'The Tin Goose' spreads its wings over Sandusky

A vintage Ford Tri-Motor plane that has landed in Sandusky will offer riders a bird's-eye view of Lake Erie all weekend.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 1, 2011


A vintage Ford Tri-Motor plane that has landed in Sandusky will offer riders a bird's-eye view of Lake Erie all weekend.

The plane, nicknamed "The Tin Goose," is offering 15-minute flights from Griffing Sandusky Airport until Monday.

Each flight loops around Cedar Point and the islands before returning to the runway.

Ron and Dee Carlson of Grand Blanc, Mich., were two of the first fliers Thursday after the plane arrived. They traveled here to fly in "The Tin Goose" for their 10th wedding anniversary.

"It was on our bucket list," Dee said. "The weather was perfect, and we could see everything up there. It's something we won't forget."

Flights are $50 for EAA members and $60 for nonmembers. Walkup rides are available as space permits.

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Kottage Kat

Have flown the  "Tin Goose" from Port Clinton to Rattlesnake Island many years ago. Ralph Deiedrik (sp) was the pilot and he gave me the ride of a lifetime, we stopped at every island to drop groceries and mail.  I was scared to pieces. When we got to Rattlesnake he gave a history of the Goose over lunch, very good ride and safe.  To all who ride the "Goose"   ENJOY.

Jimmy G

Rode many a time in the "Goose" from PC to PIB. Newell Witte and Harold Hauke were the pilots way back then.


I remember the "Goose" when it was fixed based out of Port Clinton.  I was always leary of the bellcranks for the cable controls being on the outside flopping around.  But, it is a piece of history and not very many will be around in the future.  It cost a LOT of money just to spin the props.  You can see one on static display, but to actually fly in one is a lifetime event.  If you decide to celebrate the birthday of our great nation by staying home (staycation) then try and get a ride on that beast.  I took a ride on a vintage B-17 in Dayton a while ago.  That ride almost gave me motion sickness.  It was rough and bumpy and NOT designed for comfort.  All I could think were all the air crews over Europe on bombing runs having to flying in those cold monsters for over a half day.  That's right crybabies, NO comfort zoned "green" initiative heat back then.  They were made for ONE thing only.  It made me appreciate all those who served during WWII and I thank them for their service back then to keep our nation FREE, even before I was ever born.  I thank and PRAY to GOD to live in this great nation.  Oops, sorry 0bama Veterans Administration, you can NOT ban me from PRAYING to GOD ALMIGHTY, including at our national and federal tax funded state cemeteries.  Hey 0bama, you can FORCE all the veteran organizations and all your fellow "loyal" liberal minions who voted for you and all the saps who believe in "hope and change" to BAN prayer and the mention of GOD, but you will NEVER ban me from doing it.  Just TRY IT!  I guess praying to allah is perfectly acceptable, but the VA BANNING prayer, mentioning of GOD, our Lord Jesus Christ during prayer for our honored fallen is now BANNED?  Can any of you liberals explain that?  Is THAT your progressive liberalism or social justice?  FOUR MORE YEARS!!  Ha! Ha!     


I too remember taking a spin on the Goose.  I'll be heading to Griffing for some pics and memories.


The "Goose"use to fly over my house, as a kid , from PC to PIB and back. When it was flying into a headwind it looked like it was barely moving and just over the trees. Great memories.

Reliable, rugged aircraft, a true aviation icon. Carried Byrd to the South Pole; Nothing like vintage aircraft.
Kottage Kat

For those unfamilar the landing strip on Rattlesnake was only 1700 feet long. The Goose had to literally stop on a dime. I used to hold my breath when it took off. I too have lots of memories of the Goose.



Re: The "Goose"use to fly over my house, as a kid

You old enough to remember Milt Hershberger?

I went to Gypsum school in the 40's when he flew those Fords.

He could come over the school in a strong north wind, land and stop b4 he was past the last hanger.

Save time, save fuel, save money.

In the winter when we flew to and from the Islands he would take the seats out and you sat on the floor with the burlap bags of fish and shanties.

Re: When it was flying into a headwind it looked like it was barely moving.

I'll just say that you could make it slide backward and leave it go at that..........


(right dave?)





Sorry, not Dave. My experience was from the 60's. Grew up in the Cliffs before it got snooty. 



Re: Sorry, not Dave


I knew you weren’t Dave, tried to keep it short, sometimes that doesn’t work. Looking back, I should have left that out……………..
Truth or Dare

A coworker and her family will be catching a spin in this baby!  They've never flown!  I'm so excited for them!  Told her she'll be riding in a piece of history, one that many take great pride in keeping in the air.   Told her the view will be breathtaking, so she'll just forget about the flying part.  Hope it works!