Perkins police cite two for drag-racing

Drag-racing down Perkins Avenue is best done when a police officer doesn’t have a front-row seat to the action.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 9, 2013

A local man and woman learned this lesson Thursday morning, when Perkins police Lt. Vince Donald pulled them over after watching the pair burn rubber nearly half the length of Perkins Avenue, between Columbus and Hayes avenues, according to a police report.

Brandon Frezzell, 19, of Cedar Point Drive, and Olivia Warren, 20, of Wilbor Avenue in Huron, were charged with drag racing.

Donald was headed east when he saw the cars peel off westbound from a traffic light at Columbus Avenue, the report said. Passengers in each car were allegedly laughing and yelling at each other and swinging their arms outside the windows.

Frezzell argued with Donald, saying he couldn’t have been racing because he wasn’t speeding, the report said.

Donald disagreed and told Frezell he wasn’t being cited for speeding.

Before cranking up his music and pulling away from the officer, Frezell said he’d be seeing Donald in court, the report said.




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