because they and their parents never put much value in education. Still, there are just as many who ARE educated, but can't find work in the post-recession economy that George wrought upon America. Also, at least half of the people who are on food stamps are minors who are in that situation through no fault of their own.

Nemesis' plan is an example of Big Government, new Big Brother federal regulations that punish those without an education. In true Republican fashion, his plan contains nothing that would help those people GET a better education, nor any increased funding to education. Finally, it doesn't mention what America should do with those who don't qualify under the new Draconian rules. I suppose we should just let them starve.

Essentially, his plan does NOTHING to prevent the problem that needs addressing. The only thing it does is punish anyone who doesn't make the grade, and cut their funding. Sounds like a recipe for increased number of people on food stamps.

In summary, his plan doesn't fix anything, but it does cut taxes. Code: it keeps money is his pocket, and 'to heck with everyone else'. Congrats, you've learned the greedy, self-centered conservative mantra quite well. And people wonder why the Republican Party is shrinking in numbers....


Re: "I suppose we should just let them starve."

A ridiculous, absurdist, progressive rhetorical red herring.


Re: "it keeps money is his pocket, and 'to heck with everyone else'."

And Pres. Obama & the GOP agreed to decrease the amt. of SS tax for two yrs. why?



"I DO agree with Nemesis, in part. There are many people who are earning minimum wage jobs because they and their parents never put much value in education."

Follow that line of reasoning a little further now. Why should their embrace of education have any relationship to what they earn? Because being educated allows them to bring more VALUE to the transaction. That is the point you missed of my entirely hypothetical.

The implied point, which apparently went screaming over your head, was, if we mandate a minimum value from the employer, but not from the employee, then the employer is getting ripped off. If you mandate that everyone must pay a minimum price for apples, but don't specify a minimum size for those apples, some apple buyers are going to get ripped off. I was simply making the logical extension of your minimum wage policy - if the government places a floor on one side of the transaction, why not to the other? What's good for the goose is good for the gander. I mean, come on, you did say you want to be FAIR.

There are a lot of people out there who do not bring even $7.25/hour worth of value to the table. I would be ashamed to ask for HALF the current minimum wage with only skills and work ethic I've seen from some people in minimum wage jobs.

"Still, there are just as many who ARE educated, but can't find work in the post-recession economy"

Yeah, educated, but neither knowledgeable nor skilled. A degree in [insert victim group here] studies or some other made up political axe-grinding major doesn't really increase one's value in the workplace, especially when there's a glut of such credentials in the marketplace. News flash for all the wide eyed college freshmen trying to decide on a course of study - just because you spend four years at some institution discovering yourself and chasing your dreams, all while scrupulously avoiding math, real science, or anything else where the existence of only one right answer makes you feel repressed and put upon, doesn't mean the world will fall all over itself to pay big bucks for you to continue the journey. You need to know how to do something that people need done. There was a time when any liberal arts degree program would at least teach you critical thinking, but that's no longer true.

By the way, my hypothetical actually involves a reduction in big government, since it reduces the scope of the government imposed minimum wage to those who meet qualifications.


Feel free to tip your counter person $10 every time you go to McDonalds. Nothing is holding you back.

Darwin's choice

And the Obama blathering continues!

He keeps hoping to shine the glaring spotlight away from his so many failures, anything is likely to come out of his mouth.

Failure-in-Chief !!

Darwin's choice

He' getting desperate....

During today's White House Youth Summit, President Obama called on young people to do whatever they can to promote his signature health care law — including plying their customers with cheap booze.
"If you are a bartender, have a happy hour," Obama said as the crowd laughed. "And also probably get health insurance because a lot of people don't have it."
Obama also encouraged young people who are student body presidents or workers at nonprofit organizations to help people get enrolled.
"If you've got a radio show, spread the word on air," Obama added.
Obama called on young people's sense of patriotism to join the cause.
"[The] bottom line is that I'm going to need you, the country needs you," Obama said, reminding them that their friends and peers might not know the benefits of Obamacare.



How can he be desperate? He cannot be re-elected.


Re: "How can he be desperate?"

One word: Legacy.

The man is a narcissistic egotist who blames others and is NEVER wrong.


I can understand that big business's (like McDonalds, Wal-mart, etc) can and should be paying more than minimum wage. However, I also know small business owners (who own a small shop) that might not make $10 in sales in an hour. Some days are good and some are bad. If people supported these small shops like they do Wal-mart, then they might be able to afford to pay their help more. If the minimum wage is raised, then the big companies will figure out a way to save money somewhere else. The little man will just keep plugging along.


They'll deal with it the way they always have, by cutting the number of people they employ and/or raising prices. You'll wait longer in line at WalMart and/or pay more. WalMart wasn't always big - they started out small - why should big companies be punished for succeeding?


Minimum wage is not meant to be a family supportive living wage. As he usually does, community organizer in cheif is proposing to attack the problem from the wrong direction. If the economy were doing better, the minimum wage wouldn't be an issue because adults could find jobs other than working at McDonalds and Wal-Mart to support their families. High school kids who aren't paying for a mortgage, insurance and utilities, have plenty of money to spend making $7/hr.
When you have no experience working in a real job that has a budget and spending constraints, you don't understand how the economy works.


I do agree that minimum wage is not supposed to be a family supportive living wage. Unfortunately (and any visit to the local fast-food joint will show this), jobs that used to be meant for HS kids are now being held by middle-aged breadwinners. This, is the result of millions of jobs lost during the Bush years.

And for some idiotic reason, Republicans have fought everything Obama has done to create jobs. How sad that their pathological hatred of Obama and goal to undermine everything he tries is more important to them than actually helping American people. How else to explain their sudden opposition (in 2009) to things that they previously championed?


....including the ACA!

Darwin's choice

Funny how its now the ACA, since its failing daily, but was "Obama Care" up to now....! Even by the President....hahahahaha!!!


Creating jobs is not his job - it's the private sector's job, but he keeps strangling the private sector.


Re: "everything Obama has done to create jobs."

You mean like:

"Sh..shovel ready wasn't as eh...shovel ready as we expected"?


BTW: Where's his "Jobs Council" these days?

Darwin's choice

Nice try.

More lies from a blind follower.

Reality is people are finally seeing this failure for what he is, and his, and your, continued blaming anyone else for his failures, is pathetic.

Keep shoveling though......

History will show this President as an utter failure.


This isn't just about minimum wage workers. Raising the minimum wage, especially by this amount, affects every companies wage scale. The $10 guy then gets $12, $11 gets $13, so on and so on. There are too many struggling busineses to support this.

Dr. Information

What will he accomplish from this? Simple. Prices what will increase and be passed down to the consumer. When you run your own business, then you can talk about whats fair and not fair. The government (IRS) strips so much from business's that many small locally run places cannot afford to pay employees much more in order to keep prices down.

The math is simple. If you have 2 employees making 8.10 an hour and work 40 hours a week and work 50 weeks a year, and you are forced to bump them up to 10.10 an hour, that is $8,000 more a year you are paying out. Small business owners who profit margin is already low, will not just absorb these costs. They will be passed down.

Good old attention disorder Obama is at it again. One week its Obamacare, then next its immigration, the next is jobs and pay, whats next? We will see once he pulls out his next mystery out of the hat topic to "talk about".


"that is $8,000 more.." Minimum. Don't forget the employers increase in matching tax dollars as well as increases to SSI, FICA, ODJFS, workers comp. That $8000 has probably been blown up to $12,000 to $15,000.

Dr. Information

Exactly and I was waiting form someone to post exactly what you did.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

You beat me to it, but good catch. There are probably other ramifications that magnify as the wages are adjusted elsewhere. If the guy making $14 was also getting a 401(k) match, stock options, or some kind of other compensation he may lose that to go to $16 an hour. Or he stays at $14 and keeps it with the new base wage being over $10 which will be eroded into by an increase in the cost of goods and services.

The money has to come from somewhere, it doesn't magically manifest. Many who rail against big business may not be aware that they have fiduciary responsibilities to their stockholders to be profitable and conduct an efficient, reliable business model. They could face legal penalties for not doing so! So the tear is where does one suppose the money should go? To whom does the money in the till belong? The business, the stockholders, or the employees?

Really are you ...

You know what I hate? I am not as young as I use to be. Companies would rather hire the 20 something's. I have started to start over 3 times already. Each time starting off at the bottom trying to work my way up. To sorry we are leaving for whatever reason serves a community backbone companies purpose. Then starting over and being taxed to Haties and back, taxed before you cash your check and taxed when you spend your money. That $8.50 an hour is more like $6.00 an hour. So at $6.00 an hour, you have to work for 100 hours to pay rent, 60 hours to pay for the car, 10 hours for electricity... O' and everything is increasing in price even without a $10.10 minimum wage.


The defining challenge of our time is to see if this country can survive this empty suit's policies before we get a chance to replace him in 2016. I'd say it's less than 50/50 at this point.

Really are you ...

How much do you think your time spent working for someone else is worth to you? If want 1 penny for every second you work for a company, that is $36.00 an hour, or a little over $72,000.00a year.


employers don't care what you're worth and will never pay as such; they just want bodies that will produce and run their businesses and make them money. bottom line. robots in other words.


A supply & demand question:

A vendor is selling apples for $1.00 ea.

The govt. says that the vendor must sell them for $1.50 ea.

Will the vendor sell more or fewer apples?

Really are you ...

How can the gov't dictate how much a vendor sells an item for? When they can't even manage this country. The gov't is letting our average or better than average paying jobs go for cheaper wages and tax loopholes. How can they justify an increase in a vendors lower price? Beating down the little guy?


It is amazing how the republican party has brainwashed their followers into thinking that the rich deserve more money and the poor and middle class deserve less. Just shows how easy some people can be manipulated!!


Conversely: It is amazing how the Democrat Party has brainwashed their followers into thinking that one's compensation should be determined by the State in the name of "fairness."


Most business owners fall into the middle class category. I thought you lefties were all for the middle class? Let me guess, you as is the case with other lefties are decreasing the amount of income that is considered middle class in order to make a point? By Obama's standard of $250K 85% of business owners in the US would be middle class. Seems to me that the Repubs are sticking up for the middle class and Dems are just trying to legislate more freebies for the unproductive class.


Like it or not we will pay 1 way or another. Examine any country any time in history that once knew a robust economy. Look what happens when everyday folk watch their hard efforts wane to naught. The results are grim. How many more people in your area on needed help, i.e, medical, food, heat, etc. Figures don't lie but liars figure.


Re: "Examine any country any time in history that once knew a robust economy."

Usually squandered by the wealthy political elite (nomenklatura).

And how is it that the majority of wealthy counties in the U.S. surround DC?

And why are 7 of the 10 richest members of Congress Democrats?

The progressive-socialists say:

Just let us take your assets and WE'LL see that they are distributed fairly and equitably. lol

Look over here...No...look over there...No...look over here, etc.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

“No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”
― George Orwell, Animal Farm


Its all a vicious catch 22. Raise the minimum wage because the price of survival is too high. Then you have to raise the price of goods because the price of labor is too high. There's no winning this one.


Re: "raise the price of goods,"

Price/wage spiral.



Why is it any of the government's business what the transfer price is between a willing seller of services and a willing buyer of services? The existance of a minimum wage only causes buyers and sellers of sevices under that wage to pay under the table.


“I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”.
“I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”.
“I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”.
“I will remove earmarks from PORK projects before I sign any bill.”.
“I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year.”
“I will bring ALL of our troops home within ONE year.”
“I’ll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at the table!”.
“I’ll have no lobbyists in my administration.”
“I’ll close Guantanamo.”
“I’ll resign if I don’t cut the deficit in half by the end of four years.”
“I’ll unite the people of this great country.”
“I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
“I have Shovel-Ready Jobs.”
“Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.”
“I Barrack Hussain Obama pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”
“If you like your health Insurance you can keep it, PERIOD!”

Darwin's choice

You forgot one:

"I'm full of Chit"


I was once told that an employer who pays $10 an hour to his employees is actually paying $17 an hour. This being that employee benefits (vacation, hospitilization, etc) actually adds 70% to what the employee is paid. In the case of a job with no benefits, of course this doesn't apply.


If there are no benefits it may not add up to 70% but as I indicated earlier the employer pays additional percentages of employee withholdings. So, if the employee makes more and has more fed tax taken out then the employer must pay more as well. Now use that reasoning with FICA, SSI, ODJFS (unemployment) workers comp etc and you can see that the employers numbers contributions increase significantly.

Stop It

I was on the management end a few times. Hire and fire and whatnot. We charged $70.00 per hour per non union *skilled trade* employee. They were lucky to get $16.00 of that per hour. We are not talking low skills. They were certified welders and mechanics.


Winnie I feel Alice Cooper spoke about in his song, Gimmie. Kneel down pooh.


Re: "Alice Cooper spoke about in his song"

Only in your crazy delusion kurtie, only in your crazy delusion.


Well finally you did observe...still hate God? (three score & 10...get your heart right soon oldster)


Re: "get your heart right soon oldster,"

“Geez mommy,” - kURTje, 12/01/2013

Ya might wanna whine for mommy again and see if it makes it all better. :)

The Big Dog's back

I think it should be more like $15.


If your hatred for President Obama is so strong that it blinds you to see that the income inequity is not only bad for the country, but morally wrong, maybe you'll listen to the Pope:

"Some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world. This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts, expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and in the sacralized workings of the prevailing economic system. Meanwhile, the excluded are still waiting."

And I know that a lot of people's hatred for Obama is based on his skin color, so you'll probably dismiss this because it comes from Nelson Mandela, but they are great words to live by:

"Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies."


Well spoken toredown. You like me have probably experienced these people. Self-centered, greedy, joyless, bitter. They missed out on the many joys real life can give. Zombies/walking dead.


Re: "Well..."

More off-topic, nonsensical ranting from kooky kurtie.

Darwin's choice

And,here we go! More complete insanity from the stooges in the democratic party....


Bill to remove term limits for the office of President!!

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The Hero Zone

Let this encourage you, Darwin: http://townhall.com/columnists/c...

Darwin's choice

Thanks......we can only hope!


The bill to remove term limits has zero chance of going anywhere. It has been proposed by both parties - even when the other party's president was in office - over 20 times since the 22nd amendment was passed in the late 1940's. Rep Serrano - the most recent to propose this - has done this every year since 1997 (so, under Clinton, Bush, and Obama).

Neither party wants this to pass, and not only would both houses have to pass the bill, but each state legislature would as is required for any changes to the Constitution.

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The Hero Zone

I'm all for Congressional term limits! You are right about this guy, though, and beat me to it. Good catch!


2/3 of state legislatures, toredown.

Dr. Information

Disagree with how horrible Obama has been running this country and the left has to bring out the race card. That shows nothing more than weakness in their part.

The New World Czar

Notice how the Democratic party has gone from being "the working man's party" to "the non-working person's party"?




Best comment of the year!!!


Just goes to confirm the inexperience of Obozo! Wage differences should mirror the difference in skill level or performance. To make everybody equal in terms of wages rewards the sloths and hinders those that want to excel and advance. This not about wages at all, it is about more government control over us. As these Dems keep passing out the free stuff they recruit more and more lazy voters. Certainly there are people that need help, but why don't they help themselves rather than helping their selves to my wallet? Was it my fault they didn't get an education while instead were spitting out babies at 14 and 15 not even knowing who the daddy was? Was it my fault they didn't get the parental guidance I did? Again, where's the daddy? Where is the family support unit? I guess it's my fault that everybody does not have the brain power to be engineers or brain surgeons. Must be because I end up paying for these no accounts. There should be a time limit on all welfare programs rather continuing the parade of families who have made welfare programs their means of subsistance from generation to generation. Aren't you people sick and tired of this president who has 40 million more people to the food stamp roles? Wants to give all benefits to illegal aliens, trying desperately to get us to swallow that they are not illegal, just mis placed persons. What we don't need is another four years of this kind of administration when we finally get rid of the worst president ever!!