Norwalk church steeple slated for demo

Leaders at Saint Mary’s in Norwalk plan to tear down the church’s wind-damaged steeple, according to a bulletin from Norwalk Catholic School.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 14, 2013


The school is housed next to the church, which is at the corner of State and League streets. “The church steeple will at some point be taken down,” states the school’s bulletin from Tuesday. “We do not foresee that the school will need to be closed for any part of that construction.”

The steeple was damaged by heavy winds on Oct. 31, and it is now hovering on collapse. Portions of State and League streets have been closed off in the meantime, and some residents have been asked to find alternate housing until the situation is resolved.

The “fall zone” around the steeple is about 150 feet.

The school is well outside that zone, according to the bulletin.



We need more information on this situation, updated frequently. WHEN will the steeple be taken down, WHAT PRECAUTIONS will be taken for the safety of surrounding residents, etc? I have a home JUST outside the "fall zone" and the stress of this situation on the family living there is tremendous - the children are afraid to walk down League to their bus stop, etc. While many have been advised to vacate, the funds to do so are not available and insurance won't cover these expenses on and "impending" problem - first you have to HAVE the problem, damage, or injury. None of us are looking for any freebies, we'd just like to be kept updated so we can make whatever plans possible to cooperate and maintain safety.


A collapse zone should be two times the height of whatever it is that may fall. I would say if you are outside of the collapse zone than you are o.k. Also, definitely have everyone stay out of the collapse zone. And lastly, if you have questions, I would direct them at either the city or St. Mary's Church as I am pretty sure you are not going to find the best answers on a newspapers blog, except for mine of course.


The only thing to fear is FEAR itself


And the church collapsing and destroying your home and personal belongings...