Obama invokes Thanksgiving spirit on immigration

President says he's willing to work with House Republicans who want to break issue into pieces
Karen Mork
Nov 26, 2013

President Barack Obama invoked the Thanksgiving spirit Monday in search of an immigration deal with Congress, making a pitch for a legislative priority amid a West Coast fundraising swing.

The Democratic-controlled Senate has passed a comprehensive bill that includes border security and a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants illegally in the United States. Obama prefers that approach but says he's willing to go along with House Republicans who want to break immigration reform into pieces.

"It's Thanksgiving. We can carve that bill into multiple pieces," Obama said to laughter at the Betty Ann Ong Chinese Recreation Center in the Chinatown neighborhood.

Obama said a quarter of the foreign-born population in the United States in 2011 came from Asian countries, and more than a million of the 11 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally are from Asia.

Later, Obama was interrupted by a heckler standing on the stage behind him who shouted at the president to stop deportations that split up families. Obama says he needs Congress to change the law to have that power. When security tried to remove the demonstrator from the event, Obama said he could stay and that they share the same goal.

"It won't be as easy as just shouting. It requires us lobbying," Obama said.

Facing opposition from many rank-and-file Republicans, House GOP leaders don't plan to hold any votes on immigration during what remains of this year.

At the San Francisco Jazz Center hours later, Obama reflected in personal terms about his own family's struggles as he continued a fundraising swing he started the night before in Seattle.

He said he starts each morning thinking about how he found himself in public service in the first place: the difficulties for his grandmother, who as a woman hit a glass ceiling in her career; his mother, who relied on scholarships as a single mom; and his wife's father, a blue-collar worker who never went to college. Obama said he thinks about his family's trajectory and what the U.S. has done for his family.

"I travel around the country and I see that story repeated over and over again," Obama said, adding that he feels privileged to be president "because in some small measure every single day I have an opportunity to advance that story."

After the pair of fundraisers in San Francisco on Monday, Obama was headed to Los Angeles to raise money for House and Senate Democrats. One event will be held at the home of Earvin "Magic" Johnson, the former NBA star and now co-owner of baseball's Los Angeles Dodgers.



Coram Deo

To achieve bipartisanship on any immigration bill (or any bill for that matter) President Obama is going to have to stop incessantly attacking the GOP and come to the table. If I were Obama, considering the trainwreck of the Obamacare launch and his horrific lead-from-behind foreign policy failures such as Benghazi, the Syrian civil war (he backed the radical Muslim Brotherhood) and now the Geneva negotiations which have effectively thrown Israel, our oldest ally and the regions only functioning democracy, under the proverbial bus, I would be doing some soul searching for a little relief from these huge political disasters. He needs a success right now and if he were smart he'd stop using the politics of distraction and camouflage, come to the negotiating table with his big boy pants on before his poll numbers plummet even more. Of course the Alinskyite in him probably won't allow that.


Whatever! The President has kissed all the GOP butt he is going to. What he needs is republiCONS to start doing their job.


I thought it was our job to stop the ruination of America and the stop the socialistic community organizer in chief dead in his tracks by the use of the constitution not by executive orders and nuclear options!


Check out the vitriol from the Kool-Aid drinkers on here!

Must be hard to realize your messiah is just a tool in a tie.


Hope they don’t OD on the stuff, like 4shizzle did, and start throwing out death threats.


Kool-Aid tastes way better than tea!

Darwin's choice

How about this????

In an unknown back room deal, President Barack Obama has given big UNIONS an exemption from the Obamacare tax they helped him pass. Sen. John Thune discovered the language Monday (11/25/2013).

"On page 70 of regulations the administration published on Monday, Thune’s office noted that a rule would exempt Taft-Hartley union healthcare plans from from the Obamacare reinsurance tax."...

Dear God, premiums are going to SKYROCKET AGAIN for the rest of us to make up the difference. The cronyism escalates for dues-paying liberal loyalists to this crook.


The parasites on here have complete meltdowns when the walls of Libtopia come crashing down. But their small intellects won't allow much else. It's sad really.

The Big Dog's back

Actually what's sad is your hatred of human beings.


I would say I give more of my income on a percentage basis to charity than you do. And I don't claim it as a deduction on my taxes.

Friend stood outside a UAW facility recently asking for donations for the Philippines. Her take: $0.56 per person. $84 total. I went around my office and asked. Didn't tell them about her effort. I raised $110 from 6 Republican/Libertarians.

I remember your EPIC meltdown after the Mid-Terms Brutus. You received the Ban Hammer didn't you? It was quite enjoyable to watch your head explode. I do hope we see V2.0 of that soon.


Bravo! Someone please give Pete a cookie. What I remember is the day after President Obama was elected the first time. Absolute
SILENCE in the office! Hilarious!


I'm glad he has tried to shake health care up. Tired of my mom's bill reflecting a hefty % from those that can't/will not pay. Hope I don't ever need overpriced medication either. Or..allow US to obtain the the same health care Chaney & Pelosi have. Its that E-z. btw the why examine the photos of the GOP event in Huron County. Those photos do not represent the majority of Americans. They reflect the outdated mindset of a decaying organization.

Dr. Information

kurt, What do you think your avg bill will look like in the future with the possibility of 100 million plans canceled due to Obamacare? What about all the companies who cannot afford to offer their employees healthcare because of Obamacare and will just opt out and take the penalty?

Obamacare will go down as a huge failure. Its easy to see. It just isn't going to work and it already is showing the results.

Darwin's choice

See my post above.....


You are just stupid funny!


Don't get a bill Dr.a. You pay it. (military)