Obama declares health care law is working

President argues his health law is preventing insurance discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions and is allowing young people to stay on their parents' coverage until age 26
Associated Press
Dec 3, 2013

Seeking to regroup from his health care law's disastrous rollout, President Barack Obama on Tuesday insisted that the sweeping overhaul is working and warned Republican critics that he would fight any efforts to strip away its protections.

"We're not repealing it as long as I'm president," Obama said during a health care event at the White House. "If I have to fight another three years to make sure this law works, then that's what I'll do."

Earlier Tuesday, the administration released a 50-state report saying that almost 1.5 million people were found eligible for Medicaid during October. As website problems depressed sign-ups for subsidized private coverage, that safety-net program for low-income people saw an almost 16 percent increase in states that have agreed to expand it, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

The White House is trying to cast the health care law in a positive light after the first two months of enrollment for the centerpiece insurance exchanges were marred with technical problems. With the majority of problems with the sign-up website resolved, by the accounting of administration officials, Obama and his team plan to spend much of December trying to remind Americans why the administration fought for the law in the first place.

"We believe that in America, nobody should have to worry about going broke because somebody in their family or they got sick," Obama said, flanked by people the White House says have benefited from the law.

Despite Obama's sunny presentation, officials are furiously working behind the scenes to rectify an unresolved issue with enrollment data that could become a significant headache after the first of the year. Insurers say much of the enrollment data they're receiving is practically useless, meaning some consumers might not be able to get access to benefits on Jan. 1, the date their coverage is scheduled to take effect.

The troubled rollout of the insurance exchanges has contributed to a drop in Obama's overall job approval rating, while also emboldening Republicans and putting Democratic lawmakers facing re-election on edge.

White House officials say that with the worst of the website problems behind them, the president will return to a familiar political argument: criticizing Republicans for opposing the "Obamacare" law without providing their own ideas for solving national health care woes.

"They sure haven't presented an alternative," Obama said. "You've got to tell us specifically what you'd do."

Despite the website troubles, the White House says it is buoyed by high online traffic. On Monday, officials said, the site received about 1 million visitors, though they would not detail how many of those had actually enrolled for insurance policies.

Medicaid sign-ups are proceeding on a separate track. While subsidized private coverage is available to middle class people in all 50 states, the expanded version of Medicaid currently is provided only in states that agreed to accept it. So far 25 states and Washington, D.C., have done so.

Tuesday's report showed states that expanded their Medicaid programs saw an almost 16 percent increase in applications during October. States that did not expand saw a smaller, 4-percent increase.




"Obamacare Suits Mount as Notre Dame Joins Scrum of Cases":

"The Notre Dame case is among 86 lawsuits attacking Obamacare on religious grounds,"


Good thing that Pres. Obama didn't say: If you like your religious beliefs you can keep them. :)


"Short-term fix eyed for another problem with U.S. healthcare website":

"Health plans will estimate how much they are owed, and submit that estimate to the government. Once the system is built, the government and insurers can reconcile the payments made with the plan data to 'true up' payments,"


So the DC bureaucratic kleptocrats are gonna TRUST those evil, greedy insurance cos. ? lol

Obama☭are: The cluster (bleep) that keeps on (bleeping) up.

The Nobel Prize Winner-in-Chief's "solution" to EVERY problem is to throw billions of dollars at it. Genius!

What should one expect from a former community organizer whose major job was scamming money out of the govt.?

Dr. Information

On insurance until 26. This isn't new, and its wasn't Obamas idea. This has been this way for years.

Polls don't lie. He's in the dumper. Obamacare is still broke. Just because the SR is good at propaganda copy and pasting, doesn't mean its accurate.

The only thing that has happened so far is MEDICAID expansion, aka, more living off the government boob. Great job Obama, said no one ever.


Re: "This isn't new"

Beg to differ:

It 'may' have been a "practice," but NOW it's the LAW.


Our healthcare trust stopped offering dental ins. in order to help fund this mandate.

We felt the effects of Obama☭are a while ago.

For their next trick, the progressive-socialists will legislate the abrogation of gravity because it unfairly disadvantages the disabled and the obese. :)


"On insurance until 26. This isn't new..." Ummm, not true. College students could stay on their parents policy until the age of 23 I believe. At that time they had to come off. Prior to this a 21 yr that was not in college could not be on the parents policy, pretty sure.


Just don't sign up. Simple and effective strategy.


Re: "Just don't sign up."

Good point. If one is sick or injured ERs still have to treat ya don't they?

"Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act"


Obama☭are: Watch it crash, burn and die.


It's already crashing and burning; I'm just waiting for death. Hmmm...do you suppose we can appoint a "death panel" of our own and maybe hasten the downward spiral before it causes too much more damage?


Re: "before it causes too much more damage?"

Wait until the employer mandate kicks in and millions potentially lose their employer based health plans and are thrown onto the exchanges.

H*ll most don't understand how their 401(k) works and the financially ignorant masses are supposed to understand their health ins. ?

Unfortunately THAT is about the ONLY positive I see: It expands the individual ins. mkt. and shrinks the employer ins. mkt.

Yrs. ago, GM's major expense was healthcare and not steel. YIKES!

BTW: Employer sponsored auto and home ins. didn't work.

Dr. Information

No such thing as a free lunch. Someone has to pay for this mess. This administration expected young healthy people to sign up in droves. Actually, this had to happen for Obiecare to work. Problem is these young healthy people are on mommy and daddy's insurance for 1/3 of their life. Totally contradicts itself.


Under Obamacare, a 15 year-old girl is entitled to contraceptives because she's an "independent woman," but a 25 year-old girl is entitled to remain on her parents' insurance because she's a "dependent." Pretty cool how that works, eh? (Or not...)


Love the "legalese."

To quote the great POTUS Slick Willie:

"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is."


So now Obama thinks that people are stupid enough to believe that his turd of a health care law is effective just because 2 small aspects of it are "working." Great! What about the horridly designed website that was thrown together and rolled out without testing? What about the thousands of people who lost employer sponsored plans? What about people who are watching the cost of their employer sponsored plans skyrocket to pay for this perveribial turd of a health care law?

You can't put a positive spin on this one, Obama. The only people who actually agree with this stupid plan don't know anything about it or are too stupid to realize that you're pulling the wool over their eyes--AGAIN! I'm tired of being lied to. I'm tired of Obama thinking that the American people are stupid enough to believe his crap. I'm tired of Congress making themselves exempt from all the "turds" they create. They should be force fed this crap just like the rest of us!

Darwin's choice

Harry Reid exempts his staff from obamacare.....LMAO !!!

The hits just keep coming from the "blunders" in charge.....





Harry just did what Pelosi told him to do. He voted for it so he could see what was in it, didn't like what hew saw, so he exempted his staff from it. How can anyone say it is even remotely hypocritical? You guys are just being racist to poor Harry. You are racist I say!!! (that should shut up you repthugs from calling poor Harry names)

Dr. Information

Amazing how these clowns do this and then are re-elected.


Seriously, if the ACA is such a good thing then why is Harry Reid taking this stance?

"Harry Reid exempts some of his Senate staff from Obamacare exchanges. One of the biggest public supporters of the Affordable Care Act has reportedly decided that some of his staff should be exempted from the new law."


Alex Baldwin axed and now Martin Bashir quits.

They're dropping like flies at the looney progressive network.

The Big Dog's back

Bashir resigns for telling the truth, fox fires no one for lying everyday. Go figure.

Darwin's choice

Kinda like Obama......

Hasn't been fired yet for the daily lying....


That's gonna leave a mark. +1


So then you agree with Bashir that defecating into the mouth of someone who says things you don't like is an appropriate punishment? Golly, what OTHER creative and totally sensible slave punishments would you like to see reinstituted? And what speech "crimes" do you think merit such punishment? Inquiring minds want to know!


Anyone against the Progressive Agenda would be "silenced" if the parasites had their way.

When Breitbart died he celebrated. The left takes great pleasure in the death or misery of those who oppose them.

The Big Dog's back

Yes, I agree with Bashir.


My, you will require a loooonnng time to evolve. I bet you still have a residual tail.


The Fed’s latest Beige Book, an overview of business conditions in each of the Fed’s 12 banking districts, would seem to contradict oft-repeated claim that the shutdown hurt the economy and hindered growth.

The Fed said seven of its 12 banking districts described growth as moderate. Four — Philadelphia, Chicago, Kansas City and San Francisco — said growth was modest. Boston said its regional economy continued to expand.

Manufacturing strengthened in most districts, helped by more production of cars, trucks and high-tech products. Consumers increased their spending in most regions, and retailers were optimistic (albeit cautious) about the holiday shopping season. Five districts reported positive developments in hiring; the other seven reported little change.

Some companies in Cleveland and Chicago reported heightened levels of uncertainty due to continued debate over the federal budget. And tourist destinations in Boston, Richmond and Minneapolis reported lower traffic during that time.

In November, a measure of consumers’ confidence fell to the lowest level in seven months, a drop that came after a much bigger decline in October that was blamed in part on the government shutdown.

The declines in both months were driven by falling expectations for hiring and the economy over the next six months.

dorothy gale

Let me start by saying I am in favor of health care reform, IF that reform is for the better. I do not think that health insurance should be free but I DO believe it should be AFFORDABLE for everyone, ESPECIALLY if those who don't have it are to be penalized. This so-called Affordable Care Act is a f***ing JOKE! I applied on the website only to learn that the cheapest plan will cost one entire paycheck, and I get paid twice a month. That plan has a $5000 deductible and pays 60% of costs. I have sent several scathing emails to the White House and have not received a reply. I will keep sending emails and if one day the Secret Service appears on my porch, so be it. At least I will get free health care in prison. I would like to know in what alternate reality half of one's monthly take-home pay can be construed as AFFORDABLE! And then to punish me with a fine because I can't afford the damn policy! I could understand it if the premiums were REALLY affordable, like 50 bucks a month, but they AREN'T. I have never expected to get something for nothing but don't tell me that a monthly premium equalling half of my net income for a 60-40 policy with a $5000 deductible is AFFORDABLE! I am so angry.

Dr. Information

dorothy gale, most people are in the same boat as you. They are finding out how unaffordable it really is. Lets not also forget the millions of plans that have already been cancelled. As it stands Obamacare is in the hole and will never get out.


Well Dr, do you work on the migrants in Willard?