LETTER: Make safety real goal

At the Feb. 8 meeting of the Sandusky City Commission, First Energy Solutions offered the city of Sandusky a total of $325, 823
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


At the Feb. 8 meeting of the Sandusky City Commission, First Energy Solutions offered the city of Sandusky a total of $325, 823 in grant funds. The city may use these funds at their discretion. One of those discretions is the general fund. Since it is the general fund that finances 75 percent of the safety services, it seems appropriate that the majority of these unexpected funds go to rehiring as many safety service personnel as possible.

I am offering many challenges as a result. All of my challenges take into consideration the recent statement of the commission that "safety is our No. 1 goal."

My first challenge is to residents of Sandusky. Let your commissioners know that you want your police and fire staffed as fully as possible. My second challenge is to Commissioner Brett Fuqua. Being the liaison to the police department, I would like to see you make a motion to use the money to rehire some of the recently laid off officers. All motions need a second in order to be brought to vote. That is my third challenge. I would expect an immediate second on the motion.

Finally, I want to see which commissioners are true to the statement, "safety is our No. 1 goal." If that is true, a yes vote will be cast by all. If that is not true, there will be some no votes cast. A suggestion was made to use the money for a windmill project. It is time for the commission to decide -- what's more important. Making energy or citizen protection? What is your goal?

Safety First? Only time will tell. Summer is approaching.

Robert Pfanner




not sure how bringing back a couple police officers will make us any safer since we weren't very safe before they were laid off. maybe when the PD gets serious about the drugs and thugs in this town people will be more supportive of this idea. we've asked them for help in our neighborhood for several years and nothing has changed yet. all i ever see in the paper are arrests for things like disorderly conduct or driving intoxicated while under suspension. until the police begin to run off the criminals the best bet for safety is a concealed carry permit... got mine a long time ago.


great letter, rob!


Your right, that is a great letter. The reality of that happening is pretty slim though.

dorothy gale

Great letter! Bring back the police and fire personnel AND maybe use some of the money to fix the numerous holes in our streets, which is also a safety concern. Thanks for speaking out, Mr. Pfanner!