Unidentified assailant attacks woman

A Sandusky woman claimed she was assaulted in Shoreline Park Wednesday evening, after an unidentified person allegedly grabbed her and demanded her belongings.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 2, 2013


A 25-year-old Huron Avenue resident told Sandusky police she was sitting on a bench at East Shoreline Drive and Hancock Street when she saw people on bicycles zip through the area, and a few cars pass by, according to a police report.

“The next thing she knew, a subject had grabbed her by the throat,” the report stated. Whoever took hold of the woman then allegedly demanded she hand over everything she carried with her.

The woman informed the person she didn’t have anything, then asked not to be harmed.

The person then pushed her forward and ran off — but the woman was unsure of which direction, the report said.

The woman said it felt as if the subject was wearing gloves, because she felt some kind of fabric on her neck.

Officers noticed red marks on her neck, and the woman requested paramedics take her to the emergency room, the report said.

People standing nearby said they had not seen anything or anyone.



Hopefully she got her pain medication.