Convict charged with another underage sex crime

A Norwalk man in prison for sex crimes against a girl in Huron County has now been charged for a similar crime last year involving a 15-year-old girl in Erie County.
Emil Whitis
Jun 30, 2011


A Norwalk man in prison for sex crimes against a girl in Huron County has now been charged for a similar crime last year involving a 15-year-old girl in Erie County.

John J. Keefe, 26, has been charged with rape in connection with the Oct. 14 attack at a Center Street home in Berlin Heights, Erie County deputies said.

Just three months ago, Keefe pleaded in Huron County Common Pleas Court to a charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, stemming from an incident in fall 2010.

In addition to the new rape charge, Erie County deputies are investigating Keefe for other similar crimes.

"He has shown a propensity to target underage females for sexual activity," Erie County Sheriff's Capt. Paul Sigsworth said.

Read the full story in Thursday's Register or e-paper.



Just think, this could be your son-in-law someday.


Good thing he is behind bars.  And to think he use to date a person who has a little girl.. he wont be able to hurt anyone else.

here in ohio

what a sicko !!!!!


This sexual pervert FREAK and the "library arsonist" could pass as brothers!  Ha! Ha!  Both are from Norwalk.  Good job LE on arresting these two freaks and hopefully they will serve their TRUTH in sentencing time BEFORE they are released back into the public.  Remember sports fans, this is liberal justice and they will serve a fraction of their time and then, "You are FREE to go."  Life in prison is reserved for capital murder and the most heinous crimes.  Even convicted murderers get out on parole.  Hopefully, they have "aged out" of crime.  How will your security and "feel good" thinking be then??  Don't forget, when they are released, YOU will NEVER know about it and most of you will forget all about these crimes,...except the VICTIMS.  These two convicts may end up moving in right next door to YOU after their release.  You will have to check the "sex offender" registry to find out.  The arsonist, good luck with that.  I am a firm believer of the retributive theory of criminal justice.  Maybe they will both be rehabilitated after supervision at one of our state institutions with liberal social control programs and sanctions.  Yeah, that will conform them into responsible individuals.  I know of a MURDERER who served state time and then, "You are FREE to go."  In my observation, it made him WORSE and he committed more crime with impunity and MURDERED again.  Be careful and be prepared out there, even while living in your own homes.  Sound like unnecessary or inappropriate emotion?  Go live in the city.  It used to be a safe and attractive place to raise a family with most people looking out for each other.  What is it now?               


 Can anyone say, chemical castration.... Seems te only way to get the sicko away from it..


Lugnut...why use chemical most of these cases a knife or similar seems more appropriate.

Julie R.

What's with these perverted dirt bags, anyway? Can't they get anybody their OWN AGE? 


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 Its idiots like you who always try to make it a black and white issue.. It doesnt matter the skin, its about the victim. so go try to be a racist oh idk maybe hancrack street?


1st i dont hang out on hancock st and 2nd im right  beacause every time a black person does something its 50 comments  within the first hour 3rd if you would read past the black and white part i said stereotyping pepole ws wrong on both sides  no matter the color wrong is wrong  i would feel for the victim if she was a child put shes 15 she knew right from wrong   and probaly lied about her age because we know girls do it all the time 



ps im not racist my kids are half white  and was able to change her mothers views about black pepole instead of putting us all on hancock and looking down on us

Captain Gutz



Which half of your kids are white? How can you tell?


captin gutz i should of  worded better thanks 4 the reality check as 4 dg mutley if hes been doin this he should go to jail im just sayin all 15 year old girls arent innocent  some of them act grown up but when they get caught they play the ima a little girl role its a girl in sandusky thats gotten 3 peole locked up in the past year not sayin the victim is that way pepole should look at the hole picture before they start judging the situation


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Erie County Resident

Keep the shovel going and make the hole UNDER the jail deeper to put this POS in.

@419og I'm not turning this into a black/white thing but you better go look at the sex offender site before you start spewing stats on race %.

They all need to be put away forever because they will not change their ways ever. Soon as they are turned lose they will be right back at it again.