Obama pitches economic agenda at Ohio steel plant

President says comeback of auto industry saved more than 1 million American jobs
Associated Press
Nov 14, 2013

Dogged by the botched enrollment launch of his health care law, President Barack Obama on Thursday touted increased automobile fuel efficiency for helping reduce reliance on foreign oil.

For the first time in nearly two decades, the U.S. produced more oil at home in October than it imported from abroad. Obama called the shift "a huge competitive advantage" for the United States.

The president spoke at a Cleveland plant that makes steel used for higher fuel-efficient cars. Obama says the comeback of the auto industry during his presidency helped the ArcelorMittal plant and saved more than 1 million American jobs.

"We've got to do more to get those engines of the economy churning even faster," Obama said. "But because we've been willing to do some hard things, not just kick the can down the road, factories are reopening their doors, businesses are hiring new workers."

The president was highlighting some of the positive notes in the still sluggish economic recovery, even as problems with the health care law were the focus Thursday in Washington.

Obama announced earlier in the day from the White House that insurance companies would have the option to keep offering consumers plans that would otherwise be canceled. The announcement was meant to meet an Obama promise, ultimately unmet for millions, which assured Americans that they would be able to keep their coverage if they liked it.

"We are not going to gut this law. We will fix what needs to be fixed, but we're going to make the Affordable Care Act work," Obama said.

In a bright spot for Obama, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is one of a few Republican governors to take advantage of the law's Medicaid expansion to reach more low-income Americans.

"The governor didn't do it because he just loves me so much," Obama said. "If every Republican governor did what Kasich did here rather than play politics about it, you'd have another 5.4 million Americans who could get access to health care next year regardless of what happens with the website."

Obama was attending a political fundraiser Thursday evening in Philadelphia.


danbury dad

It is overwhelmingly evident that Americans are tired of the fiasco that is Obama. The question is what are we going to do about it? I think we need to keep being vocal in our beliefs and not be shouted down by those that stand up for him. Also we need to remember next November. The conservatives need to hold onto the house and take control of the senate. If we fail to do so get used to an America under progressive rule. Please take the time to research the progressive movement and make your own informed decision when it come time to vote.

Erie County Resident

Yeah Obummer, praise a company owned by a guy from India for "creating" jobs. This same place use to employ about 18,000 people. Now it's 1800. This company also donated a lot to your campaign.
While just down the road on the same day an American company Lockhead Martin shuts down laying off how many hundred employees forever.
Yep that evens things out for you doesn't it.


IRS Scandal, Bengazi Scandal & AP Scandal: Hitler Reacts

Dr. Information

Just wait for interest rates to go up and they have to eventually. Want to talk about a world of hurt. Im sure the Democrats and Obama will blame someone else in typical leftist fashion.


Obumba has an economic agenda? When is it to be defined and better yet, initiated.


"Economic plan"?

The Federal Reserve HAS been providing an economic plan.

It's called: A financial bubble.

"The Onion" called it back in 2008.

"Recession-Plagued Nation Demands New Bubble To Invest In":



The bubble is soon to pop. 17 Trillion in debt and climbing drastically each day is simply unsustainable. The dollar is only hanging on because of low interest rates. Countries around this planet are dumping the dollar and buying hard assets instead. When it comes down to the point, what would you rather have? Money in the bank you cannot take out (happening right now with Chase and its limitations) or something you can actually see and touch and hold.


President Obama's "economic plan"?

Make the rich richer.

"During the past decade, the region (D.C.) added 21,000 households in the nation's top 1 percent. No other metro area came close."

"The share of money the government spent on weapons and other hardware shrank as service contracts nearly tripled in value.

At the peak in 2010, companies based in Rep. James Moran's congressional district in Northern Virginia reaped $43 billion in federal contracts — roughly as much as the state of Texas."


Pres. Obama's policies along with the help of the Federal Reserve have helped made Wall St. and D.C. wealthier.

Any bozo who still believes in the Liar-in-Chief's "redistribute the wealth" nonsense needs to take the blinders off.