Spooky spots

Region home to many haunted locations
Andy Ouriel
Oct 31, 2013


Forget about candy, costumes and pumpkins.

Halloween, at its core, centers on the scary, supernatural and secret stories.

Legend has it, several spooky spots exist in Erie, Huron, Ottawa and Sandusky counties.

The Register visited eight locations ripe with mystery and compiled information from the Ohio Exploration Society to reveal the eeriest areas.

Rather than trick-or-treating tonight, brave souls seeking a challenge might want to test their boldness by trekking out to these chilling locations to spot spirits, hear howls or even catch a quick glimpse of a ghost.

Castalia Cemetery, Castalia
• Spooky story: Driving through the cemetery at night might make your car stall. You might also hear yelling and screaming. And after the yelling and screaming? Look out for your own gravestone to pop up once you are vamoosing out the cemetery.
Gore Orphanage, Vermilion
• Spooky story: An orphanage burned down in the early 1900s with children dying inside of it. People passing by swear to hearing children cry — and some attest to smelling burning flesh.

Milan Cemetery, Milan
• Spooky story: Looking for a good dare? Go up and knock on the door to Abbott’s Tomb, which houses a rocking chair mysteriously moving back and forth. But only do it if you’re fast, since ghosts will chase you away. Also bring sunglasses to view a cross-shaped tombstone brightly, and mysteriously, glowing at night.
“Blue Bridge” on Lamereaux Road, Monroeville
• Spooky story: Mysterious lights flash, shadowy figures dance and strange mists persists along the nearby Seymour Creek, named after an Ohio militia scout killed in the area by Indians during the War of 1812.

Johnson’s Island Confederate Cemetery, Danbury Township
• Spooky story: The Union prison camp confining 15,000 Confederate soldiers also became the final resting place for the north’s enemy during the Civil War. Rumor has it you can sometimes hear gunshots followed by the screams of agony from dead soldiers. At times, they reappear, including ghosts joining in on the island’s Memorial Day parade.

Old Stone House Bed & Breakfast, Marblehead
• Spooky story: You might want to checkout as soon as you enter this B&B: The lodge has toilets flushing unexpectedly, fireplaces surprisingly lit when no one has visited the place for ages and a little girl — who fell out of a window three-stories high to her death — haunting Room 11 by reappearing as a white mist.

Tindall Bridge, Fremont
• Spooky story: Some can see a 1950s murder victim on the road underneath the bridge. Others have heard her shriek in horror.
Green Springs Elementary School, Green Springs
• Spooky story: Talk about school being a drag — the school originally standing on the grounds burned down in the late 1800s, with some students never escaping. The school was rebuilt in 1939, which was later demolished and replaced with a new building in 2010. The ghosts, however, stayed through all the replacements and renovations. Doors mysteriously open and close by themselves, and others hear footsteps in the hallways when nobody’s around.



For the people of Ohio:

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How many of you watch those ghost hunting shows on television? Those shows are for entertainment only. I don't watch them. A few of you believe in the spirit world because you have seen, heard or felt them. Most of you are skeptics. I am more afraid of some people than I am of the spirits. The spirits are like people. Most are good, some are troubled and there are some evil ones that will scare the tar out of you and pull your hair and do other things to frighten you. I have never heard of an evil spirit that killed anybody directly.

My advice is to never mess with a séance or call out to the spirits to show themselves. Some who did have regrets when the spirit decided to go home with them.

Spirits are supernatural because science cannot explain them. I have heard all kinds of theories about them. Electricity was once considered a paranormal force until science discovered what electricity was.

Ask someone who worked in a nursing home if they ever saw a spirit.

What is Halloween without some Halloween music?

Monster Mash (Lyrics)


Thanks for sharing Centauri. Interesting reading


my great grandfather and great uncle found the body under the tindell bridge in 1955


I can vouch for the spooky happenings at Green Springs Elementary. I attended that school during 5th and 6th grade, with our classrooms being on the second floor. I can tell you that any time I had to go downstairs by myself, I walked as fast as my little feet would take me!!! There was always a presence, as if someone were behind you, and yes, would even hear footsteps. Let's not leave out the playground, and the little girl in the tunnel, who wasn't really there...Very creepy!!! I could only hope that some of that has gone away with the new building.......

Stop It

I have most definitely been spooked a few times in the area around Blue Bridge. There are hills and valleys all around and also many bridges over the river dips/drops, and they tend to settle with a chilling effect as the temperature drops to the dew-point, creating fog and mist during spring through fall.

At night time after one passed the driver's test, it was a right of passage to be there ...yeah. Good place to take your girlfriend and buds.