Police launch probe into favoritism complaint

The Sandusky police launched an internal investigation last week to determine whether police gave preferential treatment to the son of city commissioner Julie Farrar, after receiving a written complaint last month that he was disrupting the neighborhood without consequence.
Jessica Cuffman
Jul 4, 2011

The Sandusky police launched an internal investigation last week to determine whether police gave preferential treatment to the son of city commissioner Julie Farrar, after receiving a written complaint last month that he was disrupting the neighborhood without consequence.

A copy of the complaint, which was unsigned can be viewed here. There is also a copy of a 2009 e-mail exchange between commissioner Farrar and then acting police chief Charlie Sams in which Farrar complains that her son is being harassed by police.

Was Logan Farrar given preferential treatment by police? Did officers harass him? Be sure to get a copy of Tuesday's Register for more of the story.



    Look for Icsman to launch another internal investigation.  Where is the Democratic Party?


    Look for Icsman to launch another internal investigation.  Where is the Democratic Party?

Dick Tracey

What is with our city commissioners not being able to raise good, law abiding children?

The city commissioners are supposed to be ridding our city of of this kind of filth. Instead they are contributing to it, by raising kids that are drug abusers, have police records, and have done harm to others. I find this disgusting and very hypocritical.

I am appalled by Ms. Farrars email, blaming her sons disrepect towards police, on the police! She raised her son and it was her job to instill respect for authority in her son, starting at an early age. It's too late now, so she blames the police and accuses them of harrassing her son.

Don't even get me started on the 3 pit bulls. Let me guess, he is such an animal lover that he "rescued" them? Let me just say that Michael Vick also chained his pit bulls to tires.

Hey parents, if your kid is wearing his jeans below his a$$ crack, his hat on backwards, has pit bulls, has a police record, beats his girlfriend, smokes pot and is direspectful to the police, he might be a thug. If the cops are continually called to your house and your son is continually stopped by police, chances are your kid is a thug.

Maybe it is time to step down and spend some quality time getting your son under control. I think the city can run fine with out you, pay attention to the problems in your own back yard!



 We now have evidence of what sort of spawn is created when a mother serves "porterhouse steaks" every evening on her union rep salary!  Maybe she was too busy marching with the Tsubaki past-employees, the cry-baby public union members and of course, the permanent victims, the teachers.  Her time might have been better spent raising her son instead of allowing him to become such a little hooligan!


VERY INTERESTING.         I don't know about her but I know of a sister of hers that thinks her kids are more special than ANYBODY elses  and has the nerve to talk about everyone elses kids when she hardly even knows them! The more I hear and see about Julie~I sure am beginning to wonder.


Wow!!  Everything I have heard about the commission, it seems Julie is the one who SAYS she is behind the police, but yet here she is crying about her son being pulled over.  I have always been a strong supporter of the Police, but this makes me wonder.  Is her son being given preferential treatment because she went crying to Sams???  Julie Farrar in my opinion is a joke and a hypocrite.....this story makes me sick.......and hopefully she will  OT  NOT be voted back in....what a joke!

Cracked Cherry

 These are problems we can all face raising teenagers, But when your a city commissioner and on the radar like Julie is you better get your son under control now. Once the cops know you and your game, of course they are going to be busting your chops, It's their job isn't it?? 


Investigations are useless because the city controls them.  It is disheartening for any parent to have a kid that misbehaves.  You can be the best parent and your kid can take a wrong direction.   Ms Farrar needs to allow the police to do their job or she can get into an ethical problem.  It is better to get the kid into rehab now before something worse happens.  It is an accident waiting to happen because it only gets worse when your kid is on drugs.  As for the drug test she makes her son take, unless you actually see him take the test, it is useless.  The kids know their way around the drug tests.

Julie R.

Hey Julie, I guess this proves one thing ---- never cross anybody that buys their ink by the barrel!


nah, all she has to do is run her load mouth like she always does

40 Hour Worker

 If this kid is the "thug" type neighbors are claiming he is that type never owns pit bulls for the purpose of having a loving pet.

I seriously hope the dog warden is going to investigate whether those dogs are being used in the fighting ring or being trained to be used in that manner.  If so, I hope the dogs are removed and placed in a rehabilitation sanctuary and this kid is charged with animal cruelty and abuse.


  This issue does come down to parenting. Julie could have really made an impact on other young people and parents had she supported the police. This could be a life-changing experience for her son. Tough love is sometimes the only emotion that people understand. Also, had she expressed to the public (this is what public officials should do to remain transparent) that her son is a citizen of the City just like everyone else the public would have respected that. She could have stated that – no matter who you are, parenting can be very challenging. People understand this. They would be able to relate to her – and be more supportive.    It really doesn’t matter what kind of job you have or how much money you make, your child (even grown) can still be a challenge because they have their own personality, free will, and self-confidence issues. The issue here isn’t that a City Commissioner is expected to have perfect children (even if grown). The issue here is that she could be using this as a life lesson for her family…AND…the citizens of the City. She has now lost that opportunity. This was a visionary issue. If she cannot see through something as elementary as this, one has to wonder if her vision is clear to be part of the City’s leadership team.

Typical liberal crybaby!  All she does is get on a soapbox and use the democrack technique of BLAME.  BLAME the police for harrassment??  BLAME the police because she has NO influence on her own kid?  Of course, I should have known.  Ha! Ha!  I wonder WHO else uses that same EXCUSE for their OWN behavior and OWN FAILURE?  Come on libs, I know you can LIST the many fellow liberals who love to BLAME!  What is this on Fox News about kicking Joe Biden to the curb by YOUR anointed one?  It does NOT look good for YOUR "anointed" one with all that wonderful hope and change you can believe in.  Maybe 0bama can select Julie Farrar as NEW VP pick.  After all, it would be like minds together with NO plans for the future and total FAILURE for the nation with the sacred art of BLAME on the teleprompter.  Ha! Ha!  FOUR MORE YEARS!! 


Hey taxpayer..I've got a new goal in life...it's to obama you to death..What does the president have to do with this situation...HATER....Im going to read these blogs every day and make it my personal issue to beat the obama into you. be glad I dont have your mailing address or i would send obama material to you daily...Yes OBAMA...YES 4 more years.  When he wins I'm gonna personally come back to sandusky and put up a billboard sign that says thanks taxpayer for 4 more years... You know you love OBAMA so just admit it. If you didn't you wouldn't talk about him in every sentence..remember taxpayer...I'm your new BFF. OBAMA-4 more

joshua206's picture

Perhaps, Julie should move somewhere where the neighbors are not so judgemental, or nosy.

After reading the letter it would appear that "the neighbors/entire neighborhood" might just be one person. 

One person with really lousy spelling, and capitalization skills.

One person that has repeatedly called the police, over and over again.

One person that seems (from their own written account) to be constantly watching their neighbors.

Perhaps the boy does need to calm down, but it would not hurt the neighbor to lighten up either.

The letter writer reminds me of Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched.





The kid knows his mother is in a powerful position.  As a mother, I would welcome any cop to keep an eye on my kid and do what they have to do if he is acting up.  If the kid feels he is being harassed, he is doing something he isn't supposed to be doing in the first place.   If he is behaving himself, he doesn't have to worry about it.  Since when does the city launch an investigation over a letter someone can't sign their  name to.   


an unsigned complaint = worthless.  not man or woman enough to put your name on the line means zero creditbility.


When all the judges, attorneys and police can put their hand on the Bible and swear they live by the law I will respect them.However, I know too many stories to the contrary. Some personally. And yes we should expect better of them. By taking the jobs they are in they chose a position that should be held to higher standards. Your also right in saying kids don't have respect. But who is to blame. Parents? All the above mentioned? Government leaders? Church leaders? Teachers? Are we all living by just and moral standards? Everyone is born with a conscience. That conscience is put in place by the creator himself. An inner knowledge of right and wrong. Yet we kill unborn babies and try to legalize sin. Everyone wants to be a victim. Do we as a nation live in a way that our children can learn respect? Rome fell for all the reasons we are living today. Instead of staying to justice and morals they chose a life of overindulgence and sinful lifestyles. It's our choice. Continue the downword spiral or return to Gods ways.

The New World Czar

Let's go back to the facts...

How old is her son?

Who owns or rents the residence where the "activities" exist?

If the son is still of the minor age and not legally emancipated from parent(s), then who is the legal guardian?

Let the facts determine the "nth" degree of the probe to determine who has what responsibility and liability.



Advocate For Animals says

If this kid is the "thug" type neighbors are claiming he is that type never owns pit bulls for the purpose of having a loving pet.

I seriously hope the dog warden is going to investigate whether those dogs are being used in the fighting ring or being trained to be used in that manner. If so, I hope the dogs are removed and placed in a rehabilitation sanctuary and this kid is charged with animal cruelty and abuse. 


The padlock and chain collar is more of a fashion statement, used by ignorant people wanting their dog to look "tough", over time it will actually damage the dogs neck and spine if it is too large, and having a rope and tire does not mean he is training for fighting, it is a legitimate toy for exercise and fun. However, if they are getting loose and "terrorizing" the neighborhood, then he should not have them, as he is not being a responsible owner and steward for the breed. Also if you are a animal advocate, as your login suggests, I would like to direct you to the following site :www.workingpitbull.com a site run by a lady named Diane Jessup. She tells it like it is, both the good and the bad about the breed. Definitely not an apologist!

Julie R.

@ stillfree: I don't think you'll ever see the day that judges and attorneys or even the police can put their hands on the Bible and swear they live by the law. In fact, if I had to take my pick between attorneys and judges as to which ones were the biggest liars, I would have to say the JUDGES would win hands down ---- and THAT is pathetic. 


Julie shouldn't be blamed for her son's behavior.  But she needs to step back and allow law enforcement to do what they do.  She has to realize that because she is a public figure her life and her family's life are under constant scrutiny, and envious people will gossip and lie about her.  I don't envy her.  I wouldn't want her job for that very reason. 


    Ms. Farrar must believe in her mind, that she is above the law. I question if Ms.Farrar is qualified to  perform home drug testing. The law provides various procedures for replacement of a candidate who withdraws during the election cycle. (R.C. 3513.30). 


 Att: Darkhorse

  You seem to have alot of nuggets of knowledge. Who is Chad Farrar on Madison street? Did you read the same thing last nite in the Correspondence between SAMS AND MRS. FARRAR on the bottom talks about this Chad Farrar disrespecting police, Now today it is not there. I think Mr. Westerhold is on a personnel agenda, can't get the mother get the child. If Mrs. Farrar would be a snitch like the rest of the commissioners he would leave her alone. He can not run her like he does our town! 


@ digifotogph can i join you in OBAMING taxpayer to death??? LOL I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that Taxpayer says he cannot stand OBAMA or LIBERALS because that means our President and the liberals of this country TAKE UP EVERY SINGLE SECOND of his day!! Love like that is not seen anymore LOL!!!


Now to comment on the REAL isssue at hand....IF Julie DID call for FAVORS for her son she is WRONG!! NOBODY should be ABOVE the LAW...whether you are a Public figure, law enforcement, judge, liberal, or Obama lover (thats for taxpayer puroses lol)....and she needs to realize that NOT ALLOWING her son to accept responsibility for his actions is doing him no justice! Maybe allowing him to sit some time in the big house will open his eyes and set him on the right path....just saying....I know Julie from discussing school issues with her when she was on the school board and I can't see her doing this...but then people are people and make mistakes.......Hope this all is resolved and I hope it isn't true...if it is I hope she realizes that she was wrong in doing this


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Dick Tracey said it all, and he said it well. The poster who suggested we aren't responsible for our children is wrong. Sure, we are. A child who is raised well will behave well (most of the time). A child who is given special treatment will come to expect that special treatment. As a result, the rest of us will be treated as quite a bit LESS than special, especially when we're victimized by that "child."

Dick, if you have kids, I bet I'd like them. Julie, YOUR kids I'd just as soon see stay as far away from me and mine as possible. Sounds like they're a nuisance at BEST.

Dick Tracey

Julie is NOT responsible for her sons actions? Are you kidding me?

This kid was raised by her and still lives under her roof! She is paying his utilities, rent/mortage and probably car and insurance. Not to mention hundreds of pounds of dog food for 3 pit bulls.

If I have a party and invite a thug over, who brings drugs and a pit bull and he or his dog causes harm to someone. I am responsible. If the thug causes a disturbance and gets the cops called, I am resposible, because I let him on my property.

In her case, she raised this kid and had a chance to nip his bad behavoir in the bud, but chose not to.

In her email to Sams, she says, she is about ready to "buy her son a new car", so police stop pulling him over!

She rewards her sons bad behavoir by, buying him a new car!?!?

No wonder he has been in so much trouble! Mommy bails him out every time.

Woody Hayes

God bless the USA, our PRESIDENT, the DEMOCRATIC party, unions and people on welfare. They all love TAXPAYER.   


I went to school with Logan, and I can say without a doubt that he gets special treatment from the police. Why? Because he even said it! He said he got out of things because his mom was a commissioner. And I swear upon my life that what I just wrote is true.