Perkins police cite two for drag-racing

Drag-racing down Perkins Avenue is best done when a police officer doesn’t have a front-row seat to the action.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 9, 2013


A local man and woman learned this lesson Thursday morning, when Perkins police Lt. Vince Donald pulled them over after watching the pair burn rubber nearly half the length of Perkins Avenue, between Columbus and Hayes avenues, according to a police report.

Brandon Frezzell, 19, of Cedar Point Drive, and Olivia Warren, 20, of Wilbor Avenue in Huron, were charged with drag racing.

Donald was headed east when he saw the cars peel off westbound from a traffic light at Columbus Avenue, the report said. Passengers in each car were allegedly laughing and yelling at each other and swinging their arms outside the windows.

Frezzell argued with Donald, saying he couldn’t have been racing because he wasn’t speeding, the report said.

Donald disagreed and told Frezell he wasn’t being cited for speeding.

Before cranking up his music and pulling away from the officer, Frezell said he’d be seeing Donald in court, the report said.




To bad they could cite Frezell for disrespecting a police officer, but that's obviously something that wasn't taught to them by his parents!! And I would think that he would have also been able to catch a ticket for excessive noise - but that's just my opinion

Licorice Schtick

They're in plenty of trouble:

(C) Whoever violates this section is guilty of street racing, a misdemeanor of the first degree ... the court shall suspend the offender's driver's license...for not less than thirty days or more than three years. No judge shall suspend the first thirty days of any suspension...


In my day you drag raced on Old Railroad Rd.

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Kelly road : )


Or Hull road!


I hope the judge throws the book at the little rich kid!


Most of us did this if we are honest. Some got caught.


Being honest, yes we did this. We did it in the COUNTRY away from the cops!


Poor little Rich boy. Of course you'd tell the officer "I'll see you in court" because you got caught doing something wrong. Now he'll go to mommy and daddy and cry and manipulate them to believe that their poor innocent baby boy did nothing wrong. Grow up kid, learn some respect.


so who won?

Raoul Duke

And , what kind of cars.

Dont Worry Be Happy

LT Donald won, lol

Dont Worry Be Happy

LT Donald won, lol


Yes he did!!!!!!!!


He will see you in court? For what? Doing your JOB? Amazing.


Most forget Norwalk & "going to the bypass."


Not me, too bad they don't still allow cruising in uptown Norwalk. The kids these days don't know what they're missing. ;)


Poor little entitled rich kids! Shame shame! Take that behavior back to Huron and Cedar Point Rd.

*Sparkling wiggles* as Stopit says!

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Professor Playdoh

It will end up as reckless op and a 100 dollar fine.. Big deal.
squealing tires, no clocked speed.


How can they have been racing from Columbus to Hayes but not have been speeding? Sounds like they were just goofing off. I agree that more than likely it will just become a wreckless op tor the tire squeeling. Vince should of yoked the little dude up for getting cocky, and hit with a disorderly or obstruction.


How sad is it going to be when all you prejudice people find out that it's not some "rich kid," but rather a Cedar Point seasonal employee.


Prejudice? Rich kids work at Cedar Point! No one really cares if they are rich or not but they seem to think they are above the law! Racing down Perkins Ave.? Rich or poor, not too smart!


No one cares if he's rich or poor? Look at the comments above, including yours! Far too many people apparently DO care. But I completely agree. Drag racing is stupid no matter what your income is. It's also stupid to jump to conclusions. You all think he's just a snobby rich kid living on the Chaussee, but he lives in the dorms as a seasonal Cedar Point employee.


Would I be wrong to assume these are white kids? I don't think drag racing is stupid unless you are doing it on Perkins Ave. Don't get your feathers all ruffled, these are just comments. If these kids even had names or addresses that would make one assume they are Black, the comments would be off the charts. Assuming someone is rich is not a bad thing! Chill out!


Wow, what a racist comment. Why am I not surprised?


Just mentioning the words black or white and stating the obvious does not make it a racist comment. C'mon really?!


Yep, absolutely racist.


Technically Cedar Point Drive is the strip of road between Cleveland Road to First Street, so that would make him a Cedar Point employee living in the dorms. The "poor little rich kids" would live on Cedar Point Rd or Cedar Point Chaussee (as locals call it).


I mention the words black and white and state the obvious all the time on here yet people still call me racist. so why stop now? black kids would drag race more I'm sure but most can't afford a decent car that could handle a 12 second or less quarter mile plus most blacks can't operate a manual transmission how many do you see on motorcycles, so what's that say? They think shifting gears is the same as on there stolen 10 speed huffy. if it wasn't for the white man they'd be racing elephants spear chucking.


LOL! REALLY? You think Blacks can't operate manual transmissions yet can't afford otherwise? Let me clue you in on Blacks and motorcycles. There are PLENTY of Blacks that ride motorcycles but most I know think they are too dangerous. Nothing to protect you! Stolen 10 speed huffy? Hilarious!

No Wake

The comments for every story here is like peeling back a rock in the garden to look at the creepy crawlies underneath. The bigotry here is astounding and I'm embarrassed to call you my neighbors.


Aninomity. It does the mouth wonders. Be it the whites or the blacks, both seem to have a different truth to their words here on this site.


Back in the day we would Buzz the Ave. and hang out at Frischs Big Boy, hoods open for inspection and challenges! When the bragging was complete, a conga line of combatants and spectators would head out to Hull Road as then there were few homes and no businesses out there. Then there would be the usual jockeying to have the right lane....just in case somebody came from the other way. Engines revving, headers open, tires warming up by peeling out and then the cars were staged! Count down from 3,2,1 and they were off!! Over half the time one car would dump the clutch so a do over was in order. The guys doing this were the "legends" of the day our idols. I could name the names and their cars and set ups, but i won't. All i'll say is that back then the dollars went under the hood, not in the trunk!


Ford = First On Race Day.