Woman wins botched lung surgery suit

A local law firm representing a 61-year-old woman in a medical negligence lawsuit won a $450,000 award after a weeklong jury trial, according to a news release from Murray & Murray Co., L. .A.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 23, 2013


Attorneys from the firm represented the woman in Lucas County Common Pleas Court, suing her surgeon for negligently operating and removing the woman’s entire right lung.

The surgeon was supposed to remove only a small portion of tissue, but cut too deep. Instead of correcting the mistake, the surgeon removed the entire lung, leaving the Murray client constantly short of breath and unable to return to work as a phlebotomist.

The jury unanimously determined the doctor was negligent and awarded the $450,000 to remedy physical, emotional and economic damages.

The woman was represented by attorneys Charles M. Murray and James L. Murray.


Erie County Resident

That's good and bad news.
Great she won but to bad she'll only see about $25K after taxes and the lawyers take their huge chunk.


Can the doctor's name be printed and is there a public database to show docs who have messed up? As a consumer this would help us to make informed choices as to which doctor to choose. With costs of healthcare so expensive, shouldn't there be a way to compare and have this information available to help make that choice?


Not to worry. Once Obamacare is in full effect, you'll HAVE no choice, informed or otherwise, as to which doctors you see, or if you'll be permitted to see a doctor at all!

Until then, though (or until that nightmare is repealed), I have to agree with you that we OUGHT to know who these doctors are! I wouldn't promote any kind of publication of names of doctors who are merely accused or who settle out of court— we all know how unfortunately sue-happy some people can be and how it's cheaper even for the innocent to settle — but those actually found guilty are another story!


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Julie R.

Why is it that doctors are always getting sued but the courts won't allow lawsuits against attorneys?

Julie R.

I don't think there's a doctor around that intentionally sets out to harm a patient, yet attorneys are right there to make a big profit off of their mistakes. On the other hand, attorneys intentionally set out to harm people, knowing they'll be protected by the attorneys that wear the black robes.