Obama pitches economic agenda at Ohio steel plant

President says comeback of auto industry saved more than 1 million American jobs
Associated Press
Nov 14, 2013

Dogged by the botched enrollment launch of his health care law, President Barack Obama on Thursday touted increased automobile fuel efficiency for helping reduce reliance on foreign oil.

For the first time in nearly two decades, the U.S. produced more oil at home in October than it imported from abroad. Obama called the shift "a huge competitive advantage" for the United States.

The president spoke at a Cleveland plant that makes steel used for higher fuel-efficient cars. Obama says the comeback of the auto industry during his presidency helped the ArcelorMittal plant and saved more than 1 million American jobs.

"We've got to do more to get those engines of the economy churning even faster," Obama said. "But because we've been willing to do some hard things, not just kick the can down the road, factories are reopening their doors, businesses are hiring new workers."

The president was highlighting some of the positive notes in the still sluggish economic recovery, even as problems with the health care law were the focus Thursday in Washington.

Obama announced earlier in the day from the White House that insurance companies would have the option to keep offering consumers plans that would otherwise be canceled. The announcement was meant to meet an Obama promise, ultimately unmet for millions, which assured Americans that they would be able to keep their coverage if they liked it.

"We are not going to gut this law. We will fix what needs to be fixed, but we're going to make the Affordable Care Act work," Obama said.

In a bright spot for Obama, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is one of a few Republican governors to take advantage of the law's Medicaid expansion to reach more low-income Americans.

"The governor didn't do it because he just loves me so much," Obama said. "If every Republican governor did what Kasich did here rather than play politics about it, you'd have another 5.4 million Americans who could get access to health care next year regardless of what happens with the website."

Obama was attending a political fundraiser Thursday evening in Philadelphia.



At the end of the day, I'd rather have a Dem in the Oval Office with conservatives complaining, than the other way around. For the past 40 years, every time a republican has been in office, the deficit grew bigger and spending increased. Every time a Democrat has been in office during the same 40-year span, the opposite has happened,

These, of course, are inconvenient facts that Fox prefers we don't discuss... The question is: how on earth did Republicans decide that they should be thought of as "the party of fiscal responsibility", right in the middle of a huge recession that their economic policies caused? Hint: if you swAllowed that line of GOP baloney, you may be more stupid than a 5th grader...


"Every time a Democrat has been in office during the same 40-year span, the opposite has happened"

Not the last 5 years during which Obama tripled the deficit before cutting it in half, while still keeping Obam's lowest deficit a couple hundred billion more than Bush's highest deficit, and recorded 5 of the 6 largest deficits ever. The projected deficit for 2014 is for it to increase, giving him 6 of the largest 7 deficits ever recorded. Ain't math fun? Do you wish for me to link to the proof for the 5th time? Or do you wish to keep trying to lie about what Obama has done?

Since we are discussing the current President what others have done is rather meaningless.


4 Shizzle, it's like shooting fish in a barrel, isn't it? These are the folks who think that people like Palin, Bachmann, Cain and Trump are viable presidential candidates. Their party is anti-science, anti-education, yet they think WE are the dumb ones.

Fine by me. As long as they stubbornly refuse to change their thinking, they'll continue to be a shrinking demographic and they will continue to lose national elections. Hint: if you insult everyone who isn't currently a Republican by calling them stupid, it's not a good way to attract new members. This is also fine by me. They are an irrelevant party, but haven't quite figured that out yet....

Good night, everyone. Up early for work in the morning...

Darwin's choice

Chess Pigeon.



LIAR or Coasters belief its Bush's fault?
About 30 seconds long

Pterocarya frax...

You guys are hilarious!!! Keep up the good work. After 2016 the fun won't stop for at least another 8 years with a woman in the White House!

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Sarah Palin!! Yes!!


Re: "Hillary 2016 !"

Has been. Watch Eliz. Warren.

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Do you mean this lying wench/clingon?


She'll never get out of the first round!
This clip shows she's just as bad/big a liar as obama.


Re: "This clip shows she's just as bad/big a liar as obama."

Nah, she just "mispoke" and/or we all just "misunderstood" the smartest woman in the world.

She can fall back on what ol' Clueless-in-Chief said on Weds.:

“So when I said you can keep your health care, you know, I'm looking at folks who've got employer-based health care. I'm looking at folks who've got Medicare and Medicaid.”


It is funny how Obama is doing what Ted Cruz and some others wanted done 6 weeks ago when it was becoming obvious obamaSCARE wasn't working, it took Obama that long to see what Cruz and some others saw back then. It is good that Obama and company is taking policy cues from others who can see what is happening. We will be seeing what Congress decides, Obama has shown his ability to run his signature policy is rather lacking, he can't even oversee the help is doing what is necessary to get it up and running. We don't expect him to know how to do that, but you WOULD expect him to keep on top of the roll out and make sure it is progressing. Drip... drip.... drip.... Actually a bit more than just a drip now... But at least he is doing what his betters have suggested he do.

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Well there’s 5 minutes of my life wasted. Reading the same tiresome comments, from the same tiresome commenters. Tit for tat on this and that ad nauseum.

Once upon a time coasterfan’s comments were of a higher caliber then the usual Obamabots on here.

Nowadays, his talking points have devolved to continually blaming Bush, over use of the word “hater” and correcting grammar.

Good grief coasterfan, are you really content to be compared intellectually to that of a 4shizzle?


Why do you argue with these two loons? Do you really think you are going to change the way they are lead by the leash by Obama? Just pass them over. We all see how Obama and his failed polices are working around this nation.

Welfare UP. U6 Unemployemnt over the last 2 years, nearly unchanged and is currently on the way UP. Debt UP. Can kicking….all the time. US Dollar, devalued to nearly an all time low in the last 20 years. Entitlement handouts….UP.

Just let these two play with each other and name call. Who cares. Obama is a failure and his one huge key token to his 8 years, Obamacare, is a mess of a disaster.


Isn't this grand. The ultimate trash talker starts crying when he is called a loon. Well, Im waiting. Come find me little man.


little coward hiding behind a computer name who stalks me. Am I your mancrush?


It's Friday. MCM (man crush Monday) is in 3 days so you are a little early. Hit me up on Monday stalker.

Dr. Information

Dude, you better be very careful what you are saying on here. Even without a real name behind what you are posting, if he wanted to lawyer up, he easily could. You have crossed that line and this site obviously has no moderation whatsoever.


FINALLY, some moderation on this forum!


Pres. Obama:

"We are not going to gut this law. We will fix what needs to be fixed, but we're going to make the Affordable Care Act work,"

One of the signs of insanity: When failing - try HARDER.

Dr. Information

Exactly. He is pretty stubborn to a fault. His baby, Obamacare, is a failure and he just can't admit it. Its like the person who keeps telling a lie over and over again, they actually start to believe it.


Yet GM still owes the US taxpayers $40 billion +. Instead of using US taxpayer monies on their Chinese factories it would be nice if GM paid back the taxpayers.

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The hits keep on coming....


Dr. Information

The party of no reason and no compromise. Democrats. Does this really surprise you at all?


Last sentence in the news article: "Obama was attending a political fundraiser Thursday evening in Philadelphia."

Obama needs to stay home and work on this nation's problems. History may refer to him as a vagabond.


"Obama needs to stay home and work on this nation's problems."

Do you really mean that? After seeing how he has responded to the problems ObamaSCARE is providing.... do you REALLY want him trying to fix other problems that he has made? I would rather he be treated like a mushroom, left in the dark and fed $hit. But then that is just me... he could do less harm that way.


Re: "The president was highlighting some of the positive notes in the still sluggish economic recovery,"


The S&P 500 hit yet ANOTHER record high on Thurs. Looks like it's headed to a milestone of 1800.

Under double-talking Pres. Obama, the rich are getting richer.

His Fed Chair selection of Janet Yellen will just keep printing and buying like The Bernank.

Meanwhile, the dumbed-downed true believers continue to believe his "redistribution" bilge.


Re: Picture.

Pres. Obama looks good in a hard hat.

With his "wealth" of business experience, he'd make a fine janitor for the place.


"With his "wealth" of business experience, he'd make a fine janitor for the place."

Hello Contango,
Being employed as a janitor is an honest job. Decades ago, I worked as a janitor and I could tell you some stories about how dirty and awful some people can be along with their feces left on the floor or smeared on the partition walls. God almighty are some people very nasty. A cat will use a litter box and bury its scat. Scat reminds me of an Ohio county that provides public transportation.

Seneca County Area Transportation (SCAT)

Just a little humor for the Ohio people.